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<minute> hmm, wayland native chromium is still (again?) broken on etnaviv, even if it renders fine for a few frames. MESA: error: etna_cmd_stream_flush:248: submit failed: -28 (No space left on device)
<minute> > Crashing due to FD ownership violation
<lynxeye> minute: Which kernel are you on? 5.19 contains a fix for a address space collision and there is one more pending on the ML. -28 is usually an address space collision.
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<minute> lynxeye: ha, 5.18 here
<minute> lynxeye: ooc, did you ever test etnaviv on imx8quadmax?
<lynxeye> minute: IIRC some of the initial RE of the GC7000 happened on a prerelease of the QM, but I don't think anyone tested the real etnaviv driver on that chip.
<minute> lynxeye: ha, ok! thanks
<minute> btw glamor has regressed somehow very hard with etnaviv, but i'm not sure which version. all X based UIs (except GLX) get rendered in super slow motion and also slow down other GPU using apps
<minute> well, not all. it might be certain drawing ops. xcalc is fine, for example. "redmond" gtk2 theme that uses only plain lines is fine, but adwaita is unusable
<lynxeye> minute: I did set up a Xwayland test setup here for other reasons, so if you can isolate it to a more minimal testcase (some benchmark or whatever) I may be able to take a look.
<minute> lynxeye: oh, great
<minute> lynxeye: ok i have a little testcase. `xgc` from `x11-apps`. if you select "OnOffDash" under "LineStyle" and click on Run, this will take 0.25s with glamor but 0.004s with XWAYLAND_NO_GLAMOR=1 (in the environment before starting Xwayland)
<minute> this is with latest drm and mesa from git (today), kernel 5.18, xwayland 22.1.2
<minute> DoubleDash takes even longer, 0.79 seconds
<minute> lynxeye: the "Put Image" test is even better, 31 seconds with glamor! vs ~1 second with cpu rendering
<lynxeye> minute: Nice! That's a big enough difference that I it shouldn't take to long to get to the root cause.
<lynxeye> I'll take a look next time I touch the Xwayland setup.
<minute> cool, looking forward
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