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<rah> I have a program (Mixxx) which is reliably messing up the parts of its UI which use GL on a GC7000 (imx8mq); the GL parts are just not rendered and when things move, the GL parts end up showing whatever previously occupied the area of the window they now inhabit
<rah> how can I debug this?
<cphealy> What is your platform config? (Kernel version and Mesa version)
<rah> [drm] Initialized etnaviv 1.3.0 20151214 for etnaviv on minor
<rah> Linux version 6.1.0-reform2-arm64
<rah> OpenGL renderer string: Vivante GC7000 rev 6214
<rah> OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 22.3.6
<cphealy> Probably a good thing to do is get an apitrace of the app and share in a Mesa "issue".
<cphealy> Or are you saying it's an issue at desktop level as opposed to app level?
<cphealy> Either way, screenshots would be helpful to have too (in Mesa "issue")
<rah> cphealy: what is an apitrace and how can I get one?
<rah> doesn't seem to be tracing much
<rah> rah@acanthus:~$ apitrace dump mixxx.trace
<rah> rah@acanthus:~$
<rah> // = "/usr/bin/mixxx"
<rah> (last line should be in the middle)
<mntirc> in my experience, one has to select the correct api, i.e. egl
<rah> egl doesn't work
<rah> also, the program is linked to rather than
<rah> error: unavailable function eglGetProcAddress
<rah> runnng apitrace dump -v, all I get is precisely 14 copies of:
<rah> 0 glGetString(name = GL_VERSION) = "2.1 Mesa 22.3.6"
<rah> 1 glGetString(name = GL_VERSION) = "2.1 Mesa 22.3.6"
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