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<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy pushed 3 commits to master [+0/-0/±8]
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy a39b55b - Nickname tab completion part 1
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy 1173219 - Nickname tab completion part 2: handle nickname prefix
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy 189aa2c - Nickname tab completion part 3: case insensitive matching
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<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy pushed 1 commit to master [+1/-0/±4]
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy 60026be - Implement XEP-0392 to colorize other user's names in chat view
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy pushed 2 commits to master [+2/-0/±4]
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy 109b83b - Fix nickname tab completion at start of line
<botifico> [pulkomandy/Renga] pulkomandy 8de9cce - Add "barber pole" to BuddyInfoWindow while the vcard is being fetched
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