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<alyssa> greenjustin: a chromeos kernel? why?
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<robmur01> in my experience, X's pretence of auto-detecting is a complete lie and it still needs manually configuring to use anything other than card0 as the modesetting device
<robmur01> that confused and frustrated me for a very long time
<robmur01> (also it didn't like /dev/dri/by-path/... entries which is a pain if your devices tend to probe in random order)
<CounterPillow> lovely
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<greenjustin> alyssa: Not a chromeos kernel, at least I don't think. I'm using that mt8195-tracking-master-rolling branch.
<greenjustin> One of the main blockers for ChromeOS adoption of panfrost is a possible GL bug that the chrome compositor triggers. I finally have some time, so I'm trying to see if I can repro on upstream :-)
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<greenjustin> robmur01: I think with vgem disabled, card0 actually is the display controller
<daniels> greenjustin: card1 actually is the display controller
<daniels> I mean, it depends on bind order right
<daniels> greenjustin: also Wayland compositors are much better tested on Panfrost than raw X11, so I would very much recommend doing that instead
<daniels> (X11 clients are still supported via Xwayland0
<greenjustin> daniels: I'm fairly certain it's card0 based on these Xorg logs, but I take your point about Wayland. Guess it's time for me to make the switch
<alyssa> greenjustin: Ah, gotcha
<greenjustin> I realized I've been using the same XFCE/X11 install on my personal computers for like a decade now, I dunno why it never occurred to me that most distros would've switched to Wayland by this point... X11 was ancient even back then
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<greenjustin> Wow, yeah going the wayland route was a ton easier. Works flawlessly, and the performance seems pretty good. Thanks everyone!
<alyssa> Giggle
<greenjustin> In fact, it works a little too well. Can't repro my bug :-(
<alyssa> Oops? o:)
<ente`> classic bug
<anarsoul> heisenbug
<greenjustin> Kinda, except I must've changed about a bazillion variables :-P
<greenjustin> Just wish I knew which ones in particular were worth exploring...
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<alyssa> What is the bug anyway?
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<daniels> greenjustin: ha! glad to hear! :)
<greenjustin> alyssa: During my chromeos with panfrost tests, I get some really weird glitchiness where it looks like the last couple of frame buffers are being replayed in a loop. It doesn't repro with e.g. WebGL applications, but even just scrolling on a web page or typing in the omnibar looks very janky
<greenjustin> I probably have a video somewhere around here...
<anholt> hmm. kinda surprised that chromeos doesn't require fence fd support. would have expected it to. perhaps it doesn't check?
<anholt> (android would need it for sure)
<greenjustin> anholt: Forgive me, I'm still not entirely sure what that means. Does this have something to do with memory coherence?
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<greenjustin> Found it! My apologies for the potato quality:
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<anholt> greenjustin: so, there's protocol used in compositors (android surfaceflinger, I would have expected chrome as well) where you tell the client that they can render to the window system buffer you're finishing up with, but only after a given fence has passed. the ext lets you attach the fence to GPU rendering, and it feeds right into the kernel's gpu job scheduler. no CPU side stalls. but, if chrome was trying to have its client
<anholt> rendering use those fences, but the fences were getting ignored (because the ext wasn't actually available), you'd get all sorts of weird flickery rendering with the wrong scenes showing up.
<anholt> but this is just a hunch.
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