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<kinkinkijkin> I've lived in fear of extensions a bit too long, two things to ask: is panfrost ES3.2 compliant at this point, and are the following extensions currently in a working state in panfrost?
<kinkinkijkin> ext_conservative_depth, ext_separate_shader_objects, ext_texture_filter_anisotropic, ext_texture_rg, oes_depth_texture, oes_get_program_binary
<kinkinkijkin> or if this is turbospecific just where i could find this out without booting my duet back up and updating all of its software to look
<HdkR> Check the GLES 3.2 stats there
<kinkinkijkin> thanks
<kinkinkijkin> 3.1 in stable, let's see the extensions...
<HdkR> Looks like mesa itself doesn't support ext_conservative_depth
<HdkR> Unless the features file is missing some EXT, mapping to ARB
<kinkinkijkin> feels odd
<kinkinkijkin> arb_, gl4.2
<kinkinkijkin> panfrost supports
<kinkinkijkin> at least, passes its test
<kinkinkijkin> no anisotropic
<kinkinkijkin> yeah, just thumbing through right now
<kinkinkijkin> depth_texture... not listed at all, likely different name in dgl
<HdkR> Apparently anisotropic is supported if the hardware supports it according to a PR. features.txt just wawsn't updated.
<kinkinkijkin> ah
<kinkinkijkin> going to temporarily avoid testing for anisotropic
<kinkinkijkin> no get_program_binary
<kinkinkijkin> probably good, wouldnt expect that to be stable enough to rely on currently
<HdkR> That missing extension is probably correct
<kinkinkijkin> alright, loader specified, going back to work
<kinkinkijkin> thanks
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<alyssa> kinkinkijkin: aniso is supported in the driver if the hw supports
<alyssa> hw support starts around g72
<HdkR> alyssa: Does it support 16x AF? :D
<alyssa> think so
<HdkR> Nice
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<kinkinkijkin> alyssa yeah, I'm not going to test for anisotropic right now though
<alyssa> HdkR: conservative_depth is a no-op on mali
<alyssa> so... shrug?
<HdkR> alyssa: sounds like an easy one :P
<alyssa> should be supported unconditionally in Mesa for all drivers, I mean
<HdkR> ah
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<kinkinkijkin> ah, I'll throw conservative_depth in as an untested grab then
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<alyssa> (If it's not being advertised, patches welcome :p)
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