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<robmur01> robclark: not just weird developer cases - OPPs could be provided by something abstract like the SCMI performance protocol, where the actual clock rates and voltages aren't visible to the OS at all.
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<robclark> robmur01: you don't need to report the current freq (in fact it is not uncommon that a GPU driver couldn't do this, ie. power/thermal control is managed by some microcontroller).. if SCMI doesn't at least expose the max clk that is unfortunate but I guess it could come from dt or something like that
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<alyssa> gfxstrand: working on some panvk patches, wtf I love Vulkan now what have you done to me
<alyssa> Vulkan/panvk is great, it's Bifrost that I hate :-p
<HdkR> :O
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<gfxstrand> alyssa: Welcome to the dark side!
<gfxstrand> We've got cookies!
<gfxstrand> Today, they're Girl Scout's thin mints. :D
<alyssa> gfxstrand: wait are we the girl scouts?
<gfxstrand> alyssa: No, but I buy cookies from them. :P
<gfxstrand> I mean, I guess we can be if you want to go scouting
* gfxstrand doesn't know what that means
<alyssa> Hmmm
<alyssa> meanwhile I'm debugging NIR_DEBUG=print output now, whoops
<alyssa> oh wait no this is right..
<alyssa> ok, so the final NIR is what I expect, so why won't the test pass
<alyssa> gfxstrand: any tips for debugging deqp-vk fails?
<gfxstrand> alyssa: Depends on the deqp-vk fail
<alyssa> (also, deqp-vk takes a while to start which is more than a little annoying..)
<gfxstrand> alyssa: Yeah, deqp-vk is heavy
<gfxstrand> alyssa: If you don't need to poke at test internals, I recommend a release build. It'll load substantially faster.
<gfxstrand> alyssa: But, you'll probably need to poke at test internals to actually debug things. :weary:
<alyssa> terrifying conflicting advice :weary:
<alyssa> :blahaj_whatever:
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<gfxstrand> alyssa: What test are you debugging and what's going wrong?
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<anholt_> what's amazing is deqp-vk heavy startup is mostly setting up the list of tests you could possibly run.
<anholt_> some of that is doing some test init during startup even if you aren't running that test, but not that much.
<gfxstrand> Yeah. If you specify an exact test name, a lot of that iteration work goes away.
<gfxstrand> Also, pattern matches with wildcards that are only at the end, are way more efficient, so dEQP-VK.ssbo.* is way faster than *.ssbo.* even though they match the same set of tests.
<alyssa> oh, weird, ok
<gfxstrand> I mean, it is 2.7 million test names so building that list and filtering it is gonna take time...
<alyssa> why are there so many tests T_T
<alyssa> gles3.2 is like 100k test tops
<gfxstrand> In the words of idr, it's not so much exhaustive testing as exhausting testing. :D
<gfxstrand> Also, Vulkan is a huge API these days
<alyssa> :blahaj_giggling:
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<alyssa> gfxstrand: BTW, when you get a chance I'd appreciate an eyeball of
<alyssa> This is based on my interpretation of your advice which may not in fact actually have been your advice
<alyssa> I'm still learning VK :p
<gfxstrand> THere you go. Gave you two eyeballs. :P
<gfxstrand> I'll actually look at it after a bit. I need to review bbrezillon's blog post first and I've got a meeting in about 50m.
<alyssa> ^ the climax of the patch series
<alyssa> (lowering system values to load_ubo in panvk instead of using the GL-centric compiler-gives-you-a-sysval-struct approach)
<alyssa> (what's before that is a massive pile of code motion to make that reasonable)
<alyssa> and then we can do stuff like "inline blend constants if they are not dynamic" in a sane way
<alyssa> right now I'm not looking for real review, just a sanity check that this is indeed the right thing for panvk and I should go type out the patches for the GL driver
<gfxstrand> alyssa: Have you looked at the iris code for this?
<alyssa> A little bit, but there's a lot of it and it's hard to find my way around
<gfxstrand> Might be worth taking a gander. It's in iris_program.c somewhere
<gfxstrand> iris_setup_uniforms
<gfxstrand> You can ignore the kernel input stuff. That's for clover. Rusticl doesn't need any of it.
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<alyssa> Sure, yeah, that maps closely to what we're doing now (but without the layering violation)
<alyssa> where we have a "upload these things in this dynamic layout" step
<alyssa> I'm unsure if that's actually better than "upload everything always (to different buffers corresponding to different dirty tracking state) and use static layouts"
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<alyssa> (what we do in vulkan effectively, with the descriptor set and the root table)
<gfxstrand> Yeah, IDK either.
<gfxstrand> I think for iris, it matters because the amount we have to upload per-image on BDW and earlier is a lot.
<gfxstrand> Vulkan has very little so having a tiny fixed layout is fine. IDK about panfrost GL.
<alyssa> mm, right
<alyssa> panfrost GL has a lot of crap
<alyssa> the SSBO uploads you'll do regardless
<alyssa> likewise XFB
<gfxstrand> Yeah, and those aren't too bad. vec4 per binding
<alyssa> sampler uploads are only for old gens and not too bad
<alyssa> the only spicy thing is the texture size
<alyssa> i.e. lowering txs to load_ubo instead of a descriptor crawl
<gfxstrand> 🌶️
<alyssa> without preamble shaders, the descriptor crawl is potentially expensive
<alyssa> probably makes sense for PanVK on Valhall (and hopefully preambles are cheap there), but
<alyssa> so basically the question is whether the cost of uploading texture size buffers all the time (even if txs isn't actually used) is acceptable
<alyssa> it's probably not the end of the world? idk
<alyssa> descriptor crawl probably isn't the end of the world either, not like anything is txs-bound
<alyssa> but without preambles that adds memory traffic which isn't good
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<gfxstrand> alyssa: I'm amused by the number of references to Ekstrand's rule without anyone (to my knowledge) ever having stated Ekstrand's rule. :P
<HdkR> I think that makes it more alluring
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