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<_-Caleb-_> morning
<_-Caleb-_> bbjimmy, thanks for tinfo :-) I've lost BeInput code years ago and recovery in the orgfree forum, and improve a little bit but tonight i saw ur tinput and its that BeInput should be, actually i've improved some things like a code clean, custom title, etc... but ur version is really more useful (and better for use/learn) :-)
<_-Caleb-_> 2 weeks ago i've uploaded to codeberg:
<bbjimmy> _-Caleb-_ nice!
<bbjimmy> I took it to the extreme:
<_-Caleb-_> hahaha, funny thing, when I continued the work with BeInput after recovering the code a few weeks ago I wrote in my blog that there were already applications that did what BeInput should do in the future and that I wouldn't tweak it much because YOSHI already existed. and now I find out that you did YOSHI after improving BeInput. I'm really glad you found it useful and it gave you an idea. :-D
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