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<urja> macc24: sure (also, i could take a look at how it performs in general etc...)
<urja> sorry i know it's like a week later lol :P
<macc24> urja: we, developers exist beyond time :p
<macc24> and yea it would be cool if you tested if it still works
<macc24> i think latest release has speedy images
<urja> linky?
<urja> yeah it boots, and atleast wifi seems to work (i'm doing the install to USB stick rn)
<urja> I asked for sway, before realizing that i no longer really remember how to use sway :P
<macc24> heh
<macc24> if you are on libera you can join #cadmium
<urja> okay managed to open a terminal and firefox (y)
<urja> yeah i'll be there