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<marcan> getting ppc64 kbuild failures again... let's see if I can repro
<marcan> oh, it's a .config thing apparently
<marcan> argh, it's an asm-offsets thing, and it only happens with PM_SUSPEND I think, which is why I didn't see it in my quick ppc64 test
<marcan> it's because powerpc has the entire asm/io.h wrapped in ifdef __KERNEL__
<marcan> so it does not include the generic definitions when building the asm-offsets tool
<marcan> I think this is also partially e12b090e's fault
<marcan> wait, no, it's not __KERNEL__... what is this?
<marcan> ah, fuck, it was a typo in my series
<marcan> I nested an ifdef wrong
<marcan> wait, no, it wasn't?
<marcan> ah yes, it was
<marcan> how do we handle this? tack it on top, or does it still make sense to fix up the original series at this point?
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<arnd> marcan: if that is the only patch that is still needed, send the fix to soc@k.o and I'll apply it on top of my branch
<marcan> will do
<marcan> arnd: sent
<marcan> it's a fixup for asm-generic/io.h: Add a non-posted variant of ioremap()
<marcan> (maybe it could've used a tag to reference that?)
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<marcan> sven: and yes, feel free to put me down as maintainer for all those drivers
<marcan> I can ack the patch
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<arnd> marcan: in general, a Fixes: tag does help, but in this case there is no need as it will be applied right on top of the the series, so I think it makes no difference
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<sven> marcan: great. i'll try to at least send the clock gating stuff (which is very dumb anyway) and possibly the i2c stuff this weekend then :)
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<sven> marcan: is there anything in the pasemi i2c documentation about the base clock btw.? on the m1 the input is allegedly divided by 16 and I'm curious if something like that is already mentioned in there
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<marcan> arnd: I'm curious how the patch cycle usually works for fixes like this (especially when they break the build, so could annoy people who bisect); at what point do things usually switch from rebasing and rewriting history to fix-ups on top?
<marcan> e.g. linux-next is rebased, right?
<arnd> marcan: I try hard to avoid rebasing anything after it hits my tree, but I occasionally ask submitters to rebase their tree if a pull request contains a show-stopper that prevents me from merging
<marcan> got it
<arnd> I have a single for-next branch that gets merged into linux-next, and this one contains (currently) my arm/dt, arm/soc, arm/defconfig, arm/drivers, arm/apple-m1, and arm/newsoc branches
<marcan> (more generally: how often do kernel folks hate it when the build is broken somewhere in the middle of history? :))
<arnd> The for-next branch is something that I don't mind rebasing, this only exists to make life for sfr easier
<marcan> cool
<arnd> we all try our best to avoid it, but in the end there is no way to prevent it completely, so I don't think anyone will blame you for the mistake
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<arnd> once you have your tree in linux-next, it will be somewhat easier as there is a lot more build testing on it before it gets into the soc tree
<marcan> I saw that failure earlier from some branch maz had, but I failed to do a quick repro and wasn't sure what was going on there; is there a way to get that kbuild robot to run on my branches before I submit? I've seen it run on ML patches, but not this particular failure.
<marcan> ah, so linux-next would pull from my tree then before I submit
<arnd> right, and I think anything that gets pulled into linux-next, or that is hosted on is automatically treated with the 0day build bot testing
<arnd> which is more thorough than what sfr does
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<arnd> I think he generally builds a couple of configurations after each merge, something like x86 and powerpc allmodconfig as well as some arm/arm64/mips/s390 defconfigs
<marcan> right
<marcan> so about infra, I guess I should have the key signed? :)
<arnd> yes, says you need three signatures to have a account, though to get your tree into linux-next you can also host it elsewhere without that requirement
<arnd> the process for linux-next is just to email sfr, cc:lkml, asking him to add a git url
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<marcan> arnd: you mentioned issues with github earlier, I'm happy to set up a if that's helpful, or do you think it's not necessary?
<marcan> or I could just get 3 sigs and get hosted on I guess
<marcan> not sure what makes the most sense
<arnd> marcan: if you want to use in the long run, don't bother setting up something else now. Using permanently would be fine though
<arnd> marcan: if you like, we can do a video chat for me to sign your gpg key and validating your fingerprint, that gets you to one of the three
<marcan> works for me
<marcan> what's a good time?
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<arnd> marcan: now would be good, or in the afternoon (in three hours from now or later)
<marcan> I can do it now :)
<arnd> ok, I sent a link as /msg
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<eta> marcan: how come a bunch of drivers were removed with the M1 tree merge?
<j`ey> eta: ?
<marcan> eta: that's an artifact of a merge we did from tty-next, because the Samsung UART patches in the series took a different path via that tree
<j`ey> ah
<eta> marcan: ah, okay
<j`ey> and fiq and vhe are going in via arm64 tree?
<marcan> fiq is in the merge
<marcan> vhe is going via arm64
<marcan> (fiq is also in arm64 already)
<kettenis_> vhe also made it into the arm64 tree it seems
<marcan> arnd: fyi, I think you applied the fixup patch to arm/apple-m1 and merged it into for-next, but didn't push arm/apple-m1 itself
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<arnd> marcan: fixed, thanks for pointing it out
<arnd> I pushed all the other branches but apparently missed this one
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<sorear> wondering if there will be an easy way to follow all of the upstreaming in the future, given that the drivers will be going to various subsystem lists and presumably not all on linux-arm-kernel?
<arnd> sorear: it depends on whether marcan (or anyone really) will want to maintain a fork that contains a copy of all the in-flight patches. I'm generally happy with having the work distributed, despite having the centralized repository for the initial work
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<sorear> not necessarily looking for a single fork, but it would be nice to be able to answer "what is the status of all features" without hours of research
<j`ey> i reckon the wiki will be a good place for that
<sven> "they're work in progress" ;)
<sven> but i believe marcan also wants to do a monthly progress report
<jn__> a table of features along with status and timeline information would be quite useful, i think
<jn__> (e.g. it would tell you that UART works since v5.13-rc1)
<sven> i guess anyone could create a wiki page like that :)
<sorear> well right now it should tell you that UART is in tty-next, I don't think it's merged into 5.13 yet
<jn__> true
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<marcan> arnd: I do plan on keeping some sort of tree that people can use with the various bits and pieces merged in some fashion
<marcan> and I guess we could use a kernel feature matrix, yeah
<marcan> arnd: fyi, here's your signed key:
<dhewg> fwiw I really like this
<dhewg> there's a matrix and new features by kernel version
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<roxfan> nice
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<choozy> marcan
<choozy> Asahi linux covered in Dutch article: (not by name unfortunately)
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<kettenis_> wel heel erg summier
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<choozy> Ja dat wel
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