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<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ffmpegGUI] humdingerb pushed 4 commits to master [+11/-10/±17]
<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ffmpegGUI] humdingerb 5c36628 - Rename source files
<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ffmpegGUI] humdingerb e6b6aa0 - Re-organize MainWindow.cpp
<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ffmpegGUI] humdingerb 98a1b1f - Rename private functions to start with _underscore
<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ffmpegGUI] humdingerb 8d9c03e - More trimming of MainWindow
<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ArtPaint] humdingerb pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±5]
<botifico> [HaikuArchives/ArtPaint] dsizzle 4bb80c3 - FillTool: refactor Check*Spans functions into one CheckSpans function
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