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<zdykstra> why'd I have it in my head that there was no Rust compiler for Haiku
<zdykstra> guess that might be the death-knell of Fish on Haiku!
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<zdykstra> s/might/might not
<zdykstra> look, it's been a long day :P
<waddlesplash> lol
<waddlesplash> yeah we've had rust for years
<n0toose[m]> I think I recently brought up Haiku to a person IRL and they went like 'haha it has the lowest class of support possible'
<n0toose[m]> They don't know operating systems too well to see this as an amazing enough thing, frankly :D
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<zdykstra> as a followup to yesterday's FishFiasco, does anybody here use Fish on x86_64, nightly? I get quite a lot of hangs - and I'm wondering if it's something unique to my system
<zdykstra> for example - quite frequently after running `jam` in a source directory, it'll get to the end of the regular jam output and then just not return to the shell / show a prompt
<waddlesplash> I think this is known?
<waddlesplash> some discussion on this somewhere in the HaikuPorts
<waddlesplash> I vaguely recall having debugged it down to fish waiting on a FIFO that nobody ever wrote to
<waddlesplash> however figuring out why it was doing that or who was supposed to write to the FIFO I never did
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