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<tlwoerner> yea!
<alyssa> tlwoerner: yea?
<tlwoerner> "yea" alyssa is back (?)
<tlwoerner> nobody else seemed excited, but i thought it warranted at least a "yea!"
<HdkR> yay \o/
<cphealy> yea!
<alyssa> pfheh thanks :p
<alyssa> the folks in #asahi will not be so enthusiastic :-p
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<chewitt> @alyssa I'm watching the XDC talk
<chewitt> it appears Canada has assimilated you
<chewitt> repeated use of "aboot" instead of "about" :D
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<alyssa> uh. oops. :-p
<alyssa> the trouble with "assimilation" into Canada is that there are a dozen distinct Canadian accents, and in the major cities you're liable to hear... all of them.
<alyssa> (and in the cities large numbers of people speak English as a second language)
<robmur01> apologetic... so Canadian :P
<robmur01> BTW, I reckon that "supporting" T62x would probably want to wait until we've made the two halves of T628 reliably talk to each other
<alyssa> ...oh. right. that.
<robmur01> otherwise the most likely result will be a flood of broken ODroids
<robmur01> FWIW I've now got the CTS to the point of actually running tests on my Juno, under real X - xvfb seems insistent on trying to use swrast even though I've compiled it out. However X refuses to start on T620/T720 for reasons undetermined :(
<robmur01> (also I guess I need to replace cts-runner with Mesa's equivalent so it can tolerate crashes)
<alyssa> Weee
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<tomeu> robmur01: you can probably reuse mesa's kernel and rootfs for that
<tomeu> and maybe even the scripts
<robmur01> tomeu: oh, are there images somewhere accessible? I did try picking through the CI directory to see if there might be any clues about how the rootfs gets made, but quickly got lost
<tomeu> robmur01: you can download them from the same place where the boards downloads them:
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<rtp> robmur01: what did you meant by "two halves of T628" ?
* chewitt was wondering the same
<robmur01> rtp: T628 can have two "core groups", where each group (of up to 4 cores) has its own separate L2 cache and they are not coherent with each other
<robmur01> Consider it a bit like a T624 glued to a second T624 minus its tiler
<rtp> oh...
<HdkR> robmur01: Is that feature gone in newer generations btw?
<HdkR> "feature"
<rtp> what about T60x (eg T604) ? same kind of "feature" ?
<robmur01> The fact that all subsequent GPUs present as a single core group (or at least coherent core groups) probably says it all ;)
<chewitt> @alyssa You need this t-shirt
<robmur01> rtp: I believe there was technically a T608, but I have no idea if anyone ever built one. AFAIK T6x4 is always a single group of 1-4 cores
<HdkR> robmur01: Nice. I didn't track the hardware enough to know if it was still around. Is there a new extension for async compute tasks to not mess with graphics as much? Vulkan queues or something?
<robmur01> and of course technically you could have built a 4-core T628 - dunno if that would always be 2+2 or whether 3+1 or 4+0 would be valid configs, and there's no way I'm dredging up the RTL bundle to try to find out :P
<robmur01> hey, don't ask me about APIs, I just read the hardware manuals!
<HdkR> :>
<HdkR> Looks like the blob exposes two identical queues that likely run async
<tlwoerner> chewitt: lol "May not ship to Canada - Read item description or contact seller for shipping options."
<alyssa> I did not realize the day after XDC is the International Roast Alyssa's Accent Day :-p
<HdkR> I didn't realize that's how it works
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<Lyude> alyssa: Lol I also noticed your accent had increased since last time
<Lyude> mupuf's definitely did as well
<alyssa> Lyude: oh right it is still International Roast Alyssa's Accent Day
<Lyude> :P
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<JulianGro> Is there any demand for open-source GLES 3.2 software? I got Vircadia running on my RockPro64 and there isn't too many issues.
<alyssa> Hmm?
<anholt_> if your GL rendering is interesting and unusual, then getting a trace into gives us a way to make sure your stuff works across drivers going forward.
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<JulianGro> Oh yeah I can do that. We do have some rare rendering issues we haven't been able to track down, but on panfrost there is definitely some more than that (which I assume is down to me using GLES 3.2 which isn't supported)
<alyssa> GLES 3.2 is not supported, but GLES 3.2 is just GLES 3.1 plus a bunch of funny Android extensions
<alyssa> and we support (on Mali-G52 at least) GLES 3.1 and a few of the extensions cherry-picked for 3.2
<JulianGro> Is there plans to support 3.2, or is that likely never going to happen?
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<alyssa> 🤷
<alyssa> Huge amount of work for very little effort. The useful extensions should be advertised already on bifrost.
<robclark> mmm, some people think that geom/tess is useful..
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<JulianGro> I guess that means that our software should probably check for GLES 3.1 + extensions instead of GLES 3.2
<robclark> I *always* recommend checking for lower gl version + extensions you actually need
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<alyssa> JulianGro: 💯
<alyssa> Probably actually ES 3.0 + extensions but I guess ES3.1 on any modern part is standard now
<alyssa> ES3.0->ES3.1 is just a lot of effort :-p
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<robclark> if you don't need compute shaders, then looking for gles30 + extensions will open up some more options.. but I guess if you do need compute shaders you might as well look for gles31+extensions
<JulianGro> I will actually have to go find out a lot more about how all of this stuff works. The engine that Vircadia uses is basically a hand-me-down and we only have a single person that seems to have an idea what they are doing while also having barely any time to invest. That should definitely be the next kind of area that I take a look at and see if I can make some sense or contribute some info on some of our issues.
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