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<robmur01> robclark, bbrezillon: unless we go out of our way to merge multiple objects' sg_tables and pass concatenated segments to io_pgtable_ops::map, we should never have "unexpected" blocks to split in the GPU pagetables regardless of whatever the mm layer might have done with the CPU mappings
<robmur01> (assuming that GEM itself doesn't merge or split entire objects)
<bbrezillon> robmur01: there should be no split in the map path, but there can be splits in the unmap path, if pancsf VM logic decided to merge 2 physically+virtually contiguous mappings that were not huge-page aligned, and the unmap then undoes that.
<bbrezillon> well, there can be splits in the the map path is a map operation overlaps a previously mapped section
<bbrezillon> not sure that if case is allowed with sparse bindings though
<robmur01> no, io-pgtable would object very strongly to overlapping maps :)
<bbrezillon> that can be split in an unmap+map operation internally
<bbrezillon> question is, is it allowed by the vk API
<bbrezillon> generally speaking, pancsf way of dealing with VA mappings is different from what we had in panfrost, we can partially map/unmap GEMs now
<bbrezillon> note that I reject any map operation that overlap an existing VA mapping right now (or at least, I intended to do that)
<robmur01> oh, so vma->bo could be some kind of "partial" object?
<bbrezillon> yes, it's passed an offset+size
<bbrezillon> in addition to the BO itself
<bbrezillon> robmur01: you might want to have a closer look at
<robmur01> noted, thanks for the pointer
<bbrezillon> case 7 is the partial map overlap I was mentioning
<bbrezillon> I think
<bbrezillon> so I suspect that's a valid Vk sparse binding case
<bbrezillon> FWIW, I'm planning to use this gpuva_manager in pancsf
<bbrezillon> don't know what robclark's plans are though
<robmur01> ah, so IIUC, the map at the gpuva level allows this "replace" semantic, which we'd then implement as a distinct unmap (with split) + map (of the new BO) at the io-pgtable level
<bbrezillon> yep
<robmur01> and I guess we can't just demand 2MB alignment for VM_BIND...
<bbrezillon> Of course, it'd be better to have some atomic remap operation, so we can revert back to the old mapping if the split fails. Once the split is done, I think we can assume the map always succeeds.
<bbrezillon> According to, VkMemoryRequirements::​alignment also serves are the binding/mapping alignment, so in theory we could, but I'm not sure we want to force a 2MB alignment, especially for small images/buffers
<bbrezillon> *serves as
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<robclark> bbrezillon, robmur01: bypassing io-pgtable is somewhat awkward for me since many gens == multiple pgtable formats.. bypassing iommu and using io-pgtable for all gens seems kind of tracktable by bypassing io-pgtable less so. Also it is the case on some gens that single smmu has multiple ctx banks, some managed as normal iommu and some w/ io-pgtable. I've been starting to think about vm_bind style API (although I think it will
<robclark> need to be augmented with some kind of "active set" which is a subset of the vm for browser / non-game use cases) and sparse.. but more as a long term thing not something I'll start working on immediately
<robclark> but pretty sure I need to make this work w/ io-pgtable, I'm not sure there is an alternative sane option
<bbrezillon> I think gpuva_manager is one level up. You can still use it and rely on the iopage-table interface to issue map/unmap operations
<bbrezillon> that was my plan actually
<robmur01> also bear in mind that the io-pgtable API is shaped to fit the IOMMU API because that's where it started life, but there's no real reason we couldn't extend it further if other users have justifiable needs
<bbrezillon> I guess the main blocker, if we want to do async map/unmap operations (AKA VM_BIND), is the ability to pass free pages to map/unmap calls and collect freed pages back (so we can keep those in pool instead of releasing immediately)
<bbrezillon> Having a hook to let the page table implem return the pessimistic number of pages to reserve for a specific operation would be nice, so you don't have to bother having one function per format in the msm driver, but I don't think that's a problem for pancsf (AFAICT, there's just one format)
<bbrezillon> The other tricky aspect is atomicity when you do a remap operation (which I don't support yet). Ideally, we'd want to be sure that the whole operation succeeds, or things are reverted back to its previous state when the operation fails.
<robclark> hmm, hadn't really looked at gpuva_manager (have been using drm_mm which seems ok for our uses.. which is moving more towards userspace allocated iova in most cases, ie. other than kernel internal buffers)
<robclark> re: remap, I wonder if you could do it in passes, ie. first splitting huge-pages where the thing you are replacing the mapping with can't use huge-pages, so the actual remap step is just re-writing pte's
<robclark> that way, you can't fail
<robclark> (or if you do fail it is prior to the remap step)
<bbrezillon> I've been using drm_mm in my first version too, but I've been told it would be good to switch to something dedicated to VA space management, and just around the same time, the nouveau folks came up with this gpuva_manager API
<bbrezillon> robclark: remap => that's the sort of tricks I had in mind, yes
<bbrezillon> guess we could want to put things back into huge pages if one of the huge-page split failed
<robclark> I guess that could be a 3rd "optimize" pass, ie. if the remap succeeds or not?
<bbrezillon> yep
<bbrezillon> ok, so that means we'd need a io_pgtable::split() hook/helper
<robclark> maybe, I've not really thought about implementation details yet ;-)
<robmur01> those kind of passes have also been proposed for dirty-tracking at the IOMMU API level, so it's definitely not unreasonable
<bbrezillon> or simply a remap helper that delegates the operation atomicity to the driver
<bbrezillon> dunno
<robmur01> I can't see that delegating to drivers would be workable, since the thing being delegated would be very very internal to the particular io-pgtable implementation
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