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<pac85> Hi, I'm the author of this MR and I've noticed that it breaks some trasnform feedback related tests. I've investigated the issue and and it seems like whenever a passthourgh GS is created for compatibility xfb buffers don't get written anymore. The GS copies any output variable from the previous stage and I've made sure that any xfb related property from the
<pac85> variable is carried over. Is there something I'm missing? Anything I need to do to get xfb working from a gs?
<zmike> yeah you probably need to also copy the xfb var->data flags
<zmike> and set stream output info
<pac85> I'm copying the flags, but I didn't now about stream output info. Thank you!
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<zmike> anholt_: you may have some interest in
<zmike> ah I meant for perf testing, but yeah, reviews always welcome
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