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<phire> has lina pushed uabi v3 to linux, but not mesa?
<alyssa> yeah I was going to push a new mesa but I heard there was a rant and
<phire> meh, fair
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<alyssa> I've just pushed out an updated branch to asahi/mesa:main
<alyssa> Lots of good stuff in there
<alyssa> New UAPI -- use Lina's latest wip
<alyssa> Pile of new features, pile of perf improvements
<alyssa> flushed out most of agx/next in there, the only stuff that didn't make it in are incomplete known-broken patches
<alyssa> Please test for regressions
<alyssa> lina_: ^^ There's your branch to work on :-)
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<lina> alyssa: Thank you!!! ^^
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<mps> alyssa: for two hours it works fine on m1pro macbook. and it is compiled with musl libc
<mps> lets hope it will survive this day without problem
<mps> thank you and other for good work
<chadmed_> ah... bad timing for me to rain on this parade then :(
<chadmed_> <- possible regression
<chadmed_> incredible desktop experience though, vastly improved from the last kernel/mesa combo!
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<jannau> chadmed_: please include (base) kernel and mesa commit ids in reports (even that might insufficient due to rebasing)
<chadmed_> ah of course sorry
<mps> oh yes, my kernel commit id is 5151a1750ab43ba10410452b2649e5ca21049a72 and mesa is af7db4903008b012bca13558261d552ed0828b7d
<chadmed_> less crap bug report :)
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<alyssa> @
<alyssa> eyes
<alyssa> mm, occlusion query breakage
<alyssa> chadmed: thank you for the report +1
<alyssa> i tested quake, i didn't test xonotic thinking "nah it's basically just quake" ;p
<mps> idk what is xonotic-sdl but just installed and started on alpine, I see some labyrinths and moved around little then quit. it didn't crashed
<alyssa> chadmed: Hmm, Xonotic is working for me
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<alyssa> yeah, xonotic works here
<alyssa> chadmed: hm, your kernel is a bit older than mine, i didn't realize lina pushed stuff
<alyssa> mine is 332ca551eb930a19ade8f7dcfc1bd3bdf3cfad3d
<alyssa> could you try downgrading? thanks
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<alyssa> maybe clustering broke sth
kilolima is now known as kl_
<_jannau_> or it is only broken on a GPU with clustering, try disabling clustering via debug flag
<eric_engestrom> alyssa: did you tag the right lina?
<eric_engestrom> `@lina` instead of `@asahilina`
<alyssa> eric_engestrom: ..whoops, thank you
<alyssa> can we get lina the @lina nick? lol
<alyssa> @lina looks pretty inactive
<alyssa> as in, created in 2018 and no activity in the whole time
<alyssa> except starring gstreamer
<eric_engestrom> there's no "inactive account deletion" policy as far as I know, so it would be a bit awkward to delete that one just for the vanity username
<eric_engestrom> but on the other hand, I completely agree with you :]
<eric_engestrom> maybe ask on #freedesktop?
<dottedmag> alyssa: lina: I have had success reclaiming an inactive username on GitHub: sent them a support request and they killed the account.
<alyssa> Who said anything about GitHub? :-D
<dottedmag> Ah, sorry, freedesktop. lol
<alyssa> fd.o sysadmin, my manager at work, it's a small mesa world :-p
<eric_engestrom> haha somehow I forgot about that detail xD
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<corion> good evening
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<jannau> supertuxkart with clustering on M1 Ultra 48 core is very broken at race start. only vertex batch timeouts and no rendered frames. kernel: bedf1a6cc218669 mesa: af7db4903008b012
<jannau> works with DisableClustering (1<<40) in /sys/module/asahi/parameters/debug_flags
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<jannau> also fixed by WaitForPowerOff since I missed the commit which renumbered the flags
<jannau> no mesa/application crashes tough
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<alyssa> jannau: to be clear is that fixed with lina's commits from today?
<alyssa> or no?
<alyssa> regardless I only have a t8103 so I am going to *sweat* declare this is not my bug ;-p
<jannau> seems to have regressed since 5151a1750ab43b
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