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<dougg3> hi! I've been slowly getting an old PXA168-based device up and running with modern kernels. It has a GC300 in it. I honestly don't know how to even use it, but wanted to mention I ran into "imprecise external abort" when loading the etnaviv kernel module
<dougg3> i was able to get past it by commenting out etnaviv_gpu_enable_mlcg(), which then led to another one, which I got past by commenting out etnaviv_gpu_setup_pulse_eater(). but I don't think it's actually working, so I'm guessing I wasn't supposed to do that :)
<dougg3> now it loads, but I get "etnaviv-gpu c0400000.gpu: GPU not yet idle, mask: 0x000000fe". etnaviv_2d_test from libdrm says "etna_gpu_new: No such device or address" so I'm guessing it's not actually working. but the kernel definitely recognizes it as a GC300, so progress!
<dougg3> etnaviv-gpu c0400000.gpu: model: GC300, revision: 1051
<austriancoder> dougg3: it might help to have a look what the vivante driver would do - maybe here: and a tag like: imx_5.4.3_2.0.0
<austriancoder> dougg3: I have not the time to look into it by my own right now - sorry
<dougg3> thanks austriancoder!
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