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<dougg3> is xf86-video-armada with X11 the way to go for making use of 2d acceleration with etnaviv?
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<cphealy> To the best of my knowledge, this is the only way to use the 2D GPU, yes. (There is an exception, but the exception is some patches to use the 2D GPU to accelerate some 3D GPU operations on i.MX6.)
<dougg3> thanks! that was the conclusion i had reached too
<cphealy> One could probably write a non-X 2D lib on top of etnaviv for doing composition with Wayland, but the ROI seems quite low.
<cphealy> If the GC300 is anything like the GC320 in i.MX6q, it's limited to blending two surfaces at the same time, so not even super useful for composition use cases (where there are frequently more than 2 surfaces to blend at the same time.)
<cphealy> With the GC320 in i.MX6qp, this number increased to 8 surfaces which is much more useful.
<dougg3> gotcha, that makes sense. yeah, I'm just planning on running a Qt app on this old device. I think the 2d acceleration will likely help me...but I guess we'll see!
<dougg3> i'm honestly just dinking around. if I can't get etnaviv working with X11 on this, it's not a huge deal. but i'm going to give it a shot anyway
<dougg3> sadly, i got everything to compile, but xorg won't load it. circular dependencies in X11 drivers. armada won't load because of prepare_cpu_drawable, provided by etnadrm_gpu. etnadrm_gpu won't load because of common_dri2_ScheduleWaitMSC, provided by armada
<dougg3> i'm going to go out on a limb and say that something probably changed in xorg in the last 4-5 years
<dougg3> ok, so adding -Wl,-z,lazy to the LDFLAGS fixed that. also found another missing quirk for the GC300 in etnaviv, it doesn't have the bit set for a 2D pipe in the features register. now etnaviv_2d_test works
<dougg3> at this point xorg loads the armada driver but gives me a black screen, but that might be because i'm using simpledrm rather than armada-drm or imx-drm. might play with it later, anyway i will probably at least submit these little gc300 support tweaks as patches eventually
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