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<alyssa> robmur01: Bifrost does and Valhall does not
<alyssa> and it's probably saner to switch the whole compiler to Valhall-style
<alyssa> Not forking the compiler for Valhall was *probably* still the right call but decisions like this make me less sure I admit
<robmur01> does Valhall lose the weird restrictions on crossing 4GB boundaries and suchlike?
<alyssa> which restrictions
<alyssa> I'm just talking about pointers for LOAD and STORE instructions and such
<icecream95> malloc: variables.c:3234: assertion botched. Fun.. panfrost.ko is causing memory corruption in unrelated processes again
<alyssa> Woof
<alyssa> Pass: 4796, Fail: 54, Crash: 1167, Warn: 13, Skip: 7457, Flake: 13, Duration: 3:39, Remaining: 6:35
<icecream95> Only a couple of crashes, can't be a serious problem
<alyssa> :-D
<robmur01> I mean the reasons why we only actually use a 4GB address space in practice, and still have to chop the ends off
<robmur01> by virtue of which we're sort-of-segmented anyway, if you squint a bit
<alyssa> right
<alyssa> I just mean the register allocation details
<alyssa> will I wire up atomics tonight?
<alyssa> Hm. Sure.
<alyssa> Pass: 11259, Fail: 151, Crash: 2799, Warn: 27, Skip: 17234, Flake: 30, Duration: 8:08, Remaining: 1:37
<alyssa> would be nice to turn all those crashes into passes, I'm just sayin
<icecream95> alyssa: Have you worked out exactly how the weird counter-like field in atomic instructions works yet?
<alyssa> Hmm?
<alyssa> I think that was v10 only
* icecream95 does some testing with the v9 blob
<icecream95> Nope, it's there on v9 as well
<icecream95> alyssa: With my version of ISA.xml, for a series of imageAtomicExchange on v9 I get meta:0x36, meta:0x37, meta:0x38, meta:0x39, ...
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<icecream95> alyssa: Here is the shader_test I used:
<icecream95> Note the v9 shader disassembly hidden behind <details>
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<alyssa> Okay let's see
* alyssa digs up icecream95's ISA.xml
<alyssa> <imm name="meta" start="16" size="6"/> on atomics, ummm
<icecream95> Yup, that's the unknown field
<alyssa> that's the second staging register
<icecream95> ?
<alyssa> 32 00 f6 1b 02 cc 20 09 ATOM_C.axchg.slot0.wait0 @r12, r50, offset:0x0, meta:0x36
<alyssa> that reads from @r12
<alyssa> and writes to @r54 (=0x36)
<icecream95> Ohhhhhhhhhh.....
<icecream95> But it's only used for some atomic instructions, for others it seems to encode whether it's on an image or an SSBO.. maybe?
<alyssa> There are different atom instructions
<alyssa> I'll have XML typed out in a few hours if I don't keep getting distracted by IRC and sketchy ways of cooking fish
<HdkR> Skwtchy ways of cooking fish. In the dishwasher on high-heat loads
<alyssa> HdkR: that's the one!
<icecream95> alyssa: "I think that was v10 only". From comparing shaders between v9 and v10, I still think that it is possible that there are no ISA changes in v10
<icecream95> In fact, it might still be possible (if unlikely) that the *only* change between v9 and v10 is the CSF
<alyssa> v10 definitely has cmdstream changes (beyond CSF itself)
<alyssa> CSF kernel support indicates tiler changes
* icecream95 decides that it would be pointless to argue about what exactly constitutes a "cmdstream change"
<alyssa> ATOM1.i32 and ATOM1_RETURN.i32 have the same opcode
<alyssa> Grumble.
<alyssa> Distinguished only by sr_count
<icecream95> alyssa: You mean the incr/decr instruction?
<alyssa> Yeah
<alyssa> ATOM_C1 on bifrost
<alyssa> Guess I can model as ATOM_C1_RETURN always, and just allow omitting the staging reg
<alyssa> Presumably that's what the hardware is actually doing
<alyssa> and separating out the opcodes is just an assembler syntax detail to make Valhall feel more like Bifrost
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<alyssa> 32 00 00 18 00 80 69 08 ATOM_C1_RETURN.i32.slot0.ainc.wait0 @, r50, offset:0x0
<alyssa> That syntax is a little clunky but it gets the point across
<alyssa> (it "should" be "ATOM_C1.i32.slot0.ainc.wait0 r50, offset:0x0")
<alyssa> For the case of "increment and discard the result"
<icecream95> At least it should make it more clear that there is an empty destination.. the order of registers for atomic operations always confused me
<alyssa> is that a question?
<icecream95> no
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* alyssa wonders why Valhall phone won't turn on
<alyssa> Dead battery maybe? boring
<alyssa> I have atomics, I have shared mem, I do not yet have the interaction
<anarsoul> alyssa: compute shaders?
<alyssa> yes
<alyssa> Something you don't have to worry about over at #lima ;)
<anarsoul> :P
<icecream95> alyssa: At least ATOM1* using the same opcode is better than FATAN_ASSIST, which does two different operations returning f32 or v2f16 depending on a modifier bit
<alyssa> oof
<icecream95> alyssa: On the topic of random instructions, FSIN_TABLE.u6 is actually floating point--it will return -0 if the source is not in a specific range of values
<alyssa> Hmm?
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<alyssa> icecream95: also, just posted the MR adding atomics to ISA.xml
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<alyssa> and have been typing away at the mesa side
<alyssa> 32-bit should be correct given the tests are passing :-p
<alyssa> 64-bit is untested so YMMV, it's not used by gles31 at least
<alyssa> Pass: 15901, Fail: 169, Crash: 949, Warn: 36, Skip: 20703, Flake: 33, Duration: 8:39, Remaining: 0
<alyssa> that looks somewhat better
<alyssa> Gets >90% passing on dEQP-GLES31 so that's nice
<HdkR> oooo
<alyssa> so at >90% for the whole gles31 cts, I think
<HdkR> GJ! :D
<alyssa> looks like this stuff will unfortunately miss the branch point because there are too many hacks in my branch and I'm part time but hey
<icecream95> alyssa: The domain of FSIN_TABLE is 524288.0 to 1048575.9375
<alyssa> it's supposed to just look at the bottom 6-bits, hence the name..
<icecream95> But if it did that, then out of bounds values would return a wrong value.. so it returns -0 instead
<alyssa> Interesting
<alyssa> so this is the hardware being "clever"?
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<icecream95> Note that the domain is every value of a certain exponent.. the exponent where the seventh mantissa bit has a value of 4
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<icecream95> alyssa: I'm confused as to how I managed to apparently get ATOM and ATOM_RETURN mixed up, thinking that the latter was 0x68 rathern than 0x120
<icecream95> I think that it was just a mistake on my part, and there are no weird things like swapping the operations on v10
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<alyssa> sure
<icecream95> alyssa: Implementing adjacent nodes for >vec4 support was pretty easy after all of my RA optimisations: 1 file changed, 68 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)
<alyssa> :)
<icecream95> (nodearray branch on my fdo repo)
<icecream95> Only build-tested, of course
<icecream95> Implementing the actual splitting of nodes is an exercise for the reader
<icecream95> Next step: Splitting nodes even more until everything is vec1 :P
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<alyssa> I mean, if splitting works "that" well it seems like the natural thing to do :-p
<alyssa> you should know that Valhall has real write masks that I'd like to wire up at some point..
<icecream95> Well yeah, I spent quite a bit of time trying to get Ghidra to handle that correctly
<icecream95> About splitting.. vec4 is a good size for NEON to deal with because the constraints are 7 bits, perfect for signed 8-bit operations
* alyssa regretting her life choices intensifies
<alyssa> should've gone with real SSA RA when I had the chance... should've should've should've...
<icecream95> alyssa: But trying to optimise LCRA is just so much fun!
<alyssa> I see that yes
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<macc24> fun fact: mt8186 has mali g52
<alyssa> 8186?
<alyssa> is this a thing I have to deal with now?
<macc24> some upcoming mtk chromebook chip
<macc24> they put a gpu that is years old into soc that's still not released in 2022 xD
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* alyssa wires up images
<alyssa> ...or maybe I should just be upstreaming harder
<alyssa> Get some Valhall in
<alyssa> Sigh I guess I can do that
<alyssa> 52 files changed, 5570 insertions(+), 639 deletions(-)
<alyssa> Ughhh I guess it really is approaching upstream o'clock
<macc24> upstream upstream upstream!
<alyssa> Pass: 16029, Fail: 136, Crash: 893, Skip: 20703, Flake: 30, Duration: 8:42, Remaining: 0
<alyssa> does that look upstream quality to you? :V
<alyssa> [valhall-42 ce05e58ed69] fixup! pan/va: Pack instructions 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 61 deletions(-)
<alyssa> [valhall-42 7a72468a846] fixup! pan/va: Build opcode info structures 2 files changed, 6 insertions(+)
* alyssa applies Delete The Code
<alyssa> 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)
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<alyssa> I think this can land without harming existing code
<alyssa> I *think*
<alyssa> Would appreciate a sanity check, though
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<alyssa> once that's in, will be down to a somewhat more manageable
<alyssa> 32 files changed, 2457 insertions(+), 597 deletions(-)
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<alyssa> /me wonders what to do about varying linking on Valhall
* alyssa wonders what to do about varying linking on Valhall
<alyssa> It's all in terms of *bytes*, no more vec4 slots
<alyssa> This is more flexible but makes fp16 varyigns etc a bit more complicated
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<alyssa> Indirect varyings wired up, down 1 hack
<alyssa> Down to 8 HACK, 3 WIP, and 1 RFC
<alyssa> next up, deleting the mediump hack
<alyssa> and generally fixing fp16
* alyssa flips on fp16 in her run-deqp script, let's see how bad the fallout is
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<alyssa> 2 fp16 bugs down
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<jekstrand> alyssa: \o/
<jekstrand> alyssa: Why does bytes make varying linking hard?
<HdkR> It's different :P
<alyssa> jekstrand: because Because we get slots from the API and have to convert to bytes in the backend
<alyssa> For the initial driver we can get away with (slots * 16)
<alyssa> but in general it has to be sum_{i = 0}^{slots - 1} [(# of components) * (# of bytes per component)]
<alyssa> and there are perverse interactions with separable shaders and the like
<icecream95> alyssa: "separable shaders". You mean IDVS?
<icecream95> Reminds me of how I split compilation in two parts in my fork so that UBO pushing can be done on both IDVS shaders at once
<alyssa> icecream95: no, the GL thing where VS and FS are independent and not linked at an API level
<icecream95> Oh.. that.
<HdkR> Really good feature when used correctly :P
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<alyssa> oof
<alyssa> Guess who gets to revisit plane descriptors, again? C:
<alyssa> we have something equal to `layout->array_stride / layout->nr_samples`
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<alyssa> I guess that's the surf stride
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<alyssa> dEQP-GLES3.functional.fbo.msaa.4_samples.rgba32f illustrates what I don't like about blend shaders
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<icecream95> alyssa: "pan/bi: Check return addresses in blend shaders" will break if a blend shader ever gets a 4 GB-aligned address
<icecream95> Uh.. I forgot that shader addresses are only 32-bit maybe, ignore?
<alyssa> ^^
<alyssa> if 0x0 is not a reserved address it should be....
<icecream95> alyssa: What is a Trym? (context: pan/va: Stub packing routine)
<alyssa> icecream95: G77
<alyssa> tTRx
<alyssa> I mean uhh
<icecream95> Ah, him
<icecream95> alyssa: What happens if someone tries to use 32-bit instructions to extract the top half of e.g. the program counter?
<alyssa> elaborate?
<icecream95> va_pack_src won't pack e.g. BIR_FAU_PROGRAM_COUNTER correctly if the index has a nonzero offset
* alyssa grumbles
<alyssa> you are of course correct, fixing
<icecream95> alyssa: e.g. va_pack_atom_opc.. so we have this nice XML with all of the enums, and then you decide to use a bunch of magic numbers?
<alyssa> ...Would you rather I generate piles of C code?
<alyssa> because I can do that C:
<icecream95> alyssa: "va_optimizer". s/r//? Optionally also s/z/s/
<alyssa> done
<alyssa> icecream95: re magic numbers, maybe the right way forward is generating VA_ATOM_OPC_AADD etc enums from the XML, but open coding the Bifrost->Valhall enum translation?
<icecream95> alyssa: "Offending code:". I guess I would find it offensive too if someone printed me to fp when the fprintf was to stderr
<alyssa> Yes, very offensive. Fixed.
<alyssa> (Trying to generate the enum translation would require some degree of coupling between the IR and the Valhall ISA definitions... That coupling is what got us into the current Bifrost ISA.xml mess that you complained about a few hours ago.)
<icecream95> alyssa: on magic numbers.. I guess you could do that. Otherwise you'd have to do something like reference Bifrost names from the Valhall XML and make everything more of a mess
<alyssa> right