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<brentr123[m]> What happened to the stream?
<marcan> brentr123[m]: starting now :)
<brentr123[m]> Sorry I’m so impatient, I’m kind of addicted to them 😂
<j_ey> is part of the thing that got merged the 'pmgr' and 'acpie' in the mmio output?
<_jannau_> marcan: looks like the buffer overflow I saw on mac os
<_jannau_> marcan: try disabling the mmio addr lookup
<sven> marcan: uh, does it always run on the same core?
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<_jannau_> lookup_all is not used
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<sven> simd in pmgr :D
<_jannau_> SIMD not disabled via compile flags and auto vectorization?
<sven> for MMIO reads/writes?
<sven> or maybe it's not MMIO but some shared memory region for one of the subprocessors?
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<kettenis> marcan: the pcie initialization code that's now in m1n1 might make macos unhappy
<kettenis> I had u-boot hang if I repeated some of the initialization steps that m1n1 now does
<kettenis> so I removed that code from u-boot
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<kettenis> it may make sense to only do the pcie_init later when booting a "kernel"?
<kettenis> good enough I'd say ;)
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<jn> nice work on booting to login!
<thunfisch> nice work man!
<thunfisch> that was fun to watch :)
<j_ey> :O
<thunfisch> aw yeah, rainbow apple <3
<jn> very nice :)
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<kettenis> you're lucky that the GPU uses main memory instead f VRAM out on the PCI bus
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<jix> marcan: the map_hw call still has reg.addr instead of addr (you missed undoing that one)
<jix> marcan: (also I think the map_sw at the top should be a map_hw, at least you said that while writing it)
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<jannau> pmp[17] overlaps with sgx
<ar> marcan: sysctl hw.ncpu
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<jix> marcan: missing space at the start of the string appended to the end I think
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<ar> hm. "networksetup -setairportpower en0 off" should disable wifi, but i'm not sure if it's gonna be permanent
<ar> also, sysctl machdep.cpu.brand_string shows "Apple M1" here
<kettenis> marcan: the snapshot stuff might be because the kernel panic'ed
<ar> oh, yeah, and after 3 kernel panics on shutdown it *might* want to go into a "reinstall macos" screen on next boot
<ar> marcan: ^
<ah-[m]> interesting, it runs on one of the efficiency cores?
<ar> (it happened to me on my work mbp13 m1)
<ar> marcan: command shift 3
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<jannau> just kick wifi off from the ADT
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<Fanfwe> marcan: I didn't actually mean to push you to implement the m1racles mitigation right away :-P
<marcan> too bad :p
<Fanfwe> At least you now have a good story to tell: Revealing the vuln, and the next day publishing software that allows to mitigate the problem
<marcan> :D
<Fanfwe> (as long as you don't need all of your M1 cores)
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<pugguu> Hello stupid question but will i be able to run asahi linix on a 256gb m1 mac mini
<Emantor> pugguu: pretty sure you can, setting it up at the moment.
<Emantor> I'll update you when the second mac os installation is finished and m1n1 is running.
<j_ey> pugguu: that's probably the one marcan has
<Emantor> Note that this is only interesting if you want to do driver development/hardware investigation/testing for Asahi Linux. Not really useful for general purpose computing yet.
<pugguu> I am waiting for the boot selection menu so that i can use m1n1 but still use macos welst waiting for general purpose stiff
<pugguu> Stuff*
<j_ey> pugguu: that already works
<pugguu> Wait so i dont need a secondary computer
<Emantor> You'll need a second computer to run the shell/m1n1 proxy.
<Emantor> One could probably hack HID support into m1n1 and use the framebuffer…
<jn> Emantor: you'd still need a machine to run the python side of m1n1
<jn> not a beefy machine, and not a mac (with the recent USB-ACM driver), but still something
<jn> when doing something interactive with m1n1
<Emantor> marcan: src/hv_wdt.c:5:10: fatal error: cpu_dbg_regs.h: No such file or directory
<Emantor> bfe8c94c adds the include but not the file itself :-)
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<marcan> oh that's a derp, I never used that
<marcan> just remove the include
<marcan> fixed
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<Emantor> Ye, I found that too. Unfortunately it now refuses to boot m1n1 with a failure to boot and reverts to macOS recovery D:
<marcan> odd :/
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<Emantor> No, I am just too tired. curl <host>:8000/m1n1.macho > m1n1.macho will happily put the 404 into m1n1.macho, and kmutil does not even check whether the file your setting up for boot is a valid macho. Turns out a 404 error can't boot.
<sven> lol
* hell__ can't avoid reading "macho" in Spanish (which means "male")
<Emantor> python3 -m http.server seems to serve nice 404 error pages, I don't remember python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer doing that.
<emilazy> it's a deliberate pun, macho is a word in english too
<hell__> oh, lmao
<jannau> would it make sense to make a CI build m1n1.macho available?
<Emantor> I am wrong, python2 also serves an error page…
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<jannau> a little annoying that 90% of the build time is spent installing the cross compiler
<sven> sounds good to me. in the worst case it provides a sanity check that only code which actually compiles is merged. in the best case it makes someone's life easier :)
<Emantor> 17 seconds to install the cross compiler sounds fine to me.
<Emantor> If you want to speed this up you can probably create a container which includes the cross-compiler and have github spin this up instead.
<jn> hell__: "Macho" has also found its way into the german language, meaning "someone who is aggressively, stereotypically male"
<j_ey> jn: same in english
<jannau> building m1n1 just takes 3 second. let's hope azure gets Ampere Altra nodes soon
<VinDuv> I think I remember a story about some software whose auto-updater replaced itself with a 404 page, and the resulting binary would actually cause bad things when executed
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<hell__> jn: yeah, it can also mean this in Spanish
<jn> interesting
<jn> (as a somewhat useless side-note, i pronounce the file format differently, as makh-o)
<emilazy> I believe makh-o is the correct pronunciation, since it's Mach-O after all
<emilazy> but it obscures the pun :p
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<TypoKign[m]> Psalm 74:9
<yrlf> I pronounce it as in "Mach One" (as in the speed of sound), which probably is the intended association
<balrog> it's Mach Object
<balrog> but maybe?
<balrog> and yeah, emilazy I agree, I believe makh-o is correct, since it comes from the Mach kernel, and object file, back from the NeXT days
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<fff> hello all
<fff> what do we know about the SEP?
<fff> particularly the interface it exposes
<jn> the first step would be to document the interface :)
<jn> not sure how much documentation exists at the moment
<fff> well i am curious if in fact, one day, i will be able to use it from linux to e.g. hold ssh keys
<fff> i guess that's still an open question then
<sven> that's the goal at least
<sven> it should be possible since you can use the SEP from mac os for ssh keys
<fff> good
<fff> and the current state is that there's some memory-mapped region presumably for communication with the SEP and not much more known that that?
<fff> *than that
<sven> pretty much. i've seen some slides about the mailbox protocol though
<sven> but that's the easy part
<fff> where can i find those slides? :)
<sven> don't remember, sorry :-)
<fff> that's okay
<sven> but iirc i googled for secure enclave mailbox or something like that
<sven> but the registers looked very simple. it's probably obvious how to send messages from looking at a single mmiotrace
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<fff> these would be the slides probably
<fff> although i might prefer reading mmiotraces to reading slides
<ah-[m]> what's the hard part?
<sven> figuring out the protocol itself and then figuring out how to nicely integrate that into the whole gpg/ssh/etc. ecosystem
<sven> and yeah, those look like the slides
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<rkjnsn[m]> Just out of curiosity, I see that the goals for Asahi include not just hardware functionality but also polish.
<rkjnsn[m]> Is, e.g., taking advantage of the P3, 500nit display for HDR playback in scope as part of that polish?
<mjg59> rkjnsn[m]: The state of HDR in Linux overall isn't great at the moment
<mjg59> Other than the extent that there's GPU support required, I think it's probably out of scope
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<yrlf> I guess that if they find out how the needed GPU support for HDR works, they'll add it to the driver, but toolkit and application support for HDR is very "not there" yet on linux so I don't expect that to get further soon
<emilazy> colour management on linux is very bad :(
<emilazy> wayland may improve it at some point in the future
<emilazy> the only thing you can really do is assume every application is in sRGB unless you have good reason to believe otherwise
<yrlf> there is a work in progress protocol specification for color management for wayland
<yrlf> though that specification is still missing details for HDR, mostly color space stuff until now
<ar> last time i tried wayland (sway and gnome3 around february), i hit a lot more serious bugs than "colorspace management is wrong"
<ar> like, with multiple monitors connected, menus in some apps ended up waaaay off
<emilazy> colourspace management being wrong can be pretty bad
<emilazy> it means that linux gui is inevitably super oversaturated and weird looking on many displays
<emilazy> wayland's multi-display story is ... in theory better than X's by quite a lot
<emilazy> but Xwayland probably has issues with it I imagine
<ar> also, does wayland still have 24bit colorspace hardcoded?
<ar> i vaguely remember it being the case that 8b/ch/pixel was hardcoded in the protocol around 2 years ago