ChanServ changed the topic of #dri-devel to: <ajax> nothing involved with X should ever be unable to find a bar
<soreau> sounds like a delicious pizza
<dcbaker> Sounds like it's the kind of pizza you can't tell the difference between the pizza and the box
<soreau> mmm.. cardboard
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<ccr> as long as there's enough cheese and garlic, even cardboard is fine
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<kaylie> you sure that's fine?
<dcbaker> Probably better for you than most fast food
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<haagch> just one question, VK_EXT_display_control requires VK_KHR_DISPLAY, so I assume it will only work when used while controlling a display, and not when running in a window in X11?
<haagch> could I expect VK_DISPLAY_EVENT_TYPE_FIRST_PIXEL_OUT_EXT to return something sensible when running in a window or should I not even bother?
<airlied> the latter
<haagch> fair enough
<haagch> reading the spec also helps... This extension defines a set of utility functions for use with the VK_KHR_display and VK_KHR_display_swapchain extensions.
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<Kayden> jekstrand: nice, R-b
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<mripard> danvet: regarding the discussion we had yesterday about the scrambler state restoration, you mentioned you'd like a lock assertion. about which lock and in which function? connection_mutex in detect()?
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<vsyrjala> mripard: btw in i915 we do a full modeset from hotplug if scdc settings are borked. initially i just rewrote the scdc regs but someone pointed out it's not really spec compliant behaviour
<pq> HdkR, sorry, I've no idea what you're talking about re: free.
<mripard> vsyrjala: so reusing the same mode?
<vsyrjala> yeah, we just turn it off and on again
<vsyrjala> it==crtc
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<mripard> vsyrjala: do you know in which function that occurs?
<HdkR> pq: When you're mixing allocators. Mixing what a library allocates versus the application allocates can be messy. Something like `xcb_poll_for_event` the pointer that is returned is expected to be passed to `free` rather than back in to the API
<vsyrjala> mripard: intel_hdmi_reset_link()
<vsyrjala> though i must admit the simple scdc frobbing approach did actually work on the lg tv i was testing it on. but as mentioned not entirely spec compliant so ended up using the big modeset hammer instead
<pq> HdkR, off the top of my head, I can't recall a single instance of such in either libwayland-client or -server API. But if there are any, they are very likely documented.
<HdkR> pq: Nice. That doubly confirms that the API in wayland is more sane in this regard :)
<mripard> vsyrjala: awesome, thanks
<pq> HdkR, sanity is the eye of the beholder, some people do not like callback architecture.
<mripard> (it's also surprisingly straightforward, I was expecting something much more complex :))
<pq> +in, +the - my fingers are slower than my thoughts
<HdkR> pq: I'm sure once I'm thunking Wayland I'll be back to complain :D
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<danvet> vsyrjala, mripard maybe should have that as a helper, with ww_ctx wired up in detect_ctx it should all fit even when using probe helpers like vc4 does
<danvet> mripard, it's modeset locks, since you need to protect against modesets
<danvet> but also, we take them in probe helpers for you, otherwise there would be too many bugs
<mripard> danvet: I'll work on that helper then
<mripard> (also, can I merge the hotplug series for vc4 that implements it in detect, or would you prefer to have the helper first?)
<danvet> mripard, I think your new helpers are fine, and the conversion to full modeset sits strictly on top
<danvet> so imo merge that already
<danvet> mripard, wrt your question
<danvet> grabing the right drm_modest_lock and looking at ->state does not actually guarantee that you're in sync with hw state
<danvet> which might anger your hw
<danvet> because atomic can be committed asynchronously in a worker
<danvet> so if you have a caller from different context which also touches hw state
<danvet> you either need to have a spinlock, which both hw touching functions take
<danvet> and a copy of relevant state protected by that spinlock, outside of existing atomic locks
<danvet> or you need to get the other caller to essentially do a full atomic commit
<danvet> which means dropped frame
<danvet> which is probably not what you want for an app enabling/disabling audio on hdmi
<danvet> hence why I recommended spinlock
<danvet> ok so strictly speaking you can do the same trick as async plane commits, where you just wait for the previous commit to finish, and then punch in the new register values
<danvet> that would avoid the dropped frame I think
<danvet> maybe something we'd want to extract as a helper
<danvet> something like drm_crtc_lock_and_sync or so, dunno
* danvet should catch up on dri-devel and type this stuff there
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<vsyrjala> danvet: don't think we can use a helper in i915 because of bigjoiner hw vs. uapi state stuff
<mripard> danvet: so we need one spinlock to avoid the audio and display paths from modifying the hardware registers at the same time, ok. I'm still not sure why we would need to protect our state copy by that same spinlock. Wouldn't a mutex that guard all display and audio functions enough there?
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<alyssa> This is defined as
<alyssa> bool flip_y = (ctx->Point.SpriteOrigin == GL_LOWER_LEFT) ^ (ctx->DrawBuffer->FlipY);
<alyssa> Is there a way to get at this from a Gallium driver?
<alyssa> I have a bit corresponding to STATE_FB_PNTC_Y_TRANSFORM, so I don't need/want the NIR lowering.
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<alyssa> oh, err, that /is/ accessible as sprite_coord_mode isn't it
<alyssa> I thought that was only for point sprites but that also affects gl_PointCoord apparently?
<alyssa> oh but that's only set if PointSprite is actually enabled.
<danvet> mripard, because crtc->state isn't actually hw state
<danvet> so either you read back actual hw state from registers
<danvet> or you update in in your atomic_commit_tail functions under a spinlock in a sepearate copoy
<danvet> *copy
<danvet> ->state is only the state that the hw will have once all pending atomic commits completed
<alyssa> I guess I could make a CAP for "sprite_coord_mode affects gl_PointCoord even without point sprites" and then all should work
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<alyssa> I suspect a bunch of drivers could set that but I don't know if everyone can.
<alyssa> robclark: It looks like Freedreno could implement that one just by deleting code
<alyssa> Maybe this is worth spinning an RFC for
<alyssa> (Don't force coord_mode=true in ir3_point_sprite, drop the coord_mode argument, and that's it)
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<mripard> danvet: I think I can't figure out the "threat model". Assuming we copy the current CRTC mode (it's all w'ere interested in in vc4) over in mode_set, what scenario would be broken that we need a spinlock to protect the copy of the mode?
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<pcercuei> Is there a simple program that shows how to do cross-device synchronization of dmabufs?
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<dj-death> jenatali: thanks a bunch for the quick rb
<jenatali> dj-death: Thanks for the fix :)
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<mareko> tracie doesn't show anything, I need to push a commit that changes line rasterization for radeonsi, which means I might have to disable the pipeline if I can't get the hashes
<dj-death> jenatali: do you have a CI for clon12? just for checking that it compiles
<jenatali> dj-death: The compiler is built and runs some unit tests as part of the Windows CI pipelines
<jenatali> I don't currently have CI for the external runtime, but if I ever get time I'd love to set that up
<dj-death> jenatali: okay thanks
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<Venemo> who is the release manager for the next mesa release 21.3? can we please have a GitLab milestone for this next release so we can mark MRs?
<daniels> mareko: yeah, that's all been moved into more internal stuff, itmt you can look at which points you to
<daniels> which is impressive!
<MrCooper> mareko: "need to push a commit" as in directly to the main repository? Please don't if so
<daniels> mareko: but do note that that link does show you the actual + expected hashes
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<shadeslayer> tomeu: fwiw I'm working on reducing the flake list for virgl further
<shadeslayer> just waiting for the jobs to finish
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<ajax> Venemo: i am most certainly not the release manager, but exists now
<Venemo> ajax: thanks! I was unsure if I can simply create it on my own so I thought better to ask here
<ajax> i think you can, in the sense that gitlab's Developer role has the power. and i think you may, in the sense that nobody's likely to object to making labels or milestones for pretty much anything.
<ajax> with the caveat that an issue or an mr can only be on one milestone but could have N labels
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<dj-death> jekstrand: is it okay if I force push on your MR : ?
<jekstrand> dj-death: go for it
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<jekstrand> bnieuwenhuizen, hakzsam: Could one of you take a look at why is blowing up? Part of it is definitely the switch to VK_DECL helpers for to/from handle. Likely, RADV has some object that isn't actually a vk_object_base.
<jekstrand> Or, rather, isn't doing vk_object_init/finish properly.
<hakzsam> jekstrand: I will have a look
<jenatali> dj-death: I see you took the WIP tag off !9156, does that mean I should start reviewing, or are you still planning to make bigger changes?
<dj-death> jenatali: I think that's it for code moving
<dj-death> jenatali: I think there will be a follow up to make clang/llvm detection better (and actually work on my ubuntu)
<dj-death> jenatali: so if you have time please take a look :)
<jenatali> dj-death: Cool, sounds good. I also really wanted to merge that with Clover's detection at some point, which is why I'd been trying to get Clover to build/work on Windows
<ajax> wtf why is GALLIUM_THREAD=0 not working
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<MrCooper> define "not working"
<ajax> i run my program in gdb and it says [New Thread 0x7fffed76a640 (LWP 3637433)] at me a bunch of times.
<MrCooper> there are many other threads, e.g. llvmpipe's rasterizer threads or shader compiler threads
<ajax> and then later, i get an assert thrown, _and then_ gdb hits the breakpoint i set on xcb_present_pixmap, rather than stopping in the thread what asserted
<imirkin> is it gallium or gallivm? should double-check
<MrCooper> GALLIUM_THREAD is about the Gallium API thread only
<ajax> and the xcb_present_pixmap's bt starts with clone() not main()
<ajax> so... i confuse
<zmike> that's the wsi thread
<zmike> there's a separate env var for disabling that iirc
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<zmike> dj-death I think may remember?
<dj-death> hmm... I don't sorry :(
* zmike shakes fist
<HdkR> If it is the vulkan WSI thread, force the present mode to not be fifo right?
<HdkR> MESA_VK_WSI_PRESENT_MODE=immediate I guess?
<HdkR> Or mailbox if immediate doesn't work
<Kayden> there isn't a way to shut off threaded compilation either
<Kayden> there's sync_compile=true but that just makes compiles synchronous - they're still done in threads.
<HdkR> Is that the one that goes away if you lie to mesa and say there is only one host CPU core?
<MrCooper> HdkR: AFAICT the thread is created for all present modes now with Xwayland
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<HdkR> huh
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<jenatali> jekstrand: For your image var mode change, are you trying to keep bisectability? I.e. do I need to merge microsoft/clc or microsoft/compiler changes into existing patches or can I just throw 'em on the end?
<jekstrand> Trying to but for the microsoft stuff it's sort of a matter of how much you care
<jenatali> I've used bisect a total of once so far, so eh
<jenatali> I guess what I'm really wondering is, do I need to have 2 sets of patches, one which supports both images as uniform and image, so it can go before the switchover, and one which cleans it up to only expect image after the switchover... or something like that
<gawin> mareko: do you perhaps have an idea why r300 is (only) able to load 2d textures on n-th try? I've been playing with r481 for a week, at first all 2d textures were off, yesterday xfce menu's panel got background, today xonotic's menu started working
<ajax> gawin: happen to know a mesa version where it did work?
<gawin> gonna try to bisect tonight, but looks like really old bug
<jekstrand> jenatali: If you're ok with breaking and then switching, that's fine with me.
<jenatali> Cool, works for me
<jekstrand> jenatali: It's not like people are running top-of-tree CLOn12 and might get broken in the middle.
<jenatali> Right
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<jenatali> It does impact spirv_to_dxil though, so the WebGPU folks might care. But yeah I don't think they'll need to worry about bisecting either
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<jenatali> Our GL driver doesn't support images yet though so that's not impacted
<jekstrand> right
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<alyssa> Anyone know the core mesa code and want to ack a 1 line patch?
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<HdkR> alyssa: At some point Nouveau would also want a command stream y-flip flag. :P
<alyssa> HdkR: ack
<imirkin> i never quite worked out what all it does
<alyssa> I looked at Nouveau and was confused by the code so wasn't sure if it was strictly point sprites or all gl_PointCoord
<imirkin> blob always sets it, i think
<imirkin> nouveau never sets it
<HdkR> Blob won't set it for D3D code
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<imirkin> HdkR: d3d code doesn't appear in my traces on linux ;)
<HdkR> and there is some GL extension to flip the behaviour I think?
<ajax> several
<imirkin> HdkR: GL_MESA_*? probably not supported
<alyssa> even just FBO vs winsys i think can be different depending on how you do scanout
<imirkin> with GL 2.0 you can also flip point sprites though
<ajax> depending which bit of the pipeline you're into inverting
<alyssa> ajax: As usual the cake goes to Arm
<imirkin> yeah ... i would have assumed it'd flip differently for winsys vs fbo, but it doesn't
<alyssa> that will set framebuffer base address to `framebuffer base address + (height - 1) * stride`
<alyssa> and set stride to `-stride`
<ajax> lols
<alyssa> and then just renders normally, doesn't touch viewport or anything
<ajax> negative stride is such a cursed concept
<alyssa> It has never been clear to me if negative stride is an intentional architectural feature or just a side effect of 32-bit adders
<imirkin> HdkR: er, right ...
<ajax> fun fact, xserver's fb code handles it correctly, and Xglx actually used that feature
<urja> i assume it just happened (also, it's an effect of any bit adders as longs as they're twos complement)
<alyssa> (I mean. Suppport for signed stride is architecturally guaranteed but why.)
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<ajax> probably to make y-invert easy ;)
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<jenatali> jekstrand: Do your RT BVH kernels use images?
<jenatali> jekstrand: Moving image vars from uniform to image breaks the usage of lower_vars_to_explicit_types that we use for figuring out how to lay out the kernel args in a buffer, no storage is allocated for the images... Guess I just need to add all the images to the end
<jekstrand> jenatali: No, they don't
<jekstrand> jenatali: Look at what I did for clover
<jenatali> Alright, I'll take a look
<jekstrand> jenatali: Basically, for each image var, I create a uniform
<jekstrand> Which better maps to what's actually going on anyway
<jenatali> Oh, ok, that's what I do with format queries already
<jenatali> Maybe that's all I actually need, let me look closer. It's been a while
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<jekstrand> No worries
<jenatali> Ok yeah I don't need anything there. Maybe I just need to re-order things so those uniforms are created before the lower_vars_to_explicit_types
<jekstrand> Yup
<jekstrand> to_explicit_types assigns the memory offsets so you need all your vars there when you call it.
<jenatali> Yeah, I need to refactor this then so we always create these uniforms (just so the runtime always has a spot to write the format/order) before that lowering
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<mareko> daniels: thanks, that helps
<mareko> gawin: r300 is pretty much unmaintained and untested
<alyssa> gawin: thanks for stepping up to maintain r300
<ajax> i like how envvars.tst doesn't document $DRI_PRIME
<ajax> sigh
<ajax> do i really need to stick an rv370 in gitlab runner so people don't have the excuse
<daniels> mareko: nice :) please ping me directly if anything else comes up
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* soreau still has the ol' P4 rig with RV350 in the closet
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<soreau> maybe could revive it as a project
* airlied wonders if r500 are in better shape, I have a possibly working rv530 laptop still :-P
<airlied> Test run totals: Passed: 313914/926085 (33.9%) Failed: 0/926085 (0.0%) Not supported: 612171/926085 (66.1%) Warnings: 0/926085 (0.0%) Waived: 0/926085 (0.0%)
<ajax> not too shabby!
<airlied> that is in theory a vk 1.2 complaint lavapipe, once I land a couple of patches and CTS lands a few fixes
<HdkR> \o/
<Kayden> \o/
<airlied> pmulhrsw to the rescue for all your 8-bit filtering needs
<kisak> congrats
<ajax> oh word, you fixed the aos filtering thing?
<ajax> where's my review hammer
<airlied> fixed for ssse3 and above
<HdkR> pmulhrsw is a good one. I emulate it with 5-9 instructions :D
<airlied> should probably disable aos opts on linear on anything that doesn't have that instr
<ajax> ssse3 is... core 2 but not core? sure, fine.
<airlied> just waiting for sroland to decloak
<alyssa> airlied: Woop!!!
<HdkR> airlied: Any reason why not to emulate when pmulhrsw isn't available?
<airlied> HdkR: point me at something I can rip off :-)
<HdkR> Might need a bit of unfudging of AArch64-isms :P
<airlied> probably still faster to use the aos path with emulated than soa anyways
<ajax> seems like ssse3 also corresponds with gen4? ish?
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<gawin> alyssa: let's wait with such powerful statement for first meaningful patch ;)
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<jenatali> jekstrand: Heads up, I'm pushing the microsoft/clc patch to your image branch, pick it up before the next time you rebase
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<jekstrand> jenatali: ok
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<HdkR> There's a paradigm inside of xcb that I'm seeing that I can't find documentation on. There a wackload of functions that return an array, a length, and an end. eg: xcb_depth_visuals, xcb_depth_visuals_length, xcb_depth_visuals_end
<HdkR> I'm currently assuming that this pointer returned, from say xcb_depth_visuals, isn't owned by the application, and isn't expected for the application to free?
<HdkR> There's so little prior art using these that it's difficult to tell
<HdkR> As far as I can tell xcb is returning pointers to some internal arrays that the application is reading from
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<HdkR> Also the fact that these aren't const qualified means the chance of an application changing some internal state is higher
<ajax> xcb is perhaps becoming less of my favorite api, the more i use it
<HdkR> As someone that is currently going through the entire xcb API and its extensions. Yes.
<ajax> i really enjoyed the argument i had recently with one of the former xcb maintainers about how xcb_generate_id is a terrible design choice
<imirkin> i bet that went over well
<ajax> the expression where i'm from is "like a lead balloon"
<alyssa> that wouldn't.. oh
<HdkR> What even happens on wraparound?
<imirkin> i'll have to keep that one in my back pocket
<imirkin> to throw at an opportune moment
<ajax> HdkR: what happens when you read the end of the range is xcb_generate_id throws an XC-MISC request at the server asking it to please hand back a range of unused XIDs
<ajax> and blocks until it returns
<ajax> now it takes the io lock while doing that, great
<ajax> but, some other thread can have done xcb_generate_id _before_ you did the xc-misc request
<HdkR> Which also means that any event can block, since literally everything gets an id?
<HdkR> oh, races, nice
<ajax> and the server's reply can include that other thread's generated xid since it hasn't yet seen the create_whatever req from that thread
<ajax> which means literally every caller of xcb_generate_id has to be prepared to loop on BadIDChoice
<ajax> which is: fucking stupid
<HdkR> ...yay
<ajax> the response i got was that this is intrinsic to xcb's design and callers have to come up with some convention for handling it
<ajax> the point that fucking libX11 itself does not adhere to such a convention apparently went unnoticed
<ajax> forgive the colorful language but come _on_
<ajax> oh, that too. if you're implementing a traditional xlib client library - like libGL - in terms of xcb, it's your responsibility to sync xcb's internal state into xlib before you return to your caller
<ajax> definitely well documented, that
<ajax> (consider what NextRequest() does, and that the canonical source of that number is in xcb not xlib)
<imirkin> all i can say is ... i'm thankful you're around to sort this bs out :)
<HdkR> Agreed. I'll stick to the easy stuff. Like ABI boundary data marshalling :P
<ajax> it's not that threads are hard, you just have to decide to care
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<airlied> just add xcb_init_threads()
<ajax> /yeet airlied
<imirkin> now where was that lead balloon...
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* alyssa is ready to just Not for the duration of the night
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<kusma> alyssa:: Haha, the negative stride thing is a feature I'm responsible for. It's an intentional thing, and it didn't work on Utgard, because not all bits are respected on the stride there...
<kusma> It's to avoid having a gazillion flip bits all over the place that needs to be tracked and updated correctly, while making the framebuffer flipping robust (identical rasterization patterns for the backbuffer and FBOs, for instance...)
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<alyssa> kusma: That was you?! :-p
<alyssa> And yet the DDK still has to emit piles of lowering code for gl_*Coord..
<anholt_> ajax: getting some non-radeonsi radeon coverage in ci, even with a manual button, would be a big help for me for !8044
<anholt_> Somewhere on my todo list is grab a card out of a bin and see if I can boot one of these desktops laying around. but I think they're mostly in bad shape.
<anholt_> alternately: if someone can find me interesting boards running on 12v @ 2a, we've got options.
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