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<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: yes the rate should be reduced by 3 when used with dsc
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<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: I don't recall seeing the code in dsi_host that takes care of that... Are you looking into this?
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<lumag> narmstrong, I don't see the corresponding code in downstream too, to lower the clocks in DSI case
<lumag> *DSC
<Marijn[m]> lumag: me neither but it's rather convoluted. Downstream hardcodes it in DT and it's only marginally lower than what mainline calculates for the same panel/device...
<Marijn[m]> Perhaps we should compare clk_summary and/or debugcc and make sure? Or are these devices having a far too high clock all the time, wasting energy (but perhaps improving latency...)?
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<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: lumag: it's handled via dsi_h_active_dce() in dsi_panel_calc_dsi_transfer_time()
<narmstrong> dsi_h_active_dce() returns pclk_per_line which is DIV_ROUND_UP(total_bytes_per_intf, 3) which is equal to hdisplay/3 when bpp is 24
<narmstrong> dsi_h_total_dce() also retursn the htotal with hdisplay/3 for video mode
<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: saw that but dismissed it as "seen that code somewhere during DSC patch review, so we must already handle it" without further checking if h_active propagates into clock calculations anywhere
<narmstrong> we clearly don't have `dsi_panel_calc_dsi_transfer_time()` equivalent in upstream
<narmstrong> what we have in upstream is dividing hdisplay/3 when setting the video/cmd mode timings, but not the clk
<narmstrong> `Divide the display by 3 but keep back/font porch and pulse width same` in dsi_timing_setup()
<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: right, yes, I've seen and modified the code that writes this value into a register
<Marijn[m]> Are you onto a patch to apply it to the clk / transfer time as well?
<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: the next step is to try once I have a calculation that works
<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: looking forward to that, or will try my own hand at it when back home otherwise
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<aka_[m]> How is modem done on Android mainline?
<aka_[m]> I see mm-radio on GloDroid git
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<vknecht[m]> aka_: afaik from recent discussion in mm-radio is not complete and parts have to be "emulated" just to show network icon. with QRTR modem one could follow up on Caleb's qrild (aospm repo)
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<lumag> anybody having experience with pwm setup on pm8994/8996 ?
<lumag> konradybcio, Marijn[m] ^
<konradybcio> no
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<Marijn[m]> lumag: listing two socs I don't own ;)
<lumag> :D
<Marijn[m]> lumag: is Bjorn's LPG driver applicable to these?
<lumag> Marijn[m], yes, but I'm stuck with parameters / pinctrl
<lumag> bamse, ^^
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<Marijn[m]> lumag: parameters as in, no idea what to fill in inside the driver structure?
<lumag> Marijn[m], no, qcom,dtest, function etc.
<Marijn[m]> lumag: hmm, I recall somehow finding definitive info downstream whether or not to use dtest on pm660l
<Marijn[m]> lumag: unfortunately I don't recall having any pinctrl...?
<lumag> Marijn[m], ack, thanks anyway
* lumag is trying to enable the db410c panel kit on db820c
* Marijn[m] is trying to enable DSC panels on sm8123450 devices, and submit the patches for sm6125
<lumag> Tooniis[m], maybe you remember details? I'm trying to get PWM output on pm8996 GPIO5
<lumag> But config from your xiaomi dtsi doesn't seem to work
<Marijn[m]> Any idea when the first 8550-based boards/devices start coming out? I haven't kept up at all :)
<Marijn[m]> Seen the OP11 at least
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<lumag> Marijn[m], I'm waiting for Xiaomi to provide 8550-based phone. Or for updating their DTS repo :D
<Marijn[m]> lumag: lol :D
<lumag> ok, by manually setting gpio666 to out / 1 I got the image.
<konradybcio> that's a lot of gpios
<lumag> ok, fixed it now :-)
<lumag> Got simultaneous HDMI and DSI :-)
<lumag> The issue was that I was adding options to &ls_exp_gpio_f, while there is an extra pinconf { ... } level.
<Marijn[m]> lumag: Ah, also a backlight via PWM?
<lumag> yes
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<aka_[m]> <lumag> "Marijn, I'm waiting for Xiaomi..." <- buying one?
<Marijn[m]> Make them pay you to upstream it :)
<aka_[m]> Marijn: why do you think there is any vendor who would pay for upstreaming their device? its quite counter-intuitive
<aka_[m]> they want you to replace it after max 2 years
<Marijn[m]> aka_: sorry for being sarcastic ;)
<aka_[m]> Marijn[m]: sounds pretty much like Mis012
<aka_[m]> but he isn't sarcastic
<aka_[m]> i still don't get what Lumag meant with DTS repo of xiaomi
<aka_[m]> xiaomi only provides kernel sources and lately not much.
<aka_[m]> oh
<aka_[m]> and what is use of these for you?
<aka_[m]> i find xiaomeme flagships to kinda sucks, they probably don't have single usb 3.1 enabled device
<aka_[m]> s/sucks/suck/
<Mis012[m]> here I am thinking I got pinged by someone who can help me with pin stimulation :(
<aka_[m]> Mis012[m]: pin
<aka_[m]> deez nuts
<Mis012[m]> you mean stimulate?
<Mis012[m]> pinning sounds painful
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<Mis012[m]> same shit here, it says sw
<Mis012[m]> and no QDSD registers
<Mis012[m]> don't fucking tell me qcom removed pin stimulation support
<Mis012[m]> I guess I should try on 8916, but that's a samsung device so who knows if they decided to disable NIDnT just cause