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<milkylainen> brcmfmac, in the form of a Laird Sterling-LWB (CYW4343W based, BCM43430/1) anyone?
<konradybcio> seems supported on brcmfmac/sdio?
<milkylainen> It is. But I can't get it to behave. Can't find anything useful in the brcmfmac debug either.
<milkylainen> I get extremely variable rtt on packets. A lot of loss.
<milkylainen> Everything else seems fine
<milkylainen> Firmware is latest. Tried various power, txpower, wide channels changes. Nothing. At times it looses the closes station @ around -44 dBm...
<milkylainen> It's a module with it's own RF solution. So I figured the RF part should be good (not broken).
<konradybcio> bcm drivers outside macos are generally bad
<milkylainen> It would seem so. A lot of people having similar problems.
<milkylainen> I haven't tried turning off bt yet (bt coexistence). But hci0 is down, so I hope it doesn't push scans etc on a downed interface.
<milkylainen> I can't tell if the sdio is sleeping or why it's taking long to get an answer. From this level tx looks ok. But rx is 200ms later. And is very variable.
<milkylainen> No other clients/chipsets/OS whatever seem to exhibit this behavior on this station.
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