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<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: I have the TE gpio pincfg set, it looks like the panel hasn't switched to cmd mode, but I used the variant for cmd mode
<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: when I run modetext -v i get ~70fps instead of 144Hz, and I think after setting sync_cfg_height to 0xfff0 I got ~94fps
<narmstrong> I tought the panel would keep the frame until a new frame is set, right ? or this is the self refresh feature ? but I don't see what's missing on the panel init to enable this
<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: I checked the INTF TE registers against what downstream set and it was ok, I suspect something is wrong on the DSI controller side instead
<narmstrong> DSI downstream clock calculation for cmd mode is really complex, hard to say if it's necessary
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<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: indeed, sounds like clocks or the panel not being in cmdmode proper. I used to have a patch that registers an interrupt on the TE gpio to at least count how often it's firing, but somehow magically prevents the MDSS hardware from receiving it too...
<Marijn[m]> So, do you at least see vblank timeouts in dmesg?
<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: no vblank timeouts
<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: odd. Half fps is expected because that's what the hardware generates, but with 0xfff0 it should time out as there is no panel interrupt at all, not run faster...
<Marijn[m]> At least glad to know that my series hit all the right registers 😬 - now onto addressing review comments after my "hiatus" is over
<Marijn[m]> Have you tried removing/commenting disp-te-gpios in DT?
<Marijn[m]> (With sync_cfg_height left at 0xfff0)
<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: not yet, it’s my next step !
<Marijn[m]> Don't forget to bias that pin via pinctrl though
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<narmstrong> yup, I'l set the gpio function instead
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<bryanodonoghue> it should repair TX on the wcn36xx
<bryanodonoghue> Nokia 900
<bryanodonoghue> any wifi module with CONF_PS, !CONF_PS_DYNAMIC and not implementing its own wake_tx callback