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<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: yep video mode for v6.3, I’ll restart looking for cmd mode this week
<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: ack, meanwhile I'll prepare v2
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<narmstrong> Marijn[m]: I've been using the patches directly from your git tree, so they are fine to be sent to the lists
<Marijn[m]> narmstrong: thanks for checking those out and confirming they work; those are only rebased on top of the newer SoC additions and some refactoring on the catalog side though, Dmitry requested some code changes in the other patches which I'll follow up on before sending v2
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<krzk> robclark: you got two reportsthat your devfreq in drm/msm/gpu breaks builds
<krzk> one on 12th, second on 18th... can you drop offending patches from the next?
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<robclark> krzk: the problem is actually with devfreq, it shouldn't declare that struct inside #ifdef .. I'll send a patch to fix devfreq when I get a chance.. or I guess I could remove COMPILE_TEST support?
<krzk> robclark: the root cause maybe it's there but its that patch which makes use of it and fails to build...
<krzk> robclark: thanks for the patch!
<mal> krzk: hi, about naming in the matisse device patches, the naming is a bit a mess in mainline, for example klte would then really be k-lte and many other similar cases
<z3ntu> XDA also uses these names, e.g. "klte, klteduos & kltedv"
<krzk> mal: what's there it is already done, you cannot change it. But for new boards indeed the name should be rather "k-lte"
<z3ntu> for matisse I find less but for sure it's a less known device
<krzk> anyway, I don't oppose, if Konrad or Bjorn like it, fine with me.
<krzk> The true problem with that patch are compatibles and deprecated (board/msm-id) properties.
<z3ntu> S6 is zerofltexx, I guess one of the parts is also LTE there ^^
<krzk> z3ntu: yeah, should be probably zerof-ltexx
<krzk> because the model codename is zerof (or whatever)
<mal> what patch has msm-id? not the new matisse patches at least
<rawoul> lumag: I've built a kernel for db820c with next-20230120, with additional series to fix UFS interconnects and to support CBF clocks. However I am still getting rcu_preempt stalls, as I did with 6.0. Do you see the same on your end ? Thanks for working on msm8996 btw :)
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<Newbyte> is renaming dtbs/compatibles considered breaking userspace?
<aka_[m]> make lns?
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<z3ntu> Newbyte: it's been done before a bunch of times for msm8974 so I wouldn't worry too much about it
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