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<bryanodonoghue> nope, silent but deadly
<bryanodonoghue> it gives an obvioius probe failure if you have the bloody driver switched on..
<konradybcio> no driver -> no probe -> no probe error -> no problem
<konradybcio> think smart not hard 🧠
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<bamse> arnd: do you have any suggestion on the path forward for the qualcomm DCC driver? i've not been able to find a fit with any existing debug/tracing mechanisms...should i ask them to push it towards drivers/misc instead?
<arnd> bamse: thanks for the reminder, I was planning to revisit that thread. I don't have a good idea, but drivers/misc is at least better than drivers/soc/ for this
<arnd> I replied to the email as well now
<bamse> arnd: thanks
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