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<aka_[m]> <konradybcio> "you probably need the ipa clk to..." <- even when ipa hardware is not initialized?
<aka_[m]> CE what is that?
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<aka_[m]> converted xo_boards into rpmcc it didn't restart yet however its stuck on black screen
<aka_[m]> oh pls
<aka_[m]> cpufreq cannot depend on rpmcc
<aka_[m]> because it probe too late
<aka_[m]> and cpufreq fails with -19
<aka_[m]> ok it die
<aka_[m]> i wonder if 8953 works fine
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<konradybcio> <aka_[m]> "even when ipa hardware is not..." <- well, qos writes need the clock to be on
<konradybcio> <aka_[m]> "CE what is that?" <- crypto engine
<konradybcio> <aka_[m]> "because it probe too late" <- sounds like broken devlinks?
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: black magic to me
<konradybcio> same
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: there is no rpmcc clock for that?
<aka_[m]> there might be one on 8974
<konradybcio> well, you can try just commenting out smd clocks to see which ones cause you trouble
<aka_[m]> then why your rework has no ipa keep_alive
<konradybcio> as in, in the soc data in the driver
<aka_[m]> there is not much besides ipa/div/vv ones
<konradybcio> well, it's one of them!
<aka_[m]> you are developer >_>
<aka_[m]> if it dies on 8976 then it might on others like 8953
<konradybcio> or your interconnect driver is broken..
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: with ipa commented it works
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: again
<aka_[m]> YOU are developer i just generated it
<konradybcio> so am I supposed to fix the broken generated driver or?
<aka_[m]> so i have something wrong in icc driver if ipa commented clocks make it not die?
<konradybcio> yes, that means it's trying to set the QoS registers at the (mas_)IPA node and the clocks were shut down prior to that, meaning you have to add the ipa clock as an intf clock to the bus that hosts mas_ipa
<aka_[m]> uh i should have mas id in that
<aka_[m]> and it shows -1
<aka_[m]> wait
<aka_[m]> its local
<aka_[m]> ap_owned
<aka_[m]> does rpm-id matters then much?
<aka_[m]> wait i have it added in current
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: how ds handle these then?
<aka_[m]> ipa is not keep_alive
<aka_[m]> in gcc-8976.c
<konradybcio> keep_alive is a concept for bus clocks
<konradybcio> the ipa clock that comes from rpmcc is a "normal" clock
<konradybcio> if it was in gcc, it'd probably be called gcc_ipa_core_clk
<aka_[m]> so i add ipa clock same way like you add stuff to 8994 ICC?
<aka_[m]> hmm i wonder if being unable to send request for few of these clocks and -6 on them can be also due to disabled clocks for these
<konradybcio> one is enough
<konradybcio> the _a clock is just there to represent the active-only/"cpu on" icc bucket
<aka_[m]> after wakeup display still is quite blank >_>
<aka_[m]> maybe display driver
<aka_[m]> ok now im stuck
<aka_[m]> if i add it as these
<aka_[m]> what about stock ones
<aka_[m]> i have to rewrite all of them right
<aka_[m]> bus,bus_a,ipa
<aka_[m]> ok im lost now
<konradybcio> bus and bus_a are handled implicitly if you have the v6 interconnectification fixation
<aka_[m]> i have one you posted to me
<aka_[m]> RFT one
<aka_[m]> ok its broken here
<aka_[m]> ../drivers/interconnect/qcom/msm8976.c:1385:10: error: 'const struct qcom_icc_desc' has no member named 'intf_clocks'; did you mean 'num_clocks'?
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: ah i see you have new tree
<aka_[m]> so no reason to bother for now
<aka_[m]> i will have this patched but won't test it
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<konradybcio> well if you don't mind i'm sorta updating a lot of things regarded to bus scaling..
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