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<bryanodonoghue> steev you need glink for data-role, orientation switching - I believe it all works in the linaro-laptop branch
<bryanodonoghue> spmi-pmic / tcpm will be for everything up go 83xx
<bryanodonoghue> or above
<steev> bryanodonoghue: hm... bamse had said that the phy needed something still, i'm not sure what linaro-laptop branch you're meaning though
<bryanodonoghue> sorry below
<bryanodonoghue> jhovold branch
<steev> as far as i know, orientation switching doesn't yet work for us on the thinkpad
<bryanodonoghue> ah right
<steev> definitely using his branch as a base
<bryanodonoghue> so bamse probably means the bringing of the QMP up and down for orientation switching
<bryanodonoghue> I think yes something like that is likely still necessary on 8280
<bryanodonoghue> so some version of lumag patch which I have in that series
<bryanodonoghue> but extended for 8280 and from the information we have here *glink
<bryanodonoghue> on 8250 a full phy reset is the downstream way
<bryanodonoghue> not sure how downstream does it for 8280/8350+
<bryanodonoghue> I guess the same way
<bamse> bryanodonoghue: right, except that i don't think "bring it down and up again" is the correct implementation
<bamse> bryanodonoghue: and no, we don't have a version of the orientation switching that works...i was hoping to bring in the old patch, but for some reason it didn't just work<tm>, and then y'all started hacking at it, so i didn't bother
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<konradybcio> bamse: do we know what specifically causes it though? Maybe a full dump of the phy's reg range pre and post reset could show some magic register that we're missing that e.g. the bootloader could have set up differently for its usecases
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<bamse> konradybcio: specifically causes it not to work? in my case it was probably because i didn't bring the phy back up some way
<konradybcio> yeah.. I'd expect that it may be brought up in some "simple" mode early on
<bamse> konradybcio: no, it's stated in the documentation that after modifying the signal routing properties (and a few other events), initialization needs to be performed again
<bamse> konradybcio: so it works the first time because we bring up the phy
<bamse> konradybcio: and what i'm saying above is that when i quickly ported the old patch that made orientation switching work, it didn't work...(it used to work) i must have screwed something up
<konradybcio> ah i misread the msg history
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