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<steev> display is staying blank?
<qzed> yeah, gotta head off now, problem for tomorrow to solve
<steev> i saw that here too with the gpu testing on the x13s; one it, it seems like the iommu is deferring
<qzed> hmm, might be something to that. In contrast to the usual display-stays-black problems it rebooted at some point
<qzed> after some time
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<jhovold> ardb: i belive the broken reset service has been reported to Lenovo even the problem seems to come from the firmware they get from Qualcomm
<ardb> jhovold: that does not surprise me at all tbh
<jhovold> ardb: I believe they clear the corresponding bit in the RT_PROP table in recent revisions so that the temporary hack we carry is no longer needed. I guess you can still call that papering over though.
<qzed> ardb: say I would want to paper over those... I assume I can hack in that RUN flag somehow?
<qzed> I'd kinda like to know: If the page is in memory, would ResetSystem() work?
<ardb> qzed: probably
<qzed> cheers
<ardb> what i'd like to try is calling SetVirtualAddressMap() with a 1:1 mapping of the RUN regions
<ardb> instead of avoiding it entirely on these systems
<ardb> i suspect that this would work around both issues
<qzed> ah, nice
<ardb> on x86, they also leave the boot data regions mapped until after SetVirtualAddressMap() returns
<ardb> and i would not be surprised if it is the exact same AMI firmware code that is broken
<qzed> so if I understand correctly that could make novamap unnecessary?
<ardb> it is already unnecessary as it is the default
<ardb> so we would devirate from this new default by calling SVAM()
<qzed> ah, neat
<ardb> but with a 1:1 mapping
<ardb> (we already create the 1:1 mapping in the EFI memory map, we just don't install it)
<ardb> i'll try to cook something up later today
<qzed> nice, thanks
<ardb> in the mean time, whoever has time and access, please provide the dmidecode output of the affected systems/
<qzed> I can get one for the SPX once I get home
<ardb> cheers
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<ardb> qzed: thanks
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<HdkR> steev: No one needed internet anyway? :P
<steev> heh
<steev> that was meant for someone else :P
<clover[m]> lol
<qzed> jhovold: re UEFI var stuff: do you happen to know if it's possible to turn that into a proper TEE driver?
<qzed> one issue with v1 is that it doesn't really reflect the probe ordering wrt scm
<qzed> so my plan was to add a device and driver for the tee and app-interface part, then another for the uefi app thing
<qzed> but as far as I can tell the interface is incompatible with the one that the kernel tee driver infrastructure expects (with UUIDs and such)
<akawolf[m]> did you guys had a problems with x13s like it's boot loop endlessly when put a power cable? just got mine x13s and it doesnt work...
<akawolf[m]> and I can't even stop bootloop
<bamse> akawolf[m]: around "bios" or after that?
<akawolf[m]> bamse, it show Lenovo logo with «to interrupt press Enter» and after that restarts
<bamse> akawolf[m]: and works fine if you don't have the power cable connected?
<akawolf[m]> bamse, no, it doesnt work et all if power isn't connected
<bamse> sounds like it's broken...
<akawolf[m]> bamse, yeah, looks like so, but it's brand new
<bamse> i had problems with the early firmware that it sometimes wouldn't turn on when i connected power cable and hit the power button...but that seems to have been resolved in firmware upgrades
<akawolf[m]> what a shame, they bring me broken laptop from China to USA and from USA to Argentina