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<marcan> ok, I think we're well overdue for a release. I'm going to write up a progress report.
<marcan> thinking of releasing the current asahi-dev kernel (which has enough fixes and is otherwise well tested I think), just rebased on the latest -rc
<marcan> and then merging all the fancy new DCP and USB3/ATC updates and making a linux-asahi-edge or something package (name suggestions? thinking we might want to use something other than "dev" to stop overloads)
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<jannau> marcan: sounds good. disabling of disp0_dart could be still useful to prevent breaking display scanout for the broken old m1n1 + new devicetree case
<marcan> jannau: in the DT you mean?
<marcan> yeah, probably a good idea
<jannau> it shouldn't be necessary but if people even run into that when actively trying dcp it could prevent some support effort
<jannau> yes
<marcan> yeah, sounds good. I might pull it in as an out-of-tree patch in the PKGBUILD. that way I can keep my plan of using the same tree with different configs for different packages.
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<jannau> I think it would be good to have the change in the tree to prevent issues in downstream projects
<marcan> oh, the idea is enabling it in m1n1?
<jannau> yes
<marcan> makes sense
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<jannau> in asahi it should be enough if the kernel depends >=m1n1-1.1.7
<jannau> with enabling it in m1n1 it is guaranteed to be in safe state. it's either disabled or locked
<marcan> jannau: do we need to transfer those backlight properties dynamically? do they vary machine to machine?
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<jannau> I'd expect it be static per model so we could hardcode it in dts
<marcan> I think it makes more sense to hardcode then. we can check the template devicetrees at least.
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<marcan> jannau: yeah, they're in the static templates
<marcan> we should just hardcode it then
<marcan> (in general we don't transfer properties unless they are dynamic)
<marcan> user-accessible-max-nits only seems to exist on J314/316
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<marcan> jannau: DeviceTree.j316sap.adt.txt
<marcan> the second one for the 13" MBPs is for the DFR, that one you can ignore (for now)
<marcan> er
<marcan> bad copypasta
<jannau> yeah, it was something like dynamic filling would be required for the calibration data so I can be lazy and don't need to look at the template ADT
<jannau> yes, user-accessible-max-nits is just on j314/j316 for the desktop vs. HDR max brightness
<jannau> LmaxProduct is the maximum for HDR. 1600 nits
<jannau> I'll update kernel and m1n1 PRs tonight accordingly
<marcan> thanks :)
<marcan> jannau: calib ended up not being necessary?
<jannau> no, I suspect iboot does that. the firmware appears to have afk methods for that (judging by strings in the fw)
<jannau> macos doesn't use those. I still have no idea what those set_block_dcp calls do but backlight control works without them
<marcan> iBoot has to set the brightness to the one stored in nvram, so it makes sense that it has to take care of calibration
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<sven> I’ll prepare something for usb3/atc. No m2 support unless someone gets the fuses though
<sven> DP/dcpext is still much too unstable imho
<marcan> yeah, usb3 would be good to get in soon
<marcan> doesn't have to be for this release in the main kernel
<sven> yeah, and that’s pretty damn stable
<sven> ive been playing around with it the past days and can’t break it anymore
<marcan> if you think usb3 is good enough to ship that would be nice
<marcan> we can get it into today's release and at least have people test it 2 days
<sven> let me prepare something later then
<marcan> idea is to get everything ready today and ship on thursday if nothing explodes
<marcan> sven: what do you need for M2?
<sven> see #asahi-re
<sven> someone needs to throw a t8112 kext into ghidra and extract like 10 bit locations for fuses
<marcan> ack
<sven> unfortunately It’s not a table so it’s a bit anoying
<marcan> right
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<marcan> jannau: I'm cherry picking the enable commit for now into m1n1
<mps> marcan: what about pwm for keyboard backlight
<mps> I'm using it for about month on m1pro macbook and tested on m1 mackbook also
<mps> looks like it could be merged
<marcan> fiiine
<sven> most important new features: lights!
<mps> would be nice if I could celebrate full year usage macbook as workstation with all important features ;)
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<sven> marcan: so I guess the easiest way to prepare usb3 for you to merge is to just base it on the current asahi-dev? it's just a few commits so it shouldn't conflict with anything (revert the old role switch quirk, add the new role switch quirk, add atcphy, add two lines to tipd, device tree updates)
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<marcan> sven: sure, I just updated it
<sven> ok, let me prepare something during this very important meeting :>
<marcan> :D
<_jannau_> sven: add the extcon fix, it was not in rc5
<sven> oh, right!
<sven> that one should hopefully stick around this time and not get reverted by accident again
<mps> sven: I've got this warning when build kernel think it is related to tipd
<sven> i think that one's marcan's fault :D
<mps> asahi-wip branch
<sven> also very harmless
<mps> right, it works fine
<sven> it's just about printf format specifiers. the way to get them right is to first just use %d, then compile and let the warning tell you what you should've used
<mps> yes, I see, easy to fix
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<marcan> already fixed
<marcan> sven: also that doesn't work, you actually need to read printk-formats :p
<marcan> e.g. size_t is special
<sven> fair enough
<sven> paddr_t and friends as well
<marcan> yeah
<sven> let me fix that statement above then: the way to get them right for local hacks is to compile and then just use whatever it tells you :P
<marcan> :p
<marcan> third kernel build, hopefully this one will work
<marcan> I'm building two packages, -edge enables DCP and turns the smc/gpio stuff into modules (since that was built in only for simpledrm's backlight stuff)
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<marcan> also both packages get CONFIG_RUST now (though no actual rust drivers)
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<sven> oh.. you have that other weird tipd irq fix in asahi-wip. let's see, i think jannau had a conflict resolution for that somewhere
<sven> or I guess I just skip the additional tipd fixes and just do that 2 line mux commit
<_jannau_> I have a revert for the irq fix. Is yours not in rc5?
<sven> don't think greg sent the pull request yet
<sven> but i've just dropped my tipd fix commits for now and will just do a quick change that only does typec_set_mode
<sven> we don't need that altmode mess yet
<sven> irq+fix + those are essentially only required if I want to apply my current altmode mess
<sven> but I can just skip all that for now
<kettenis_> sven: I noticed that some of the atc phy code is gpl-only instead of dual gpl+mit
<kettenis_> is that intentional?
<sven> nope
<_jannau_> marcan: if you update the kernel again please cherry-pick
<sven> just copy/paste fail
<sven> i'll fix the license headers as well
<sven> kettenis_: once you implement it make sure you get the order of what happens in usb3_mux_set and phy_power_on correct
<sven> you first need to bring up the PHY, then dwc3, then do the pipehandler dance when initializing
<sven> and when shutting down first undo the pipehandler dance and then shut down the PHY
<kettenis_> it is unlikely that I'll copy any of the code, but there are so many registers that I may end up copying those bits
<kettenis_> sven: thanks
<sven> otherwise it only works sometimes
<sven> it's very subtle unfortunately and that's the only order that works reliably so far
<marcan> _jannau_: ack
<sven> i think you can get away with just switching the phy mode from usb3-only to usb3/dp without shutting down dwc though
<kettenis_> marcan: did you see my comment about the pmgr registers in the device tree last week?
<sven> and you may need to do that if you're faster than the tps6598x thingy can negotiate the altmode
<marcan> kettenis_: I think I missed that
<kettenis_> pmgr on the 8112 has:
<sven> drivers/gpio/gpio-macsmc.c: In function 'macsmc_gpio_event':
<sven> drivers/gpio/gpio-macsmc.c:220:6: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
<sven> ugh
<marcan> sven: already fixed
<kettenis_> reg = <0x2 0x3b700000 0 0x10000>;
<sven> ah, let me fetch again then
<kettenis_> and then ps_disp0_cpu0 has:
<kettenis_> reg = <0x10000 4>;
<marcan> oh whoops
<sven> oh, and I still need to update the tunables format in m1n1. the current atcphy code supports both but I want to move the new format I have to be consistent with the thunderbolt/acio tunables
<marcan> kettenis_: fixed
<kettenis_> marcan: I suppose the size of the region should be maede bigger, but I couln't quickly find out what it should be
<marcan> kettenis_: t8103 has 0x14000 and the same offset for cpu0 so I just used 0x14000
<marcan> not sure how I ended up reducing it for M2
<_jannau_> sven: atcphy probing failed with the m1n1 tunable format pull request on t6001, I didn't look into why
<sven> because I changed the format again and never tested it :D
<kettenis_> we had an OpenBSD hackathon last week and I made some good progress on implementing "s2idle" for OpenBSD/arm64
<sven> I’ll just drop the warn_on for now
<kettenis_> we're also putting the infsrastructure in place to update the stage2 m1n1 from OpenBSD
<rmk> sven: for printk stuff... if it's size_t, that's unsigned, so %zu. if it's ptrdiff_t, that's signed, so use %zd. the z flag works like l, telling printf to use whatever is the implementation's requirement for size_t or ptrdiff_t
<rmk> guessing doesn't always work
<sven> I never though if z as a modifier which is why I could never remember the correct thing for size_t. that makes a lot of sense, thanks!
<sven> *of
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<sven> bah... and I brought this cheap compile vm on hetzner down again. I should really move to compiling my kernels on the m1 as well
<marcan> up to 6th try at a kernel tag... sigh
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<joske> marcan: was brightness control supposed to be in? I just built asahi-wip of 10 minutes ago, and no brightness
<marcan> no, not yet
<joske> ah that explains it
<marcan> I thought you were going to respin that with the data in the DTs?
<marcan> er jannau I meant
<joske> thought so ;-)
<joske> keyboard backlight is working, but when I log into mate (X11), screen is black. Same with xfce. GNOME wayland works
<joske> GDM login manager
<_jannau_> is it fixed byt switching to a tty (Ctrl + Option (+ Fn) + F3) and back?
<joske> no
<joske> that seems to get me back to lock screen
<joske> if I enter PW again, same black screen, or bits of mate desktop, but no movement
<joske> (X11 works with release asahi 5.19 kernel)
<sven> marcan: briefly tested on t8103, probably work on t6k but can't test it there and can't get myself to care about t8112 :D
<sven> *works
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<sven> if you test it note that there's always a ~5 seconds delay after xhci is up and when the SuperSpeed device is recognized
<sven> no idea why yet or if that's the case on macos as well
<sven> also note that dwc3 won't come up at all at boot time if you have nothing connected. that's expected behavior.
<sven> it'll come up after the first plug is connected
<_jannau_> sven: I think the 5 second delay was fixed in the current dcpext branch
<sven> huh, really? wtf. how :D
<sven> because right now it happens again. but if it's fixed in that branch i'll see if I can diff what fixed it
<mps> latest tag asahi-6.1-rc5-6 release works on m1pro, though drm is slow when switching virtual screens and mpv switching to full screen
<mps> but all in all everything is fine
<mps> to get screen brightness control I tbink I will need to build m1n1 with patch
<jannau> sven: 350ms from "xHCI Host Controller" to "usb 2-1: new SuperSpeed USB" with 949e272b9ebdaf44478c7d56b3a0d8721a85f8d4 on t6001
<jannau> that is asahi-6.1-rc3-1.x-dcp-altmode
<jannau> mps: display backlight control is not merged
<sven> huh. wonder what’s different there
<mps> jannau: I know. I used your PR as patch
<sven> I thought I just renamed some registers and moved the pipehandler stuff from configure to power on which is called like 5 lines above from dwc3
<mps> and it is not important till it is merged
<joske> my friend built current asahi-wip on m2 air, and simpledrm is not loading :
<jannau> sven: I thought the init changes you did the weekend a week ago was supposed to fix it
<sven> yeah, but it didn't
<sven> it just made it stable
<joske> scratch that, he pulled again and now working
<jannau> iirc it superspeed initialization was fast then but very unstable for me on t6001
<sven> ah, yes, that was a bug where I didn't transition the pipehandler to the disabled state sometimes
<sven> so it kept usb3 despite shutting down atcphy
<joske> sven: M1 mba: plugged my USB flash drive and it says high speed
<sven> which made it sometimes fast but unstable
<sven> joske: full dmesg please
<jannau> joske: is it usb 3 flash drive?
<joske> full full or only the USB stuff?
<joske> it is USB3, it was recognized as superspeed on your branch ;-)
<sven> full
<sven> and ideally boot with "tp_printk trace_event=appletypecphy:*"
<sven> or look into that trace log somewhere in debugfs
<sven> /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace i think
<sven> but there's something wrong with my tracing code there so dmesg is better
<joske> this is without the bootflag
<sven> which commit is that?
<joske> which commit built?
<sven> yes
<joske> commit ee8536243118f3eb6c07df079cec6caec5c013d5 (HEAD -> asahi-wip, tag: asahi-6.1-rc5-6, origin/asahi-wip)
<sven> *sigh*
<sven> atcphy isn't in there
<joske> ah I thought you meant marcan needed to pull that in
<sven> yes, exactly
<sven> because it contains atcphy
<joske> ok, so normal it doesn't work then
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<marcan> can we please stop building random kernels while I'm literally in the middle of a rebase and merge cycle?
<marcan> it just wastes everyone's times
<marcan> *time
<marcan> I haven't even tested it myself, I'm still working out the PKGBUILD stuff for edge
<joske> sorry I was just trying to help
<sven> at least we've graduated from people compiling kernels with wrong .config options and then complaining that things don't work and that it must be a bug :D
<marcan> lol
<marcan> well that's interesting
<marcan> crw-rw----+ 1 root video 226, 0 Nov 15 21:03 card0
<marcan> crw-rw----+ 1 root video 226, 1 Nov 15 21:03 card1
<marcan> crw-rw-rw- 1 root render 226, 128 Nov 15 21:03 renderD128
<marcan> I thought dcp was supposed to take over simpledrm and cause it to disappear, and also where did the render node come from?
<marcan> I'm pretty sure I haven't merged lina's driver yet
<jannau> marcan: I think we have vgem built-in in the asahi config
<marcan> oooooh
<jannau> or some other virtual device
<jannau> vkms maybe
<marcan> well that would do it
<marcan> vgem yeah
<marcan> I guess we should just turn that off in -edge
<marcan> and leave it on in the default one (not sure if it would load as a module?)
<marcan> heh, display performance really is much worse with DCP. I'm not sure if this is a mode issue or an expensive redraws issue...
<marcan> okay, so "re-use screen content" in KWin is broken. not sure whose fault that is.
<marcan> oh wait
<marcan> 60Hz is smooth
<marcan> 120Hz is choppy
<marcan> lol
<marcan> no wait, 120Hz is smooth
<marcan> ... or is it
<chadmed> did you merge "working" EAS by any chance?
<marcan> 120Hz was smooth for a while, then it stopped.
<marcan> chadmed: you think it's EAS?
<chadmed> it reliably destroys software rendering performance on my 14"
<chadmed> without it dcp is smooth in x11 but sucks in wayland
<marcan> for me dcp is smooth at 60Hz
<marcan> at 120Hz it starts out smooth but then tends to flip into choppy mode
<marcan> why do I get the feeling 120Hz is special...
<marcan> anyway, I'll drop the EAS patches
<chadmed> unless you picked viresh's fix from linux-pm then EAS wouldnt be registering anyway
<marcan> don't think I did unless it's in -rc5
<jannau> marcan: dcp limits the swaps in 120Hz to 60Hz anyway
<marcan> jannau: it looks to me like it randomly decides to limit the swaps to like 15Hz
<marcan> I suspect shenanigans, like some other dynamic switching/controls we don't do yet
<marcan> we might want to hide the 120Hz mode for now
<jannau> marcan: simpledrm uses a shadow fb and updates only damaged parts. that seems to be much faster
<marcan> as I said, 120Hz starts out smooth then drops to like 15Hz
<marcan> that doesn't sound like a rendering/damage issue
<jannau> also llvmpipe is slow
<marcan> that sounds like DCP
<marcan> if it were a rendering issue it would be slow from the get go
<marcan> and 60Hz is fine
<marcan> I'm rebuilding without EAS and without VGEM for -edge, but you can try installing linux-asahi-edge from asahi-dev if you want
<jannau> so you add additional problems since the swap waits randomly
<marcan> it should coexist with linux-asahi and you get both options in GRUB (make sure to update-grub)
<marcan> anyway, I should get some dinner :p
<chadmed> the EM shouldnt register on rc5 anyway since that fix didnt make it in
<jannau> dcp is slow on large repaints with an external 50 HZ display
<marcan> that still doesn't explain why it's fast initially and then slow...
* marcan off to dinner
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<jannau> I'm not sure I see what you see. dcp is choppy on large repaints like moving a large window or maximizing windows but otherwise it is okay-ish
<jannau> have you looked at the "show fps" desktop effect
<jannau> I think it is an rendering issue because I don't see any issues in combination with lina's and alyssa's opengl driver
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<jannau> bits/000-devicetree and bits/200-dcp are refreshed for backlight control
<jannau> m1n1 change has only python changes and can wait
<marcan> jannau: even the mouse cursor is choppy
<marcan> but it's choppy a few seconds after switching to 120Hz
<marcan> "show fps" says 60Hz at 60Hz; at 120Hz it actually says more like 90Hz while moving the mouse, but it's actually choppier (both the mouse and the graph) once it triggers
<marcan> initially it's smooth
<marcan> when it becomes choppy it's an instant transition
<jannau> plasma/x11 or wayland? what I said about swap applies only to wayland
<marcan> plasma/x11
<marcan> I also don't know why it stutters so badly when e.g. fullscreening a window. there's no way it takes that long to render the single frame where it stalls. something's weird there.
<marcan> like it stalls for a whole second
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<marcan> makes me want to say it's a memory allocation issue with the surface size changing
<jannau> resizing a window is bad with 120Hz / x11
<marcan> it's also bad with 60Hz
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* marcan back to dinner
<jannau> but moving the same window not great but ok
<kazuki> chadmed marcan: EAS doesn't slow down rendering on my PC
<kazuki> It's 60hz though
<jannau> kazuki: I don't think this issue is EAS related
<jannau> dcp framebuffers are allocated with write combine. I'm not sure 100% if I set the uncached bit in the dart PTEs
<jannau> resizing windows plasma/wayland is ok
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<_jannau_> marcan: not sure what the x11 issue could be but iirc there is not driver <-> dcp communication involved after the initial modeset
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<marcan> ok, I merged atcphy and backlight, tagged and pushed. doing a build now
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<marcan> the plan right now is that linux-asahi gets ATCPHY, -edge on top of that gets suspend/s2idle, DCP, and SMC and the chain of RTKit dependencies go y->m due to the removal of simpledrm backlight.
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<_jannau_> sound good. missed (dart reserved region fix)
<_jannau_> I'll look int the dcp x111 performance. I mostly looked at wayland since there's continous communication with dcp
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<_jannau_> first suspect for the atrotious performance is the missing vblank irq
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<mps> what version of m1n1 is needed for latest asahi-wip
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<_jannau_> 1.1.8 but maybe wait
<mps> fine, I already have 1.1.8, but ofc I can wait
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<marcan> _jannau_: merged
<sven> just in case you didn’t notice: I didn’t add the atcphy nodes for t8112
<sven> Sounds good otherwise
<marcan> sven: I did, don't have time to do it myself right now, hoping you get bored enough to do it :>
<sven> lol :D
<marcan> it's 2:30AM and my plan after kicking off a build is to take a bath and go to sleep :p
<sven> sounds good as well
<marcan> getting one PKGBUILD to build two kernels trying to reuse part of the build and also have them properly installable side-to-side took a bit more work than expected
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<sven> sounds like my adventures in the typec subsystem. That’s also gonna take more work that expected
<marcan> what little I saw of that subsystem looked kind of crazy... I guess I wasn't wrong about that.
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<marcan> _jannau_: wait, so x11 doesn't do any swaps after the initial one?
<sven> nope, my current idea about that subsystem is batshit crazy unless I’m missing something
<marcan> are we sure that's kosher in the general case? there could well be dynamic PSR involved, such that framebuffer updates don't actually make it to the display in a timely fashion
<marcan> I wouldn't be surprised if 120Hz mode specifically enables that kind of thing...
<sven> my favorite part is an ops struct that is shared by two separate components. and each of those is really only allow to implement a distinct subset of callbacks afaict. don’t ask me why it’s not two ops struct then
<sven> maybe there’s a reason for that but that reason is very much not obvious then
<marcan> _jannau_: also fyi:
<marcan> /home/marcan/asahi/git/PKGBUILDs/linux-asahi/src/linux-asahi-6.1-rc5-9/drivers/gpu/drm/apple/dcp.c: In function ‘dcp_start’:
<marcan> /home/marcan/asahi/git/PKGBUILDs/linux-asahi/src/linux-asahi-6.1-rc5-9/drivers/gpu/drm/apple/dcp.c:249:9: warning: this ‘if’ clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation]
<marcan> | ^~
<marcan> 249 | if (ret)
<marcan> /home/marcan/asahi/git/PKGBUILDs/linux-asahi/src/linux-asahi-6.1-rc5-9/drivers/gpu/drm/apple/dcp.c:251:17: note: ...this statement, but the latter is misleadingly indented as if it were guarded by the ‘if’
<marcan> 251 | return ret;
<marcan> that one's been around for a while
<marcan> just bad indentation I think, maybe it only shows up with my compiler?
<_jannau_> I need to check but I'm reasonable sure that there is no dcp rtkit traffic. so what I've seen with the window resize shouldn't be a scanout issue. the show fps effect reports a frame rate of 4 fps
<marcan> I'm talking about the choppiness at 120Hz after a while
<marcan> the window resize probably isn't a scanout issue, yeah
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<_jannau_> waarning looks legit to me and I'd it misses braces but doesn't make a difference
<_jannau_> not sure I've seen the choppiness yet
<marcan> it reliably starts happening for me on xorg after a while
<marcan> just pushed another build to asahi-dev
<marcan> running edge from there on a j314
<marcan> incidentally, the brightness control looks like nits-linear to me. is it supposed to be? it feels quite lopsided (normally you'd have some gamma applied to get a reasonable brightness curve, but I don't know if Linux has any standards for this)
<_jannau_> I'll take a look. I've tested x11 only briefly since it looked unintersting
<_jannau_> yes, it's nits linear and annotated as such. scale is nits
<marcan> ok, I guess then we can blame KDE for not making it more human-friendly
<_jannau_> there is no standard and no annotation for the unit
<marcan> [ 336.387906] usb 2-1: new SuperSpeed USB device number 2 using xhci-hcd
<tpw_rules> it's always felt kind of nonlinear in macos
<marcan> that looks good, though I do get the 5s delay
<tpw_rules> there's a couple humps in the scale
<marcan> _jannau_: I get a black screen after suspend/resume, but closing the lid and opening it brings it back. suspect missing backlight restore?
<marcan> sven: s2idle kills atcphy I think, though a hotplug brings it back
<marcan> I *think* prior to this usb2 did survive but with a bus reset (xhci still errored out but recovered)
<sven> hrm, yeah, that’s not surprising
<sven> usually when you break atcphy either usb2 or usb3 survives
<_jannau_> for the brightness hotkeys apple uses their marketing table with around 17 entries. those dteps are probably not linear
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<marcan> right
<marcan> ok, so basically things are Mostly Breaking As Expected in -edge
<sven> lol
<sven> I’ll look into suspend for atcphy after that typec mess for altmode is done
<marcan> I need to relax a bit and sleep, but I would appreciate testing with both the regular kernel and -edge (available in asahi-dev)
<mps> gives 2-1 1058:264f 00 1IF [USB 3.20, 10000 Mbps, 896mA] (Western Digital.....
<mps> very nice
<marcan> if the regular one is stable with atcphy (sans suspend) and doesn't otherwise regress things, this is releasable this week
<sven> famous last words but I think at this stage atcphy can always recover with a hotplug in the worst case
<sven> I haven’t even seen it complain about anything on t8103 in the last days though
<marcan> oh yeah, keyboard backlight works too :>
<sven> the most important feature next to backlight ;p
<mps> marcan: yes, if you need hacky daemon for kbd backlight I can post it
<marcan> why would I need a daemon? KDE supports it out of the box
<jannau> mps: kde handles it fine
<mps> ah, didn't knew
<mps> probably because I don't use KDE ;)
<jannau> no usb3 on m2 with linux-asahi, maybe the atcphy .compatible.
<marcan> jannau: the DT isn't done at all, unless you did?
<marcan> see < sven> just in case you didn’t notice: I didn’t add the atcphy nodes for t8112
<jannau> no, I did not
<sven> marcan did the hard part of finding the fuses
<marcan> I pasted the fuse bits in -re, needs adding everything else
<jannau> oh, I misunderstood you
<marcan> (which might well be a 1:1 copypaste of m1)
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<jannau> I stopped reading after the "I did" and missed that it was for the notice
<sven> lol
<marcan> :D
<mps> hm, no much difference between 120 and 60 Hz refresh rate with xorg on my m1pro macbook
<jannau> usb3 works on m2 but m1n1 doesn't disable the atcphy on its usb port
<jannau> seems to be faster than m1 but with 5s delay
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<sven> nice!
<sven> I’ll have to take a look at macOS and see if it also has that 5s delay
<sven> but I don’t think it does
<sven> it’s probably something dumb again
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<blazra> sven: I was trying USB3 by plugging my flash disk to the 14" mbp and in one case it broke. However, replug fixed it. Dmesg: Kernel 6.1.0-rc5-asahi-9-1-edge-ARCH from the asahi-dev/linux-asahi-edge package.
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<blazra> generally it works - this was like one in 50 tries...
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<sven> so it just didn’t show up? Or how did it break?
<sven> oh… pipehandler lock failed :/
<blazra> Yes, the flash disk didn't show up.
<sven> is there anything earlier in the dmesg? it looms like xhci already didn’t come up
<sven> it looks like xhci timed out waiting for something
<sven> and I assume you didn’t suspend the mbp or anything?
<blazra> earlier there is previous plug that worked fine
<blazra> I didn't suspend the mbp - I was just plugging and unplugging the drive
<sven> can you paste the full dmesg?
<jannau> sven: contains a fix for t8103 efuse unit address
<sven> and can you reproduce it? if yes it would be interesting to see what’s going on while enabling more debug messages
<sven> jannau: ah, whoops, thanks!
<blazra> I will paste the full dmesg, but unfortunately I can't reproduce it.
<sven> “unfortunately” ;)
<sven> it looks like there might be a race when you unplugged it
<sven> because it claims xhci probe fails just after the unplug
<jannau> efuse base changed on m2 otherwise it's identical to m1
<sven> still surprised the same atcphy code works everywhere so far
<blazra> I have to apologize for playing with the brightness setting and therefore polluting the log :D
<sven> no worries, I can use grep ;)
<jannau> macos does additional writes on t6001 for DP but it works at least partially without that
<blazra> I don't know if it's related, but sometimes with the port on the right side I get two of these: "[ 732.609484] phy-apple-atc f03000000.phy: timed out waiting for ACIOPHY_TOP_PHY_STAT_LN0_UNK23"
<sven> yeah, just saw that
<sven> maybe t6k actually needs some additional setup to work properly
<sven> I never saw that on t8103
<sven> [ 834.513132] xhci-hcd USB bus 1 deregistered
<sven> [ 834.513144] xhci-hcd: probe of failed with error -110
<sven> that really looks like some kind of race
<sven> oh.. wait
<sven> nah, it just prints the error from above again
<jannau> I don't think there was anything unknown for usb3 in the macos atc trace
<sven> hm
<sven> there's still that weird ACIOPHY_TOP_BIST_READ_CTRL_LN0_PHY_STATUS_RE behavior I see on t8103
<sven> guess i'll try hotplugging some usb3 device >50 times tomorrow and see if I can provoke that -110 error
<sven> still happy that the pipehandler sequence seems to be stable enough to recover even if that lock fails now
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<jannau> marcan: I only see choppiness with certain rendering operations (window resize, log out screen, ...) but no issues with the mouse pointer at 120Hz
<jannau> window resize seems to be render limited. I see very high CPU use due to fast_composite_src_x888_8888() (pixman) when resizing konsole
<jannau> removes the 120Hz mode and fixes the indent warning
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<jannau> marcan: m2 usb3 / atcphy support is in