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<konradybcio> I think the reasoning is that - as you mentioned - everything under clocks is a clock, there's no need to say that explicitly
<aka_[m]> lumag: konradybcio i force pushed tree, hope last time
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: well if we take this, why we even say "display lut"
<aka_[m]> we are in dpu so what we want to pass "codec" ?
<konradybcio> because that's the name of this clock
<konradybcio> (more or less)
<aka_[m]> well clock name is DISPCC_XXXX
<konradybcio> let's take Display AXI for example
<konradybcio> there are like 50 AXI clocks on the msm
<konradybcio> so saying Display AXI makes sure it's the one we mean
<aka_[m]> well yea but there is not so many LUT/Rotator or vsync ones
<aka_[m]> rotator isn't probably supported that much
<aka_[m]> i seen some stuff about that on sc7XXX
<aka_[m]> i guess
<konradybcio> rotator hw is with us since 8996
<aka_[m]> and what is a use of it
<aka_[m]> becasue it sounds like it flips image somehow
<aka_[m]> manipulating display stream?
<aka_[m]> konradybcio: i think its time to push button
<aka_[m]> im bit tired
<aka_[m]> and god pls, i just want to be done with that.
<konradybcio> i have no idea what it does really
<konradybcio> but it sounds like just rotates things yes
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<aka_[m]> konradybcio: just wonder
<aka_[m]> when i send patches, it adds all contributors as CC?
<konradybcio> if you used, probably
<aka_[m]> i use script
<aka_[m]> yes
<aka_[m]> get_maintainers for sure is there
<aka_[m]> and it query for Angelo and i cannot recall him being maintainer of DPU
<aka_[m]> contributor maybe
<lumag> aka_[m], thanks!
<lumag> I hope krzk will have time for that tomorrow
<aka_[m]> i hope too, and for no more picks on that.
<aka_[m]> I generated these two patches like 6 times already within one hour
<aka_[m]> i don;t feel brave enought to just reword ready patch
<konradybcio> it's normal
<konradybcio> far better to generate 6 times than to send 6 times
<aka_[m]> because that might make something broken.
<aka_[m]> Damn, i have issues putting sentences together, bit too tired
<aka_[m]> about slope stuff you can call me, i can test, but on 5.19 if its possible because thats where i have best tree
<lumag> aka_[m], take some time to relax :-)
<aka_[m]> this patch?
<lumag> There won't be much difference between 3200 and the non-default slopes. Thus I'd prefer to hear back from kholk, as he was the author of the upstream code
<aka_[m]> i had these slopes changed to 3200 because somehow it crashed
<aka_[m]> not sure exactly what was wrong
<konradybcio> yeah looks like they're different
<lumag> and it looks like we have 8956 one's in place of 8976
<lumag> aka_[m], thanks a lot!
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<ichernev[m]> > i guess we aren't getting in our ways with Ichernev
<ichernev[m]> Well, the fact that I can't test any of my patches, and the comments are "try this and resubmit..." it's a bit tough
<kholk> lumag: sorry for the slow reply - I remember something about some MSM8976 version requiring the same slopes as 8956 but I may be wrong here
<kholk> in any case, since it looks like these slopes are required for 8956 but not necessarily for 8976, we should at this point change that and use different slopes for 8956 and 76
<lumag> kholk, yes, I missed the fact that 8956 actually uses these slopes, so I can not just drop them
<kholk> are you fixing it or should I write a fast one? :))
<lumag> I don't have a way to test 8956 :-)
<kholk> it's actually easy, the current code 100% works on 8956
<kholk> so it's about cloning data_8976 to data_8956
<kholk> truncating calibrate_8976
<lumag> kholk,
<kholk> yeah? :))
<lumag> excuse me, hit enter too quick
<kholk> no worries, go on
<lumag> I'll then include this into the tsens patchset.
<lumag> But this will probably be after the rc1
<kholk> yeah, there's no hurry
<ichernev[m]> aka_ looks like my dts patches are in the pull...
<ichernev[m]> * aka_ looks like my dts patches are in the pull...
<aka_[m]> <ichernev[m]> ""; <- yes
<aka_[m]> we have to fix iommu compatible
<aka_[m]> it was not in next and device rebooted without any sign when it made fallback to arm,smmu
<aka_[m]> for 6.3 i wish to add more dts bits including rprocs,display and freq scalling
<aka_[m]> we should also get going with icc but not sure how much it will require
<aka_[m]> and there is gmu-less adreno 610 but im not proper person to think about it
<konradybcio> i don't think there's a proper person, ive been on it for some time and if i drank alcohol i'd probably be drowning in it rn haha
<konradybcio> doesnt help that booting a modified downstream kernel is not easy..
<aka_[m]> How Hard is it
<aka_[m]> I only hate how broken is fastboot boot nowadays
<konradybcio> well, I recompiled the kernel and now GKI modules won't load
<konradybcio> some, at least
<konradybcio> you can work around that by building some drivers in
<konradybcio> but android does not like not being able to shove these modules in anyway
<ichernev[m]> what is the right way to change my email for mailing list purposes? I know there is a file, but can I submit a patch to edit it (and nothing else)?
<konradybcio> yes, just add yourself to .mailmap
<konradybcio> for some time you'll still be getting patches on the old email as people dont always send things based on a fresh tree though
<ichernev[m]> eh, that's fine, I'm in for the long game :) Who should I target the mail to? Or the auto-script with figure it out
<konradybcio> will always help you
<konradybcio> even for patching itself :)
<ichernev[m]> that's some inception right there...
<aka_[m]> <konradybcio> "well, I recompiled the kernel..." <- Ah gki fun
<aka_[m]> It's only going to get worse
<aka_[m]> Don't worry
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<aka_[m]> I remember when ppl were so happy about gki because they will have constant kernel updates via playstore, that didn't went well I guess xd
<ndec> like someone ever really believed that ^^ ? :-)
<aka_[m]> maybe we didn't got kernel updates via playstore but atleast modules can be proprietary now
<aka_[m]> /s
<aka_[m]> s/got/get/
<ichernev[m]> so are there any major drivers that are proprietary via gki now (on new phones)?
<konradybcio> half of the drivers are useless without proprietary userspace
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<ichernev[m]> but that has nothing to do with gki... I mean wasn't it like that always?
<konradybcio> yes/no
<konradybcio> it's getting more and more noticeable
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