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<konradybcio> 8450 crashes on boot on next-20221114
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<vkoul> konradybcio: what cause the crash ?
<konradybcio> can't really tell, it's too early
<konradybcio> somebody with an uart hooked up should try and boot it
<mani_s> konradybcio, can you disable remoteproc drivers and see if it still crashes?
<konradybcio> sure let me try
<konradybcio> mani_s no dice
<mani_s> okay
<bamse> z3ntu: i guess i could do that...but wasn't there a yaml-conversion in flight for that file as well?
<bamse> z3ntu: in all other cases, the binding goes with the driver subsystem..not the soc tree
<z3ntu> bamse: I'm not aware of anything at least, and don't see anything on the list
<z3ntu> bamse: Tbh I really don't care where this patch goes through, but if IOMMU people say you should pick it up, either argue with them or pick it up please :D
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<steev> konradybcio: i see that too here on sc8280xp, as soon as it exits boot services, it immediately reboots
<steev> alas, i don't have any kinda uart
<steev> also does it for 202201111
<Marijn[m]> I've seen a weird early pinctrl crash on 20221111 too with 8956, no changes to driver nor DT. I could test 660 for the same regression, which has UART too
<Marijn[m]> It could very well be my own fault, but an unexpected one after rebasing a known-working branch without conflicts from a ~week prior
<steev> hm
<steev> no
<ajhalaney[m]> this plagued me today Marijn (wasn't causing a proper crash but messed up my system)
<steev> ajhalaney[m]: next boots for you?
<ajhalaney[m]> on the automotive devel board I have which is literally just getting UFS and uart up basically :P
<ajhalaney[m]> i am working on my x13s im too big of a baby to try next on it regularly lol
<steev> ah
<steev> i just build pcie_qcom in, and load the dtb from the nvme
<steev> allows me to switch between them
<Marijn[m]> steev: thanks, that patch appears to have already been applied on 1114 next; ajhalaney also thanks, unfortunately that doesn't solve my issue. It's a "synchronous external abort" inside `msm_gpio_get_direction`. Just confirmed, it also happens on a fresh rebase for my sdm630 device, not isolated to 8956.
* Marijn[m] posted a file: msm_gpio_get_direction-serror (3KiB) < >
<Marijn[m]> I won't have time to look into this now, maybe some point later. Would love to hear if others are hitting this too :)
<konradybcio> I can do that tomorrow, a.k.a. in 10h or so