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<konradybcio> found out the cause of 8996 crashing after v6.0
<konradybcio> interconnect..
<konradybcio> gonna dig deeper into this at a later time
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<konradybcio> well, even without interconnect, my device decided to start exiting bootloader in like 1 out of 20 boots, fun
<flamingradian[m]> lumag: is your patch series labelled "RFC" because it isn't ready?
<lumag> flamingradian[m], which one?
<lumag> konradybcio, try maxcpus=2
<flamingradian[m]> lumag: iommu/arm-smmu-qcom: Rework Qualcomm SMMU bindings and implementation
<lumag> flamingradian[m], no. It was an RFC, because I was not sure if such refactoring would be accepted
<lumag> flamingradian[m], I think there was a report from lkp robot regarding unused struct, so I'd send next iteration, but otherwise it's ready and good to go
<flamingradian[m]> lumag: ok, I think arm smmu is unmaintained since the v6.1 merge window opened
<lumag> flamingradian[m], why do you think so?
<lumag> It would be really strange
<flamingradian[m]> no pull request for 6.1, even though I remember seeing a single compat string addition
<flamingradian[m]> there should be sm6115-smmu-500
<flamingradian[m]> lumag: and I resent my sdm670 iommus patches twire
<lumag> flamingradian[m], I see several patches from Robin Murphy in the 6.0..6.1-rc1
<lumag> Let's see how it goes with my patchset then.
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