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<aka_[m]> mal: weird question to ask, do you somehow happen to have msm8226 register description layout by any chance?
<aka_[m]> i was scrolling around a53pll/clk-pll.c and i started disliking quite a bunch of code
<mal> aka_[m]: hmm, not quite sure what you mean
<aka_[m]> well something like apq8016 trm where you have description of registers and their addresses
<aka_[m]> mal: have you got cpufreq working on 8226?
<mal> aka_[m]: I haven't tried cpuqfreq yet, 8226 doesn't even have all cpu cores enabled yet correctly, I have a patch for it I found on github
<RayyanAnsari[m]> mal: is it the one in m4l tree?
<mal> yes, that one, I was thinking of sending it but it needs some cleanup first, it causes some dtbc_check warnings
<aka_[m]> mal: well i was wondering more about CPU PLLs rather than core booting(SMP)
<mal> aka_[m]: I don't have any reference manual for 8226
<aka_[m]> sed
<aka_[m]> it appears to somehow have something in common with 8974 but pll are separate driver
<aka_[m]> so i was wondering about general layout
<mal> in many ways 8226 has similar things as 8974
<mal> RayyanAnsari[m]: I'm hoping to send some more msm8226 fixes soon, I have clean patches for modem, wcnss and general purpose clocks at least, also some other small things
<RayyanAnsari[m]> mal: nice
<RayyanAnsari[m]> is the modem working or is it just the modem remoteproc booting?
<mal> RayyanAnsari[m]: well since my device if wifi only I can only test gps which is inside the modem remoteproc and I could see satellites using a patched gpsd
<Rayyan> mal: oh, okay
<Rayyan> have I asked you about camss before?
<mal> maybe
<Rayyan> mal: your tablet has a muic, right?
<mal> I did check those patches earlier and those seemed ok, I haven't tested those yet because I don't have drivers for the camera sensors on my device, I did find some downstream drivers I could probably use to write the drivers
<Rayyan> I have a patch for usbin on pm8226 that I should probably send
<mal> Rayyan: yes, it uses sm5502 muic
<Rayyan> mal: is smbb working for you on v6.2-rc1?
<Rayyan> the driver crashes, but I can't see what it says because it scrolls by too fast :D
<mal> Rayyan: I see two backtraces from smbb in dmesg
<mal> I need to add some debug printing to see why it fails
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