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<austinschuh> I feel like I'm missing a concept.
<austinschuh> I've got a RK3399 running a 6.0.8 mainline kernel with the panfrost kernel driver loaded, and the GPU listed in the device tree.
<austinschuh> I've built Mesa 22.3.1 from source.
<austinschuh> I can't get it to report anything with glxinfo, vulkaninfo, or clinfo.
<austinschuh> It keeps complaining that DISPLAY isn't set (which is true, the board is headless, so I haven't started X)
<austinschuh> Any pointers? I'm coming up short on my searches (lots of AMD GPU help, nothing for mali and mesa or anything else embedded but headless)
<austinschuh> My end goal is to try to use the GPU to accelerate OpenCV
<austinschuh> I got X to start yesterday, but that only helped glxinfo, didn't get me further.
<austinschuh> (I tried to post this yesterday, but I'm pretty certain I failed to log in first, so I got silently rejected. Sorry if this is a duplicate)
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<CounterPillow> austinschuh: you should use wayland, not X11. If panfrost is loaded, you should see panfrost log messages in your `dmesg`.
<CounterPillow> it should also show up in /sys/class/drm/
<austinschuh> `[ 5.550015] [drm] Initialized panfrost 1.2.0 20180908 for ff9a0000.gpu on minor 0`
<austinschuh> And I see stuff in /sys/class/drm.
<CounterPillow> so it's working then. If you're trying to use opencl then that's not gonna work because I don't think rusticl is hooked up for panfrost yet
<austinschuh> That's some good news then :)
<austinschuh> Should I expect vulkaninfo to work under wayland?
<CounterPillow> no because that GPU doesn't have a working vulkan driver yet
<CounterPillow> glxinfo should work though
<CounterPillow> (if xwayland is enabled that is)
<CounterPillow> actually s/yet//, the hardware isn't gonna work well with vulkan so it's not gonna be supported in panvk
<austinschuh> Ah, got it. I had found an article while searching that suggested that since panfrost uses gallium3d, it could leverage clover to implement opencl.
<HdkR> Better bet would be rusticl but it's not fully wired up for panfrost if I recall
<robclark> so, EGL_MESA_platform_surfaceless is a thing to look at for headless setup.. that would at least get you gl/gles compute shaders
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<austinschuh> HdkR: I'm guessing it isn't an easy job for someone who hasn't written any Mesa code before to hook up...
<austinschuh> Thanks Rob
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<HdkR> austinschuh: Maybe, I haven't looked too hard. karol could probably help, which might get it closer with some poking from someone with hardware :)
<austinschuh> I've got hardware, happy to help there :) I'm normally a bit further up in the stack (mostly compiling kernels, and building robotics userspace applications not developing them). Rob's point that egl is headless is a good one... It might be easier to rewrite some operations as a shader than get opencl working.
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