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<zmike> anholt: looks like the VVL tag that'll be happening within the next few mins should have everything fixed, so a bump in ci should be all green
<anholt> ok. I'm still going to try to land as is because I'd really like to make any progress.
<zmike> sure, sure
<zmike> I might try to uprev myself
<anholt> any clues about the cache crash?
<zmike> none so far :/
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<anholt> I've been trying portal-2-v2 in a loop on both anv and radv, hot or cold cache, debugoptimized or release build. No luck.
<anholt> I suppose next step is download mesa ci's build of the driver
<anholt> but you said you've been able to reproduce it?
<zmike> I was able to repro while trying on radv last week, but then I tried again more recently and it didn't repro at all
<zmike> so I'm not sure
<zmike> I was using the counterstrike-v2 trace
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<zmike> Dark-Show: hey cool to know you're getting some improvements on rpi4
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