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<dj-death> anybody knows the magic to run piglit replay
<dj-death> ?
<dj-death> traces-db$ ../piglit/piglit run -l verbose --timeout 300 -j9 replay /tmp/results
<dj-death> [0/0]
<dj-death> User error: No tests were run, not writing a result file
<dj-death> made my way through hardcoded paths in piglit
<dj-death> now still have to get the piglit summary to work
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<pac85> zmike: I've got a present for you, in the form of a commit hash and a trace. So yesterday I ran Serious Sam 2 on zink compiled from main and it stuttered any time an enemy showed up on screen. bisecting points to 52f27cda05b9ff2eb93cbaf1cfae15198ed5a3d6 which is yours. The trace doesn't reproduce the issue so I don't know if it is worth sending it to you.
<zmike> 🤔
<pac85> I hoped you would have some idea of what could be going on, I'm looking at the MSAA thing for now so I can't work on it
<zmike> uhhhhh
<zmike> pac85: is this on ANV?
<pac85> yes
<pac85> no sorry
<pac85> I read radv
<pac85> it was on radv
<zmike> uhhhh
<zmike> so it doesn't happen in the trace but it does happen in the main game?
<pac85> yes
<pac85> also it seems to happen when particles show up? I'm not completely sure, maybe xfb could be involved?
<zmike> can you check whether it's hitting the threadsafe path?
<zmike> seems unlikely
<zmike> but maybe
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<pac85> You mean that lock wrapped conditiuoned by `if (usage & PIPE_MAP_THREAD_SAFE) ` right? nope that's not being hit
<zmike> hmm
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