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<zmike> anholt: looking at again, you pushed to the wrong branch, so you'll probably have to re-create; you need to push to for/opengl-cts-4.6.2 (or 4.6.3 if it only applies there)
<zmike> I didn't notice last week
<zmike> this is also why we don't get any glcts updates from the vkcts updates in ci, they all go to the specific branches
<zmike> and then get forward ported to any newer glcts versions
<anholt> just the most punitive process
<zmike> yeah it's excruciating on so many levels
<anholt> do you still push it to refs/for/main?
<zmike> no
<zmike> refs/for/opengl-cts-<version>
<zmike> where <version> is the oldest cts version it applies to
<zmike> and then it gets automatically forward-ported to newer ones
<Sachiel> you can reassign the branch, on the ... menu below your name
<zmike> so e.g., for/opengl-cts-4.6.2 would get applied to the 4.6.2 branch and 4.6.3 branch
<Sachiel> and then you need to rebase on the ui too, or it gets kinda stuck
<zmike> oh really? since when
<Sachiel> if it doesn't rebase cleanly, then you have to push it yourself
<zmike> last time I tried that it bugged out
<Sachiel> I've seen it done and work, but yeah.. sometimes it's just more work
<anholt> made a new cl, marked active, added reviewers. wonder if the magic incantation will work this time
<zmike> link?
<zmike> I asked ricardo to put it on his babysitting list, so hopefully that will get you through