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<nicolas17> I discovered that InstallAssistant.pkg contains the non-delta OTA update zip and the SFR zip, without any further compression
<nicolas17> with xdelta3 I can create a 15MB(!) delta that turns <(cat into an InstallAssistant.pkg... and Apple doesn't delete those zips from their CDN in a hurry
<nicolas17> so I can hoard installassistants efficiently
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<sven> maybe I should've compiled the kernel with pcie hotplug support if I wanted pcie hotplug for that chained adapter to work :D
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<jannau> I would have assumed thunderbolt depends on that
<maz> huh, how did it work the first place?
<sven> i have to do the hotplug for the root ports manually anyway
<sven> it's just anything below the root ports that uses the normal pcie hotplug
<maz> I would have hoped that the same mechanism would work :-/
<sven> maybe I can remove the open-coded hotplug from apple-pcie now that I compiled it with pcie hotplug support, let me try that
<sven> but I at least need to reset the tunnel on link down/tunnel error
<sven> nope, doesn't work because the root port claims that it doesn't support hotplug
<maz> interesting. yet it has interrupts to signal link-up/down... i guess they settled on a hack rather than supporting the full HP spec...
<sven> yeah :/
<sven> maybe there's a way to get it to somehow use the normal pciehp but that's something for the pci mailing list once I'm happy with the rest
<maz> oh, absolutely. There is hardly a case for HP without getting the rest of TB in shape.
<sven> yup. the biggest mystery is why switching between my apple and startech adapter breaks the TB NHI (and/or figure out a way to just completely reset that NHI). once that's done there's really just busywork left
<maz> reset the NHI? and all that time you were claiming that it was way better than dwc3... ;-)
<sven> :D
<sven> I still have hope that this adapter switch thing is just something dumb I do ;)
<maz> the curse is the connector, I swear.
<sven> yup
<sven> this adapter switch also increases the probe time to something like 20-30seconds from maybe 5 seconds so there's clearly something that's very broken
<sven> +on macOS
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<jannau> the m2 mac mini comes with macOS 13.0
<mkurz_> jannau: you got yours already?
<jannau> yes. build is 22A8380 compared to 22A380 of the public 13.0 release
<sven> just how many machines do you have at this point? :D
<kettenis_> total? or just Apple Silicon machines? ;)
* jannau counts: 5
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<Ry_Darcy> @Jannau any ideas when the Device Tree will be ready for the M2 Mini?
<jannau> Ry_Darcy: a couple of days maybe, first we need make everything works. display is currently completely broken
<j`ey> jannau: even the m1n1 iboot thing?
<j`ey> thing = iboot protocol that m1 mini uses for display
<jannau> yes, at least broken dart stream ID for dcp. maybe vm-base and potentially we have init the display crossbar and the dp2hdmi converter
<jannau> if we're unlucky we have to do the dp-altmode setup with the dptx EP
<Ry_Darcy> @Jannau OK. Thanks for the information.
<Ry_Darcy> @Jannau last question, are there any caveats with the installer for the M2 Mini, or is it too early to ask?
<jannau> the installer needs needs to adapted for new machines. we need 13.2 support, wifi/bt FW extraction for the new machines and fixed m1n1 and kernel with devicetrees for the new machines
<Ry_Darcy> @Jannau Thank you. A bit involved then I see.
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<kettenis_> u-boot will probably need changes for the M2 Pro/Max
<kettenis_> I should get my M2 Pro mini in about two weeks if Apple's prediction is right
<sven> well... looks like the unreliability is just some kind of race
<sven> if I add a msleep(1000) before telling the NHI about the new cable it seems reliable now. I bet this just needs to be synchronized against something in atcphy
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<rowanG337> @Jannau @Marcan I have been following asahi linux since the start now and I feel it's at about the level I can switch to it. So I ordered my first macbook. One thing that is interesting to me is that the screens can do 1000 nits sustained. But OSX limits it to ~500 nits in non-hdr content. There are apps for OSX which unlock the non-hdr brightness and allows users to go to 1000 nits. Are you open to including this feature in
<rowanG337> the DCP driver (possibly with a sysfs switch)? Once I have received my mac and have some free time I'd want to look at that myself.
<rowanG337> The primary reason I want this is to make using the laptop outside more bearable. I have a 500 nits screen laptop now and it's often really dim when outside on a bright day.
<marcan> rowanG337: we'd have to figure out how to enable it and whether it is safe to enable long term
<marcan> the current driver cannot support it as the conversion table only goes to 510
<jannau> rowanG337: that is certainly not a priority for us but I guess it will become obvious how to do that once we support HDR itself
<marcan> jannau: do you know if it's just cranking up the DAC output or something separate?
<jannau> I haven't looked into it but I've seen macos setting more bools in the field I identified as enable flag
<marcan> either way I'm not sure we want to enable an aging-relevant feature that Apple doesn't, so if we do this would probably end up being a module parameter and not something enabled by default
<jannau> it's probably not totally unsafe since I think dcp has direct access to the display temp sensors
<marcan> I mean, I don't expect it to be outright unsafe but it will age the backlight faster, that's just physics
<rowanG337> It will definitely age the BL faster.
<rowanG337> But It should be within Apple margin
<rowanG337> since HDR output can do 1000 nits sustained
<marcan> yeah but they probably don't spec the laptops to be playing HDR content 24x7
<marcan> nevermind HDR content that is on the upper half of the range
<marcan> so still, should probably be a non-default toggle
<jannau> the HDR display seems not to be designed in California. the m2 pro/max specs say the max brightness works only up to 25°C
<rowanG337> I wouldn't go past the 1000 nits sustained apple rates the display at. I think the display can do 1600 nits on parts of the display.
<jannau> safe in the sense it will not destroy the backlight immediately
<rowanG337> OSX also will lower the brightness automatically if it overheats
<rowanG337> at least that is what I can read online in the apple docs itself.
<rowanG337> I haven't tried it myself
<rowanG337> I'm hoping actually that it's not OSX doing it but some kind of mcu connected to the display
<jannau> I think dcp lowers the brightness and not macOS. otherwise it would not safe to enble
<j`ey> (where DCP = some kind of mcu)
<rowanG337> yeah sorry I don't have a clear mental model how everything fits together yet
<kettenis_> jannau: LOL
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<jannau> sigh, that were a lot of assumptions in the dart and vram init code which became invalid on m2
<jannau> dcp_iboot works finally but of course no display is detected
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<povik> how come this wasn't fixed when the other m2 devices were being brought up?
<j`ey> they all have internal displays
<kettenis_> I wonder if (and hope that) the serial port will work
<maz> it'd better work!
<j`ey> Im assuming it is if jannau is using it?
<jannau> and the internal displays are setup by iboot
<maz> I'm >that< close to send the design to the fab...
<jannau> I'm mostly using usb serial but reset via vdmtool works in principle but I had reset it already twice via power button
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<nicolas17> jannau: your comment about california and display temperature limits reminded me of this
<nicolas17> the datahoader/archivist in me kinda wants a firmware dump of 22A8380 (tarball of /System?) since there's no download of it,
<jannau> it was a reference to "designed in California == rain,freezing temperatures are not expected"
<nicolas17> yep
<jannau> kettenis_: serial works and and I would expect it work on m1 pro/max as well
<jannau> hdmi out will probably take longer. it seems to require at least scm and display crossbar support in m1n1
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<j`ey> scm?
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<jannau> smc
<sven> ugh.. let's hope it at least doesn't require that DPTX dance
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<sven> also, turns out that locking the thunderbolt mutex when calling deep into the thunderbolt subsystem is a very good idea🙃
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<jannau> sven: do you understand how the dp switch is programmed? I miss the equivalent of atc?-dpxbar for the dp2hdmi converter
<jannau> have you looked at {ufp,dfp}-endpoints in display-crossbar0?
<sven> iirc the ufp/dfp endpoints are just the dcpext and the atcphys
<sven> I don’t remember looking at „dp-switch“
<jannau> there is no overall dp-switch. atc?-dpxbar are either parts of the switch or interact with the switch
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<jannau> maybe it's just "function-force-dpfu" in dp2hdmi-gpio
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<sven> oh this is just great, acio seems to put its crashlog into MMIO somewhere like SMC. the only message I get when it dies is four digits assert number that was triggered :/
<sven> (e.g. assert_id=1271)
<sven> the setbuffer requests are also strange. for the crashlog e.g. it asks [cpu4] [M3Tracer@/arm-io/acio-cpu1] RECV: 0010400010009c00:0020350000000001 | OUTCNT=0x2, INCNT=0x0, OUTPTR=0x3, INPTR=0x5, EP=0x1
<sven> and then macos replies with [cpu4] [M3Tracer@/arm-io/acio-cpu1] SEND: 0010400501089c00:0000000000000001 | EP=0x1
<sven> no idea how 010009c00 turns into 501089c00
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<jannau> no luck so far with the hdmi out. only a dumb replay of the macOS dptx-phy trace.
<jannau> still unclear what replaces atc-dpxbar for the dp2hdmi out, maybe it's just the default routing
<jannau> could be of course the missing dptx DCP EP
<sven> just realized the weird crashlog address translation is essentially segment-ranges
<sven> still no idea why it occasionally still dies even on the first connection though
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