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<marcan> amw: you have PAC enabled so you have to set pac_mask; sorry, I didn't realize that from your old backtrace
<marcan> I should really make that automatic
<marcan> everything else should be working fine, it's just the pac_mask issue
<amw> marcan: I guess you mean VinDuv's suggestion, hv.pac_mask = 0xffff000000000000, which works:
<amw> I notice that your HV.PAC_MASK has 5 x fs - PAC_MASK = 0xfffff00000000000 - but that *doesn't* work -
<marcan> amw: yes, because that one is for XNU
<marcan> I need to figure out how to determine what the PAC width is from the config registers so I can set it automatically
<amw> The code that picks out the dtb + initramfs probably knows what it is booting?
<marcan> but the hypervisor doesn't know anything about that, it just boots a mach-o
<marcan> but that's not the point, it should be able to read the CPU registers and update pac_mask
<amw> ok so HV and proxy just slap the whole blob into memory and jump to the start address mindlessly?
<marcan> HV loads m1n1 which loads linux; HV has no idea m1n1 is going to load linux (and not, say, chainload xnu)
<marcan> the dtb+initramfs thing is done by m1n1
<marcan> the appending thing is a trick
<marcan> the m1n1 mach-o ends with a big dummy segment that is truncated off of the end of the file
<marcan> so anything you append to it gets loaded as that segment
<amw> I thought HV was m1n1? Do does the original HV stay around the the m1n1 in the payload run at EL1?
<marcan> the HV is also m1n1
<marcan> you are running m1n1 on m1n1
<amw> So the 2nd m1n1 is like a u-boot/loader which is discarded by Linux (one day)
<marcan> yes, this is how Linux is loaded when there is no hypervisor involved
<marcan> though right now I think I protect m1n1 in memory so it never gets discarded, but that's a technicality (and might change in the future)
<amw> Could m1n1 check it is at EL1 and do a hv call just before jumping to the target? or is that bad design?
<marcan> it could, but that doesn't seem like the right solution for figuring out a pac_mask when the CPU registers contain all the necessary information
<amw> Wondering how useful you thought the help command -;lines=0 - I thought it very helpful to know what things you can do, but it needs some effort to add in the doc strings which I can do over time
<amw> marcan: FileVault is set (System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> File is correct), I'm happy to leave it that way on the MacOS
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<j_ey> marcan: did you see the code that ml00 mentioned, looks like a bug that maps all hooks as RW
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<marcan> j_ey: yeah, definitely a bug
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<bloom> mini.hv.dcp: Decode frame presents
<bloom> a sophisticated side-channel hypervisor timing attack to determine the
<bloom> message functions [ adding time.sleep(1) ]
<bloom> This accounts for most of the DCP traffic once macOS is booted. I used
<bloom> marcan: Did I miss any buzzwords?
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<pitust[m]> what about "cloud", "machine learning" and "big data"
<jn> >_>
<pitust[m]> to gather data for machine learning in the cloud powered by big data to determine message ...
<bloom> pitust[m]: given how much mmiotrace spams to my kernel, I did have to use big data to figure it out
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<pitust[m]> ah cool
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