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<whot> jenatali: looking...
<whot> jenatali: "unable to determine labels" was the error on the first run, so I guess you didn't trigger one of the regex matches
<jenatali> whot: It looks like the regex list should've matched though... Unless I missed something?
<whot> jenatali: yeah, but that bit I'm not 100% sure of, I didn't really dvelve much into the internals itself, i just changed the invocation of it
<jenatali> Mmkay
<whot> you might be able to debug why if you run it with a token and `--dry-run`
<whot> hmm, too late now because now the MR has a history of label changes...
<whot> jenatali: well, for whatever reason, eval_title() checks the title but doesn't match anything
<whot> oh, probably because I think you'd have to write it as "vaapi: blah", instead of "blah to vaapi"
<whot> but I leave debugging *that* up to you :)
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<jenatali> whot: Right but there's regexes for changed paths that should've evaluated?
<jenatali> The one that has frontends/va should've matched
<whot> ./ --dry-run --project mesa --merge-requests 22428 --ignore-label-history
<whot> that's your best bet to figure out why it doesn't match, I don't know the internals too well
<jenatali> Ah cool
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<emersion> is spamming issues
<emersion> do we have a hammer to block IPs again? i don't remember
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<daniels> hmmm, not ttbomkl
<whot> i purged a few obvious spammer profiles but without any links to issues it's hard to know which one is spamming
<whot> on an unrelated note, ackuser is now active as @userbot, so for account verification requests just set the Account verification::approved label and the rest is handled magically
<whot> same-ish system as damspam + @spambot
<daniels> niiiice
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<jenatali> Hm, finally got around to running mr-label-maker locally with a --dry-run and it did pick up the label for VA-API for that merge request...
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<Venemo> can someone explain what is happening here?
<Venemo> the failed job complains about an aco include but the MR doesn't touch ACO
<dj-death> Venemo: I got random failures too on intel stuff
<Venemo> dj-death: I don't understand, how can this be random?
<Venemo> you either include something, or not
<dj-death> Venemo: race with the file generation
<Venemo> oof
<dj-death> Venemo: if you try compiling before the file is generated
<Venemo> I see
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