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<MrCooper> hmm, why did MR Label Maker discover only just now
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<pinkflames[m]> Excuse a possible double post, if someone already asked this but we just got Error 500 for a CI image:
<pinkflames[m]> What exactly went wrong and what if anything can I do about it?
<mupuf> pinkflames[m]: nothing wrong on your side, you must have hit an unlikely event
<pinkflames[m]> Thanks for confirming. I guess I have some of the worst luck one could possibly have and still live :/
<mupuf> pinkflames[m]: this is not your fault, networks spanning the globe are a little unreliable
<mupuf> but in this case, it is likely that gitlab was being restarted or something like that
<pinkflames[m]> :)
<gkiagia> shouldn't the registry cleanup policy be enabled for projects? I was just looking at deleting some old images in pipewire and realized that I can't set them to automatically be removed after some time because the cleanup feature is disabled
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<daniels> MrCooper: mr-label-maker gets kicked on every MR creation or update; assigning it to marge bot is an update so it processed it then
<daniels> why it didn't process it before I have no idea
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<Venemo> kudos to the person who invented Mr. label maker
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<daniels> mslusarz: ^
<mslusarz> daniels: given that webhook payload processing was implemented and setup recently my guess would be that this part is somehow broken - in polling mode it wouldn't be possible for it to miss just this MR...
<mslusarz> hmm, there's more such MRs
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<MrCooper> could it be that the webhook ran "too early", before the MR changes were visible?
<mslusarz> It's possible. I noticed that GitLab have some lag recently - One time comment notification (over email) arrived few minutes earlier before it was visible in the UI. Another time MR showed 0 commits for few minutes after force push.
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<mslusarz> I confirmed that MRs 22537 22458 22361 22543, which currently are without labels, would be correctly tagged in polling mode
<mslusarz> It's weird that MR 14598, created more than a year ago, also doesn't have labels, when locally mr-label-maker can determine the correct label :/
<mslusarz> daniels: I wonder, when it was initially setup, did you use "--label none" parameter to filter out already labeled mrs/issues? because the only way I could see it skipping this MR is if all mrs were processed with some small timeout...
<daniels> mslusarz: it just ran mr_label_maker --project=mesa --merge-requests --poll=60
<mslusarz> lol, even without --state opened?
<mslusarz> that would explain the push for webhook handling
<mslusarz> this finishes in 7 seconds: ~/.local/bin/mr_label_maker --project mesa --token "$TOKEN" --state opened --merge-requests --dry-run
<mslusarz> I mean with --label none
<mslusarz> without it it takes forever (I killed it after 3 minutes)
* daniels shrugs
<daniels> it never showed as a performance issue
<daniels> the webhook stuff was just that bentiss/whot were already working on webhooks and wanted to centralise stuff
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<bentiss> daniels, mslusarz: TBH, I think the easiest would be to have mr-label-maker add a label on the MR it processed "mr-label-marked", and if it is removed, it forces the relabelling (thus skipping the "history of labels then skip relabeling"). This would allow to ask for a re-labelling from the users/maintainers
<bentiss> and of course, if "mr-label-marked" is present, it ignores the MR
<bentiss> and I will not have time to work on that, but FWIW, as soon as this change is merged in fdo/mr-label-maker, it will redeploy automatcially, so it's just a python change away... just saying... :)
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<pinkflames[m]> Has Gitlab's domains or cookies changed? My Firefox suddnely longer seems to remember the session token. Other websites seem to be fine, so it's only FDO that's affected
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<jenatali> Hm, I'm seeing my fork re-creating container images that should be getting re-used from upstream. Specifically:
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<eric_engestrom> DavidHeidelberg[m]: ^ possible fallout from !22386 ?
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