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<whot> bentiss: I deployed damspam sanitize-profile (in readonly) but for some reason I get invalid_token errors. the gitlab token expired today and I replace it but even with the new token it fails so I'm wondering if I missed something that needed updating somewhere? token value works fine here from the CLI
<whot> bentiss: the gitlab auth token that is, not the project uuid token
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<whot> bentiss: also, ftr, the logs show the right version of fdo-bots was checked out and installed
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<glehmann> what happened here? the marge said it failed by the commit was merged to main.
<MrCooper> it's a long standing GitLab issue; IIRC if the merged commit is (force-)pushed to the source branch again, the MR gets marked as merged
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<tzimmermann> hi. DRM git trees appear to be broken. i cannot see the drm tree on
<airlied> also appears the github-mirror hooks is not working
<tzimmermann> i tried to send out drm-misc-fixes, but got the error about denied access
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<tzimmermann> on the second try, i got
<tzimmermann> ! [rejected] drm-misc-fixes-2023-04-20 -> drm-misc-fixes-2023-04-20 (already exists)
<tzimmermann> error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://'
<tzimmermann> hint: Updates were rejected because the tag already exists in the remote.
<tzimmermann> so something must have gone through
<airlied> since it's a post recieve hook I think the branch is probably correct
<tzimmermann> i'll wait for a resolution
<airlied> and it's just the github mirror process had died
<gioele> hi!, re <>, is applying for "guest" status something that can be done via the web interface?
<tzimmermann> airlied, i see. thanks. i'll wait here for the fix then.
<danvet> daniels, emersion Mithrandir ^^
<danvet> I thought we shut down the github mirroring already?
<emersion> the scripts are still there
<emersion> someone with access needs to delete the GitHub repos and remove the scripts
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<dolphin> drm-intel repository seems to be broken when trying to push to drm-intel-next-fixes: "remote: hooks/post-receive.d/01-github: line 1: /run/github-mirror/named-pipe: Permission denied"
<emersion> yeah, discussed above
<daniels> fun morning then
<bentiss> whot: that token is not automatically picked up by damspam reload, so we need to do a helmfile update and then kill the old pod
<bentiss> whot: all done now
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<daniels> tzimmermann, danvet: both cgit and anongit clones should work now
<danvet> thx
<tzimmermann> daniels, thanks a lot
<danvet> dolphin, ^^
<whot> bentiss: thx!
<daniels> did we conclusively decide to nuke the GitHub mirror and just keep the namespace to prevent squatters?
<emersion> that was the consensus AFAIU
<emersion> an email was sent a few months ago
<emersion> eric_engestrom: ^
<dolphin> confirmed to be working, thanks!
<daniels> emersion: ah yeah, Eric sent out a straw poll, with a deadline of two months ago, that no-one responded to
<emersion> yea
<daniels> k, I'll do that later then
<eric_engestrom> yeah, we're way past the "one month to say something" deadline, but I just haven't had time to actually go through each project and delete the dead ones
<eric_engestrom> I've removed a couple but that's all
<daniels> I can just nuke all of them
<eric_engestrom> sure, but I wanted to go through and see if there was any activity on any of them before deleting them
<eric_engestrom> (also, don't delete mesa3d/mesa, it's still used for its macos ci, although it's currently out of sync but I'll fix that at some point)
<daniels> yeah I wasn't going to
<daniels> we already had a bot that auto-closed PRs on all freedesktop/* projects
<daniels> and issues were disabled
<daniels> if you want to mine those for any useful contributions though, I'll leave you to do that
<eric_engestrom> I was considering doing that as well, but since I already haven't had time to just go though, I probably won't have time to look at closed PRs :]
<eric_engestrom> hmm, when I set ssh:// as the push url, gitlab says "Remote mirrors url is blocked: URI is invalid"
<eric_engestrom> (gitlab wants the `ssh://`, says "this field is required" if it doesn't start with the protocol name)
<daniels> try ssh://, not :
<daniels> ooi what activity are you looking for on the repos, if not PRs (closed) or issues (disabled)?
<eric_engestrom> thanks, replacing the : with / was what was needed :)
<eric_engestrom> (I'll send an MR to update the gitlab docs, this should really be written down with the rest of the instructions)
<eric_engestrom> re: activity, I think I got confused; I'll blame not being fully awake yet :P
<eric_engestrom> but you're right, that all the activity there is
<eric_engestrom> (I mean, if you lump "discussion" into "issues")
<eric_engestrom> urgh, github is refusing the sync because "missingSpaceBeforeDate: invalid author/committer line - missing space before date"
<eric_engestrom> since rewriting our history is not an option, I just hope github provides a way to disable these checks :/
* eric_engestrom doesn't have more time for this now
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<daniels> I don't believe it does, no
<daniels> those are just tags though, so we'd have to replace those tags
<daniels> the commit history is fine
<daniels> and you can see that through git fsck locally
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