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<aka_[m]> Hey i have question.
<aka_[m]> For RFC can I send series which will touch multiple separate regions like clk/dt tree?
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<jhovold> konradybcio: konradybcio: ok, thanks, I guess that may be an oversight even if it defaults to <KEY_POWER>
<Daanct12> hey i have a question, i want to add a new device, should i go all in one commit or separate them?
<Daanct12> separate them as in, init device -> pinctrl work -> so on
<jhovold> Daanct12: add to DT you mean? Do it all in one commit.
<Daanct12> alright, so basically pinctrl, gpu, sd card,.. for a device all in one commit, i see
<Daanct12> i aim to submit some patches to lkml for a new device before holidays (is it there yet?), maybe someone will review it
<Daanct12> while sitting in the public working on this device and listening to the place's song preset :P
<jhovold> sorry, misunderstood, thought you were talking about enabling a new peripheral in an existing DT
<jhovold> but yeah, I'd add it all in one go if it's all ready. Otherwise you can start with minimal DT
<aka_[m]> Daanct12: first you add device into dt-bindings then send entire device in one commit with some description what is added
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<aka_[m]> Daanct12: sending pro1x?
<Daanct12> yep
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<aka_[m]> <Daanct12> "alright, so basically pinctrl..." <- Tho I cannot recall myself adding gpu support...
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<konradybcio> jhovold: I think you confused it with the PON (that one is usually the power button), I meant the other "button provider" sitting on the same peripheral, which is usually used for V+/V-
<jhovold> konradybcio: no, I know it's separate, I was saying that the keycode defaults to <KEY_POWER> if left unspecified in DT
<konradybcio> oh it seems you're right
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