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<aka_[m]> any idea why checkpatch fails like that?:
<aka_[m]> ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'git'
<aka_[m]> ?
<krzk> aka_[m]: missing git module
<krzk> sudo apt-get install python-ply python3-git
<aka_[m]> pip3 install git or something like that?
<aka_[m]> arch
<aka_[m]> seems something went off during updates and i lost it
<krzk> so translate this to arch...
<krzk> arch by default means user knows how to do everything or find a guide for that, so it is enough to give you ubuntu commands :)
<aka_[m]> right and i only took it for rolling release
<aka_[m]> seems it was python-gitpython
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<DylanVanAssche> Is there any userspace stuff for testing SLIMBus things like `qrtr-lookup`? I would like to investigate if I have the SLIMBus controller up if I can reach it etc. ?
<aka_[m]> krzk: regarding this:
<aka_[m]> i should just follow sm6115.yaml right?
<aka_[m]> it seems it has it the way you asked for
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<krzk> aka_[m]: depends for what... you have there several comments
<aka_[m]> krzk: for placement of ifs/ofs/refs and so on
<aka_[m]> this would be for this one:
<aka_[m]> any idea why checkpath complains on Kconfig? does it expect 3 lines of description?
<krzk> aka_[m]: sorry, I don't understand this change. Why clocks disappeared? I asked about order - first clocks then clock-names. But both are gone!
<aka_[m]> are those required when i define list of clocks?
<krzk> I don't understand what this means. device has clocks, right? So yes, clocks are required.
<aka_[m]> only snoc has them
<krzk> ah, then other variants should disallow them :false
<aka_[m]> sm6115 have clocks on top with min as 1 and 4 as max
<aka_[m]> so if i have 1 i do max=1?
<krzk> yes
<krzk> you also moved $ref in the children, even though I did not ask for it.
<krzk> Please read the comments again
<aka_[m]> ok managing slowly to understand what you wrote, had terrible night today
<aka_[m]> have this:
<aka_[m]> on 8937 i need no clocks and entire allOf and stuff seems bloat
<aka_[m]> qcs404 i bet it was missing regmap.h
<aka_[m]> no idea how handle that intel build bot response
<aka_[m]> uh still getting somehow lost with this -ref thing
<aka_[m]> whatever, time to head job
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<aka_[m]> ah great
<aka_[m]> If i drop this one props from ref no longer gets included, should it be left there or moved somewhere?
<aka_[m]> aa,, Spaghetti keeps pumping out
<konradybcio> JIaxyga: i would say that if the clock controllers are almost identical, you can smash the same ones into xcc-sm84xx.o, even..
<konradybcio> iirc 8475 had different plls but was otherwise largely the same there?
<JIaxyga[m]> But my series does not include camcc. I think it's better to write a separate driver
<konradybcio> yeah the camera diff is about the size of the rest of the driver :P
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