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<DylanVanAssche> Hi! I'm looking at QCOM SLIMbus and trying to connect a SLIMbus with a Bluetooth WCN3990 codec to enable HFP audio. The devicetree bindings docs say that 'compatible' == text representation of Manufacture ID and Product Code called 'slimMID,PID'. Where can I find MID and PID actually?
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<aka_[m]> MID wouldn't be static?
<aka_[m]> like Qualcomm Inc
<aka_[m]> Dylan Van Assche: i have stupid theory
<aka_[m]> on 8976 which can use wcd9335 under tasha codec there is a prop
<aka_[m]> qcom,cdc-slim-ifd-elemental-addr = [00 00 A0 01 17 02];
<aka_[m]> and wcd9335 is MID 217 and PID is 1A0
<aka_[m]> so 0217 01a0
<aka_[m]> Dylan Van Assche: btfm_slim driver parses:... (full message at <>)
<aka_[m]> it has dbg printing address
<aka_[m]> looks like yupik might not have wcn3990
<aka_[m]> otherwise 660,720G,480,695 all does
<aka_[m]> [00 00 20 02 17 02];
<aka_[m]> so slim217,220
<aka_[m]> also fun
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