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<narmstrong> lumag: I did add it to me test initramfs but never tested it… let me test it!
<Marijn[m]> lumag: sure, done
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<lumag> Marijn[m], narmstrong thx!
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<marc|gonzalez> bamse: I did not understand the point you were trying to make wrt clock-names prop. Suppose a HW block has 3 incoming clock signals "foo", "bar", "baz", and lists them as
<marc|gonzalez> clks = <CLK_FOO>, <CLK_BAR>, <CLK_BAZ>;
<marc|gonzalez> clk-names = "foo", "bar", "baz";
<marc|gonzalez> Suppose the driver needs foo & baz
<marc|gonzalez> I would expect the driver to just do clk_foo = lookup_clk_by_name("foo"); clk_baz = lookup_clk_by_name("baz");
<marc|gonzalez> and have a helper parse the clk-names prop to find the proper index i, and return clks[i]
<Marijn[m]> marc|gonzalez: It may not have been explained, but that's what `clk_get(dev, "foo")` does. And if it cannot find `"foo"` as a firmware (= devicetree) clock, it looks it up by that name in the global clock tree
<Marijn[m]> Though implicit dependencies on global clock tree names are frowned upon instead of having explicit references in DT, but previous series to clean that up have been NAKed :/
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: the entries in clocks = <> are in "provider namespace" and the clock-names are in "consumer namespace"
<marc|gonzalez> "provider namespace" means the clock is an output?
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: e.g. that first entry probably isn't CLK_FOO, but rather <&clk_provider CLK_A>...but the driver only needs to know about its input
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: and on another platform it might be &clk_providerB CLK_C...and you don't have to change the driver
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: right, "CLK_FOO" in your example denotes a clock-source/provider/output
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: while "foo" denotes the sink/consumer/input
<marc|gonzalez> OK, I still don't understand, but maybe it will click at a later point when I write actual code...
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: it used to be that the drivers would just clk_get(CLK_FOO)...which meant that the driver code would need to change if you reused the same block/driver in another soc with different clock names
<marc|gonzalez> bamse: I'll post the HDMI (mac & phy) DTSI nodes written by Arnaud. Can you give them a look later?
<bamse> marc|gonzalez: related to resolving the clock names etc?
<marc|gonzalez> Well, I'm trying to get HDMI supported on the apq8098, and there's several road blocks
<marc|gonzalez> So yeah the DT needs vetting, and the HDMI phy driver
<marc|gonzalez> and for our specific board, a signal redriver gizmo
<marc|gonzalez> and everything just feels alien to me
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