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<pq> swick, have you been talking with Troy on some other forum perhaps? Just curious.
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<ofourdan> humm, I am having some diffculties using the script from util/modular/ to release wayland-utils, the server path is removed because it's been moved to gitlab, but apparently doesn't know that
<emersion> ofourdan: i'd recommend against using that cript
<emersion> script*
<ofourdan> (and I do remember which script I used the last time, of course)
<emersion> it's super old, big, and hard to debug/patch
<ofourdan> I mean I do _not_ remember
<emersion> it'd recommend using GitLab releases instead
<emersion> the minimal actions are:
<ofourdan> yet it's the one ref'ed in the doc of weston
<ofourdan> (that I copied)
<emersion> ninja -C build/ dist
<emersion> gpg --detach-sig <tarball>
<emersion> then tag the release and upload the files in GitLab
<emersion> a minimal script doing the same thing as xorg's is
<emersion> (but with GitLab releases instead of the web server)
<emersion> (it also formats the announcement email)
<emersion> i'm using the same for Weston as well
<ofourdan> I see
<ofourdan> thanks! will give that a try then
<ofourdan> funny that glab is actually hosted on… github :)
<ofourdan> ah, actually it is
<wlb> weston Merge request !993 opened by Simon Ser (emersion) Add
<emersion> here, the missing weston patch
<MrCooper> ofourdan: the issue addressed by could also be avoided by the Wayland compositor's XWM code running on a separate thread from the Wayland protocol handling code, right?
<swick> pq: no, not that I know
<emersion> MrCooper: that sounds like synchronization hell
<emersion> we do it in gamescope and… ehhh
<emersion> also, if you have some mutexes, maybe a deadlock is still possible
<pq> I would not want to add threads into the mess that is Weston's XWM. :-/
<jadahl> MrCooper: weston tried to do off-thread xwm but then didn't
<pq> jadahl, it tried?
<jadahl> iirc it made things too complex
<jadahl> pq: i have some vague memory of it
<emersion> i'd likle to convert back gamescope to merge back the XWM and Wayland code at some point
<jadahl> at least in a patch series
<pq> I don't, maybe it was before my time.
<jadahl> i don't think it was before your time
<jadahl> maybe it was "wayland-demos" at the time
<MrCooper> k, so possible in theory, but not really practical; thanks guys
<MrCooper> can it be avoided with XCB instead of Xlib?
<emersion> it depends if you use the XCB blocking API i suppose
<emersion> if you don't, maybe?
<pq> did XCB even have an API to see if a *_reply() function would block?
<pq> or is there a way to never call any *_reply()?
<emersion> you wouldn't use *_reply()
<emersion> i think someone had a patch for this in wlroots…
<emersion> hmm, can't find it
<MrCooper> pq: there's xcb_poll_for_reply/event
<emersion> right, and then you need a big switch?
<MrCooper> though unfortunately there's no bullet-proof way to integrate those with an event loop that I know of
<wlb> weston Issue #660 opened by manuel alfayate (vanfanel) modesetting is done on first run with mode=current
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<wlb> weston Issue #658 closed \o/ (Missing spanish accents in VIM on Weston-Terminal
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<ofourdan> MrCooper: I do not think there is any Wayland compositor out there actually immune to the issue fixed by xorg/xserver!972
<ofourdan> (and, as a bonus, I consider X11 server grabs as something really bad that apps should never do so I am even happy to set it being ignored in Xwayland rootless)
<ofourdan> my ideal Wayland compositor would have its X11 parts and the Wayland parts separate (and ideally, the X11 WM bits could be replaced, so that you could have different X11 WM)
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<MrCooper> one can dream :)
<pq> indeed. That would essentially mean a window management API exposed by compatible Wayland compositors. :-)
<ofourdan> exactly
<pq> given that all the differentiation must be in the Wayland compositor anyway, wouldn't the ideal outcome be a single XWM implementation shared?
<pq> Weston's is separate, but it doesn't allow the window manager to be agnostic of X11, because X11 works so different from Wayland.
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<pq> libX11 or XCB API does not leak into the Wayland WM, but the Wayland WM still needs to care about some X11'y concepts.
<emersion> why would you want to switch the XWM of a Wayland compositor?
<emersion> if you want to share code, why use a separate process? why not a library? (in which case you end up with wlroots)
<ofourdan> emersion: you mean appart from the flexibility and fun? Having separate processes (or threads) would avoid potential deadlocks between X11 and Wayland, as in xorg/xserver!972
<emersion> well, then you get all of the fun in synchronizing both threads/processes as discussed above
<emersion> a better architecture is to never block
<ofourdan> x11 wm require blocking, at one point or anohter
<emersion> hm, why is that?
<emersion> xcb limitation or something else?
<emersion> ofourdan: thanks for the wayland-utils release!
<emersion> nit: "information" is uncountable
<ofourdan> no, by design - xcb adds a lot of flexibility in this, but some requests for x11 wm need sync
<emersion> do you have examples of such requests?
<ofourdan> ah right good point,. last minute chnage!
<ofourdan> memory fails me atm, but I could try to find out if you want
<ofourdan> emersion: btw, th release script I used is generic, no project name hardcoded :)
<emersion> yeah, i'd be interested to see if there really is no way to do it
<ofourdan> it's just a trivial change from yours, name="$(meson introspect "$build_dir" --projectinfo | jq -r .descriptive_name)"
<emersion> ah, nice, didn't think of using meson to figure out the project name
<emersion> figuring it out from the Git URL seemed like pain
<ofourdan> and risky
<emersion> yea
<emersion> adn sadly glab has no simple command to figure it out either
<ofourdan> glab is convenient, yet I had to install golang to build it :)
<emersion> it's not in your distribution's package repository?
<ofourdan> nope
<emersion> well, consider sending them a patch :P
<emersion> hm, right, not very wide-spread yet
<emersion> the project has become official not too long ago
<ofourdan> I am not sure adding a golang package to maintain myself is my best interest :)
<emersion> what's up with all of these golang haters here :/
<ofourdan> oh, I do not hate golang, I just do not think digging that rabbit hole is my iterest, I am just being selfish
<emersion> oh, okay, i guess i'm just used to people praising rust and despising go then
<ofourdan> (I guess I do not know enough of golang to actually have an opinion)
<emersion> fair enough!
<emersion> if we wanted to share the script, where would it live?
<ofourdan> I think it could remain in wayland/wayland
<emersion> and then we just invoke it from different dir as needed?
<ofourdan> yup
<emersion> that would wfm
<emersion> especially if generalizing is a small diff
<ofourdan> wayland/wayland seems like a natural place to go for that
<ofourdan> want a mr?
<emersion> sure
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<wlb> wayland Merge request !265 opened by Olivier Fourdan (ofourdan) build: Make generic
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<ofourdan> emersion: there is a typo in in releases.html ("Auguest 23, 2022"), want me to fix it while I am updating it for wayland-utils?
<ofourdan> oh, actually, it's in two places
<emersion> oh, yes, please do!
<ofourdan> k
<emersion> daniels: for more info on that POSIX thing, see
<emersion> the paragraph with "Historical systems have also been unreliable given the common construct"
<emersion> note the use of "historical" :P
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<wlb> Merge request !43 opened by Olivier Fourdan (ofourdan) releases: add wayland-utils 1.0.91
<emersion> ofourdan: you can push directly to main for the website if you want
<emersion> (that's what we've been doing so far)
<ofourdan> I was wondering, but I saw a few previous MR in gitlab :)
<emersion> yeah, these are for larger and more controversial changes
<ofourdan> (it's safer, considering my typing skills!)
<emersion> for releases we don't bother
<wlb> Merge request !43 merged \o/ (releases: add wayland-utils 1.0.91
<wlb> Olivier Fourdan * releases: Fix typo Auguest -> August releases.html
<wlb> Olivier Fourdan * releases: add wayland-utils 1.0.91 releases.html
<ofourdan> thanks!
<emersion> daniels, pq: do you want/need to land one of these before release?
<emersion> i assume the "needs rework" ones will miss it
<emersion> !989 has one R-b
<daniels> yeah, !989 can and probably should go in, but need to stare at it a bit harder
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<ofourdan> emersion: back to your question about blocking X11 requests, both Xlib and xcb have a number of blocking requests (e.g. xcb_get_extension_data()), but even hidden being things like xcb_put_image() called from cairo, etc. But even for For window management, querying the x11 tree usually requires a server grab (to avoid a new window to come up in between while its fetches the tree), etc. or when data is
<ofourdan> needed from the xserver, like to retrieve data such as xcb_get_property()/xcb_get_property_reply(), basically anything taht calls wait_for_reply() or _xcb_conn_wait() (like _xcb_out_send())
<ofourdan> xcb is definitely a best bet there (even though mutter is stuck with Xlib, because gdk is still xlib), but even wit hxcb, there are a bnumber of blocking calls that can trigger a deadlock
<pq> daniels, if you want 989 in, better push the button. Not sure there is anyone else to push it. :-)
<wlb> weston Issue #650 closed \o/ (Crash in wl_signal_add when activating a window
<wlb> weston Issue #649 closed \o/ (Crash in weston_signal_emit_mutable on surface destruction
<wlb> weston/main: Marius Vlad * libweston/backend-x11: Tracking previous events over multiple calls libweston/backend-x11/x11.c
<wlb> weston/main: Marius Vlad * libweston/input: Assert if we're still having a notify listener installed libweston/input.c
<wlb> weston Merge request !989 merged \o/ (llibeston/backend-x11: Tracking previous events over multiple calls
<pq> whee
<daniels> pq: yeah, was just giving it a quick run under asan
<emersion> ofourdan: yes. my question was whether or not it was possible to build a non-blocking xwm with xcb, without using the _reply() family of functions
<emersion> the extension stuff i'm not too worried about, it's only used once at startup
<ofourdan> emersion: if you're interested, I just have sway hang with the reproducer for xorg/xserver!972
<emersion> yup, i've seen that one in the past
<emersion> wlroots is definitely blocking in a few places
<ofourdan> fwiw, I had last looked into this in 2016 for a vlc bug, so it's a bit old, I had to do some bug archeology
<ofourdan> so maybe it's possible to avoid blocking entirely, but that would be very tricky
<emersion> well
<emersion> i think it's pretty doable
<ofourdan> it depends on what libs you rely on as well
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<wlb> weston Merge request !994 opened by Colin Kinloch (ColinKinloch) Add devenv for running from the build directory
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<wlb> weston/main: Simon Ser * build: bump to version 10.0.93 for the RC1 release
<wlb> Simon Ser * releases: add weston 10.0.93 releases.html
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<rain1> hi
<rain1> what is the best way to serve vnc from a xwayland/weston host?
<emersion> this isn't supported yet
<emersion> there is a patch for it
<emersion> this is supported by some other compositors
<rain1> thank you
<rain1> which compositor would you recommend for vnc support? and is the patch also worth trying?
<rain1> as an alternative top vnc, I also tried to expose with xrdp remote desktop protocol, but it gave a blank screen. has anyone had success with running an rdp server on a wayland host?
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<any1> xrdp and x11vnc won't do you any good with wayland.
<any1> weston has an rdp backend. wlroots based compositors and MIR have wayvnc
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