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<pq> rain1, I have used the Weston built-in RDP backend this year, I'd expect it to work. External RDP or VNC servers cannot work with Weston.
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<pq> emersion, thanks for the Weston RC!
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<rain1> thanks pq
<rain1> > wlroots based compositors and MIR have wayvnc
<rain1> cheers
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<emersion> daniels, pq: i've compiled a changelog for the next weston release, can you have a look?
<emersion> did i miss anything or made a mistake?
<pq> emersion, the LCMS plugin was not added, I am currently working on !906 that adds it.
<pq> emersion, !905 was never merged.
<emersion> ouch
<emersion> i wonder why my script included it
<emersion> hm, maybe some commits from it were merged
<pq> the MR page says it contains 700 commits...
<pq> I think it's just a borked branch
<emersion> alright, fixed the script
<pq> emersion, launcher-logind was not yet superseded by libseat, it still exists.
<emersion> ok, will reword
<pq> yeah, the description says " leaving only
<pq> libseat and logind."
<pq> I'm trying to remember what was already in weston 10 to give a better description of the color management progress...
<pq> emersion, oh, the no-malloc-failures policy probably deserves a mention
<emersion> i've been wondering about that one
<pq> we haven't converted existing code, but it does mean a change in how weston will behave in the future
<emersion> oh, you decided to abort
<pq> yes
<emersion> i missed that, definitely deserves a mention
<pq> IIRC I added a note in the README
<pq> 9358706743c208e2fd0f36bea5a3f45f91fa58c9
<pq> About color management: Weston 10 could already do blending in linear light, if configured that way.
<pq> In Weston 11, if you enable the tentative, experimental and WIP color management option, Weston will not only blend in linear light, but you can also set up a monitor ICC profile and Weston will do some kind of color mapping from sRGB to that profile.
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<pq> Furthermore, you can configure a monitor into HDR mode and deliver HDR characteristics from weston.ini to the monitor, but Weston will *not* produce proper HDR content yet, meaning the display is incorrect.
<pq> emersion, do I remember right that you had opinions about having a NEWS/ChangeLog kind of file checked in?
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<pq> Seems like if we required MRs to add notable changes there in the same go, the release announcement would almost write itself.
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<bl4ckb0ne> 3/b 13
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<emersion> pq, i don't have strong opinions
<emersion> i don't recall a discussion for weston
<emersion> what we do for wlroots is used an issue for each release
<emersion> and then incrementally add bullet points to it
<emersion> use*
<pq> and all reviewers know to go check/update that issue when they review/marge something?
<pq> *merge
<emersion> the person hitting the merge button is responsible for updating that issue yes
<emersion> but yeah, many projects use a checked-in changelog instead
<emersion> my concern is that this adds yet another thing the contributor must learn about
<emersion> if the changelog only tracks breaking changes and major changes, then maybe it's less of an issue, as new contributors are unlikely to do such changes
<pq> all true
<emersion> reminds me of
<pq> OTOH, reviewers are few and busy already. Don't you have that problem?
<emersion> (not saying it's all good advice in that link, just more food for thought)
<emersion> yeah, i definitely have the busy reviewer issue
<emersion> the only way to get more reviewers is to bring in existing contributors
<emersion> the only way to get contributors is to make it easy to contribute :P
<romangg> I can recommend conventional-changelog specs and tooling. generates the changelog automatically through commit messages.
<romangg> *conventional-commits specs
<pq> how does that work, when the feature is composed of multiple commits and none of the commits is the feature?
<romangg> At least one of them should have a "feat" tag. Probably I would use that for the last one while the ones prior are "refactor" commits preparing the feat commit.
<pq> You mean, add machine-readable things in commit messages that supposed to be free-form for-humans notes?
<romangg> Basically. It's a specs how to format your commit messages. The "type of commit" comes into the subject line. I liked it because it standardises commit format with tooling instead of policy and the type let you reflect about the purpose of the commit.
<romangg> i.e. if you have a commit that does a refactor and feat addition you should probably split this up instead.
<romangg> I use a linter in ci to ensure proper commit message format pre-merge.
<romangg> The changelog can then be extracted from the commit messages between last and next release categorized by feat, fix, refactor etc.
<pq> That doesn't seem attractive to me. People have to learn to please the machine a bit too much, and it won't catch refac+feat commits, because people would only tag them as either one.
<daniels> yeah, humans writing machine-readable text so the machine can generate human-readable text seems a bit backwards to me tbh
<pq> A checked-in NEWS or emersion's issue workflow seem more flexible. They also allow editing previous additions, so that everything related to the same topic can be grouped and explained fluently.
<romangg> Well, it's used by many projects and it's not hard to learn but you do you.
<romangg> What is true is, you would still need to distill from this changelog some form of release notes if you want to present specific feature additions etc in a nicer format than a long list of changes.
<romangg> That's the difference between a changelog and release notes. An automatically formatted changelog just let you more easily create the later I would say.
<pq> Release notes is the useful one, and manual distilling by the release manager is best not needed.
<daniels> emersion: can you please include 'Significant performance improvements in the DRM/KMS backend'
<emersion> yeah, i agree -- i'd rather not automatically generate release notes from commit messages
<emersion> (also i don't like the prefix -- we already use the prefix for something else)
<emersion> daniels: sure
<romangg> emersion: "scopes" are defined to be prefixed in braces by conventional-commits specs.
<daniels> hm, s/Significant //, I forgot that the bigger part of it actually got merged for 10.0
<pq> heh, if we happened to maintain a NEWS file, we'd easier remember what the previous version already did :-)
<emersion> pq, for color management, "support for monitor ICC profiles and partial HDR support"?
<pq> emersion, does it need to be that short? I think both are kinda overselling it.
<emersion> i'm trying to write something that users can understand
<emersion> it doesn't have to be that short
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<emersion> please send me suggestions :)
<pq> how about what I wrote? :-)
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<emersion> ah, i didn't understand you wanted that as a release note entry
<pq> They are a suggestion, those two lines.
<pq> "In Weston 11, ..." and "Furthermore, ..."
<daniels> emersion: thanks for that!
<pq> I'm a bit touchy about accidentally overselling anything color related, because I feel there is a community that is just waiting to get to bash our stuff.
<pq> They bashed our stuff before there even was our stuff.
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<wlb> weston Issue #661 opened by Tomasz Kłoczko (kloczek) 10.0.93: documentation build fails with doxygen 1.9.5
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<wlb> weston Issue #662 opened by Tomasz Kłoczko (kloczek) 10.0.93: test suite is failing
<wlb> weston Issue #662 closed \o/ (10.0.93: test suite is failing
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<romangg> emersion: for example would become something like "fix(backend-drm): sort planes from largest zpos_max to smallest"
<romangg> I like that it pushes engineers to better communicate what they're doing but in a concise single sentence and not like "fix this", "fix that", etc.
<romangg> The biggest hurdle with any technical project is communication anyways. ;)
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<wlb> weston Merge request !995 opened by manuel alfayate (vanfanel) Don't change the max_bpc connector prop if mode=current and no max-bpc...
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