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<emersion> what's the best strategy for correct srgb blending in a GLES2 shader?
<emersion> two render passes, one to convert input to linear + blend, one to convert final buffer to srgb again?
<emersion> what are the best formats to use for the FBs?
<pq> two passes, yes, and you could be lucky to off-load the latter pass to KMS too.
<pq> I have no recollection of the sRGB texture support in any GL, what it would require.
<pq> but it could be an option, and likely a performant one if supported
<emersion> i've made a summary and it's Sad
<pq> heh
<emersion> there are additional exts for EGLSurface, but we don't use these in wlroots
<pq> a format for the blending buffer using optical values; 8 bpc is no-go. 10 bpc might be just enough. I'd go with 16F when possible.
<emersion> for both buffers?
<emersion> both swapchains*
<pq> um, both what?
<pq> for the temporary blending buffer
<emersion> okay, and not for the final buffer?
<emersion> ah, linear
<vsyrjala> the automagic srgb blend stuff doesn't work?
<pq> the final KMS framebuffer can be whatever you use now, since it's again electrically encoded
<emersion> vsyrjala: which one?
<emersion> pq, yeah, that makes sense
<vsyrjala> isn't there a knob to turn that on?
<pq> only the temp buffer needs extra precision
<pq> vsyrjala, I think that wlroots link from emersion explains why not.
<emersion> is the highp important?
<emersion> vs. mediump
<pq> emersion, in a word, it's a mess.
<emersion> :D
<pq> I just use highp in a desperate attempt to get me as much precision as possible.
<emersion> lol
<pq> because otherwise I think the GLSL spec allows very very poor precision
<emersion> in practice how does it turn out with mesa?
<pq> hint: the spec precision ranges do not even align to sensible things like "8 bpc"
<emersion> any difference there?
<pq> I never tried without.
<pq> it also totally depends on the GPU
<emersion> ok
<pq> I just pick the highest and hope for the best.
<pq> could this be one reason why people think compute shaders are simply superior...
<pq> 8 bpc is not enough to encode optical values from material that was originally 8 bpc electrical. You need always at least a couple bits more precision, or go to floating-point.
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<JEEB> 16f is what I often see being utilized
<pq> It's good for HDR optical too, I believe. 10 bpc is not.
<pq> emersion, btw. I made Weston just outright require GL ES 3 for color management. Dealing with all the extensions ! needed with GL ES 2 started to be painful.
<pq> *I needed
<pq> with the right extension it's possible to write your own read-modify-write blending code, so you could but back on the temp buffer precision, but I don't know if that's worth it.
<pq> *cut back
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<emersion> i'm currently trying to poke at EGL_EXT_image_gl_colorspace in mesa
<emersion> but it won't buy much if we want to blend in output colorspace…
<pq> you can choose where you want to blend in
<pq> many HDR monitors only accept standard signals, so blending in that standard space at least for those monitors makes sense
<pq> I mean standard color space like BT.2020 that potentially have nothing to do with what the monitor is capable of.
<emersion> i'm wondering if we should restrict color management support to Vulkan
<pq> maybe not a bad idea
<pq> a pretty good idea, actually, I think
<pq> it's a lot of work to get just one renderer do the stuff right
<pq> if you keep in mind that maybe someone one day wants to let your GL ES renderer support the same, that should be a nice plan
<emersion> maybe we should go all-in and use compute shaders
<emersion> hm
<pq> sounds cool
<emersion> this would skip the need to have an intermediate buffer
<pq> ah, texturing from all windows in a single "draw"?
<pq> would be really nice to see someone do that
<pq> but it also closes the door from doing the same in GL ES one day, I guess
<emersion> gamescope does all of that
<pq> nice
<pq> my recommendation at this point is: pick any architecture that is easy for you to experiment in and change if you need to
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<wlb> weston Issue #683 opened by Joseph Lee (jclab-joseph) [Question or Discussion] Is Backend Switching possible?
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