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* MTecknology picked up a cheap usb-c cable in order to force this dock to avoid TB mode.
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<MTecknology> heh... apparently some things with the dock don't work with the usb-c cable, so... we'll just wait until the dumb hub shows up and cross fingers for that. :)
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<amw> Just a note to others hablerentand[m] finally got his USB keyboard working - it turns out the m1n1 .dtb won't work with the dev/dart branch of Asahi linux
<amw> I've added a note to the Wiki : - just a to avoid others tripping up
<marcan> bit more DCP work
<sven> amw: have you tested the latest dart/dev branch? if you want to i can credit you in the commit with a tested-by tag then (
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<dottedmag> Ugh, I got on today's stream to the point marcan says "I have just realized something", and exactly at this point YouTube said "this video is private". So much suspense.
<dottedmag> marcan: More copyright troubles?
<marcan> dottedmag: no, just some fail, sorry
<marcan> dottedmag: streaming again in a bit
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<sven> |-nvme0n1p5 259:5 0 22.5G 0 part / :-)
<sorear> (what part of that is new?)
<sven> the mailbox driver + somewhat cleaned up nvme patches
<sven> it's just the first time i've booted a real userland
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<pipcet[m]> sven: indeed. two issues: one's the persistent broken state that only goes away if I boot into Recovery Mode, the other's a failure to flush if the only filesystem mounted on the nvme is fatfs (Linux flushes things differently for different filesystems and the btrfs/ext4 way works while the fat way doesn't)
<pipcet[m]> I can still start m1n1 in the persistent broken state, so if there's a specific kernel I could test to see whether it's fixed with or by your driver, that would be perfect.
<pipcet[m]> the failure to flush might actually be an issue on intel as well, it's hard to tell since it's rare to have a fat-only nvme, I think...
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<sven> i don't care if my drivers handles recovery from a "persistent broken state" fwiw
<sven> i only care that it doesn't cause such states ;)
<sven> i'll push what i have later
<sven> this thing also seems to somehow support automatic aes encryption for read/write commands
<alyssa> 😮
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<sven> hrm, so there's clearly some magic shutdown sequence missing because i always get [ 0.517736] apple-mailbox 277400000.mbox: syslog message: band.c:3390: Push abandoning non-blank band:0096 flow:HST_DYN Validity 000006f1 Age 0 uncleanReboot yes
<sven> mac os seems to avoid that. looks like i'll have to write a nvme tracer :(
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<alyssa> :|
<sven> if anyone wants to give it a try. very much WIP
<sven> will probably also fail if you boot this via u-boot
<sven> pipcet[m]: ^--
<alyssa> sven: what's wrong with uboot
<sven> it leaves the co-processor in an unexpected state
<sven> nothing that can't be fixed :)
<alyssa> Ah
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<pipcet[m]> sven: thanks! I'll give it a try
<pipcet[m]> you're right, if it's only a broken driver that upsets things to the point your driver can't recover, the solution is not to use the broken driver in the first place :-)
<alyssa> pipcet[m]: don't use panfrost ;-)
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<sven> pipcet[m]: yes! and if it does also break something i hope that we'll get some debug messages in the syslog of the co-processor
<pipcet[m]> what, why not? Does it break nvme?
<sven> *breaks
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<pipcet[m]> alyssa: the problem here is a reboot doesn't help us recover from this condition, which I think is a tad worse than anything panfrost might reasonably break :-)
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<svenpeter[m]> Was that on a MacBook or a Mac mini or both btw?
<pipcet[m]> MacBook Pro
<pipcet[m]> and now I'm failing to trigger it deliberately :-(
<pipcet[m]> but at least I know your kernel starts fine and sees the nvme
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<sven> i can reproduce that fatfs issue fwiw. haven't been to break anything else despite stress testing it quite a bit
<sven> even ~100 concurrent readers/writers seem to behave just fine
<pipcet[m]> built a kernel off it yet? ;-)
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<sven> not yet, but that sounds like a good plan
<pipcet[m]> by the way, on that machine I get "SMC HID Event: 01 06 01" when I push the power button, and "01 06 00" when I release it. I think you saw different codes?
<sven> [ 1982.628136] apple-mailbox 23e400000.mbox: syslog message: apComms.cpp:372: SMC HID Event: 01 01 00
<sven> [ 1982.677232] apple-mailbox 23e400000.mbox: syslog message: apComms.cpp:372: SMC HID Event: 01 01 01
<sven> yeah
<sven> there's probably just some other status set in the second byte
<pipcet[m]> wait, sorry, 00 for press, 01 for release
<pipcet[m]> 03 01 00 for lid switch close, 03 00 01 for lid switch open
<pipcet[m]> 01 fe 01 after 3 seconds, 01 00 01 after 4 seconds, then no message until it powers off
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<pipcet[m]> er, wait. even weirder. on the first press I do see 01 06 01, then 01 06 01 for the release, too, then 01 06 00 for the next press, but 01 06 01 for the next release..
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<alessandrorzz[m]> Hi, how asahi is going?
<alessandrorzz[m]> When it will be realesed?
<j_ey> no timeline
<jn> bits and pieces are continuously released
<jn> (mostly early drivers, at this point)
<alessandrorzz[m]> I see that the next kernel for arch Linux will have Mac m1 drivers
<j_ey> marcan got the driver controller just about working
<j_ey> alessandrorzz[m]: not usuable though
<j_ey> I mean, not for a full system
<alessandrorzz[m]> Oh ok
<j_ey> it had a framebuffer and serial output and i think that was it
<j_ey> (oh, interrupt controller and other CPU bits)
<alessandrorzz[m]> But does asahi will be like parallels?
<j_ey> alessandrorzz[m]: no, its booting on bare metal
<alessandrorzz[m]> I’m serious
<j_ey> ?
<alessandrorzz[m]> Oh sorry
<alessandrorzz[m]> I read other things
<alessandrorzz[m]> Btw I booted arch Linux arm on Mac m1, so maybe it can help?
<j_ey> alessandrorzz[m]: in parallels?
<alessandrorzz[m]> Yes
<alessandrorzz[m]> <j_ey "alessandrorzz: in parallels?"> Yes
<j_ey> Unlikely to help really, as that presents a 'standard' arm machine to linux
<alessandrorzz[m]> Oh
<alessandrorzz[m]> So it can’t help?
<j_ey> I don't think so...
<j_ey> since you can run a "normal" linux kernel (with no m1 specific changes)
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